Poses for Fashion Illustration - Women's figure

книга Poses for Fashion Illustration - Women's figure, автор: Fashionary

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Poses for Fashion Illustration - Women's figure

Цена: 1200 грн
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ID: 12422
Издательство: Fashionary
Переплёт: Box, 15 x 21 cm
Количество страниц: 100
Год издания: 2019
Язык: English
ISBN-13: 9789887711056

Poses for Fashion Illustration (Card Box): 100 essential figure template cards for designers

Are you looking for the perfect fashion templates to capture your creativity? 

Fashionary has seen the stiff, impractical fashion templates available, and come up with a modern alternative. Their set of 100 pose cards are accurately proportioned, with practical poses that cover basic style to couture to sportswear – even including a built-in filing system to accommodate the busy fashion professional. 

The guide book includes detailed step by step demonstrations of fashion sketching, beautifully drawn by fashion illustrator Connie Lim.

 - The most completed set of figure templates for fashion illustration.
 - Beautiful figures with precise proportion.
 - Flip for the opposite side.
 - Filing system presented in a box
 - Easy to create presentation and mood boards

An Encyclopedia of Poses

Poses for fashion illustration is a set of professional template cards tailor-made for developing fashion illustrations and sketches. It is packed with a wide range of occasions, dimensions, and body shapes - to provide all the practical poses you'll ever need in your career. For every fashion designer, Poses for fashion illustration is ready to turn your ideas into your greatest work.