IDEAT 20 Years: Contemporary Life

книга IDEAT 20 Years: Contemporary Life, автор: IDEAT

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IDEAT 20 Years: Contemporary Life

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ID: 12836
Издательство: teNeues
Переплёт: Hardcover, 27.5 x 34 cm
Количество страниц: 488; color photographs: 500
Год издания: 2019
Язык: French
ISBN-13: 9783961711987

IDEAT celebrates its 20th anniversary: 360-degree creativity

In the landscape of design and décor, IDEAT, founded by Laurent and Anne-France Blanc in 1999, has always been seen as an exception. The magazine occupies a unique place among publications, covering decoration, travel, design, architecture, photography, and contemporary art. Interdisciplinary breadth is at the heart of its editorial approach. Modernity is its doctrine.

From interviews with the greatest architects or designers of the moment to a report by a buzzy interior designer, from the 40 top addresses in the metropolis of the moment to retail recommendations that seamlessly merge furniture and fashion, 20th-century design and the latest high-tech know-how, IDEAT never fails to arouse curiosity, nourish the imagination, and enrich the cultural knowledge of professionals and the public at large. Trends — but not just the hip ones, décor that surpassed the conventionally feminine, an eye for the latest fashion that still kept things classic and chic: IDEAT succeeded in such a diverse space by proposing specialized information with a warm and familiar tone. 

Design, international architecture, interior design, fashion, shopping, city breaks: IDEAT brings its readers close to its cultural sources and inspires their curiosity and creativity alike. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, IDEAT presents this book edition of its May anniversary issue. The publication features all of the magazine’s regular columns alongside never-before-published décor reports, city guides one step ahead of the game, and a throwback to some of most beautiful icons of design history. 

A magnificent portfolio — as diverse and vibrant as IDEAT always is, furiously contemporary and absolutely indispensable!