Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book

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книга Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book, автор: Design Hotels

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Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book

Design Hotels
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ID: 14451
Издательство: Prestel
Переплёт: Hardcover, 22.4 x 29.4 cm
Количество страниц: 352
Год издания: 2022
Язык: English
ISBN-13: 9783791389066

Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book is a broad and inclusive exploration of food, an integral part of purposeful travel. 

In our most ambitious book yet, we have called upon leading writers, photographers, creative chefs, and culinary innovators to explore forward-looking ideas and inspiring practices around food in our hotels, destinations, and larger community. Featuring stories from Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, Rastrello in Italy, Satoyama Jujo in Japan, and many more Design Hotels locations, these stories go beyond the dish, the kitchen, and the dining room to reveal the holistic connectivity of food. 

We find that the ecosystem of a hotel seen through the lens of food provides a perfect microcosm to better understand bigger system changes. With this rather special book, we at Design Hotels reflect on what we can bring to these shifts in terms of the hospitality we support and want to see in the future. Read more about our journey here.

Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book includes a story about how kitchen camaraderie is created at Bursa Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. The hotel has been forced to close its doors for now due to the war, but the team is safe and has given us their approval to go ahead with the book release. As a sign of our support, we pledge to donate this year’s online sale profits to humanitarian aid actions suggested by our two Ukrainian member hotels.


This influential reference work ― revered by architects, designers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and creatives around the world ― contains exquisite images from leading photographers and expert commentary from the world’s greatest food writers and culinary innovators. Their stories take the reader beyond the dish, the kitchen and the dining room to explore the holistic connectivity between food and locality; its provenance and production; the people, landscape and architecture. From regional terroir, through the kitchen, to the community, the stories gathered from the experts that created them detail their methods of production; work practices; and visionary hospitality. It poses questions such as, how can we travel more responsibly? How can hotels reduce their impact on the environment? How can travelers give back more than they take? Journeying from the ancient island of Crete; through traditions in Swiss and Japanese mountains; to cutting-edge culinary practices in the Caribbean ― every hotel featured in this annual compendium is uniquely exquisite.


A “taste of place” is about understanding the luxury of location as expressed through soil, climate, people, crops, and produce.

Island Ways
Islands are microcosms of the larger world; they can also be experimental grounds for evolutionary shifts.

From olive groves to space farms, homegrown and homemade produce is a hyperlocal contribution to the well-being of both hotel staff and guests.

Kitchen Spirit
A new generation of chefs and owners is creating inclusive and caring environments focused on working together in and around the kitchen.

Table Settings
Dining rooms are key points of contact between provenance, production, people, landscape, food, and architecture.

Waste Not
Everything is something else. Here, we explore the geography of what will be the most exciting part of the future of cuisine.

With Reverence
Every creature, fruit, or vegetable on the table gave its life to be consumed. Valuing that, as well as traditions, heirloom varieties, and methods of producing, is an essential part of sharing food.

Big Picture
Here is a glimpse of what the next chapter of luxury is going to look like through the example of old hands and new pioneers.