Textiles: The Art of Mankind

Mary Schoeser
книга Textiles: The Art of Mankind, автор: Mary Schoeser

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Textiles: The Art of Mankind

Mary Schoeser
Цена: 3250 грн
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ID: 9141
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Переплёт: Hardcover, 23 x 28 cm
Количество страниц: 568, illustrations: 1058
Год издания: 2012
Язык: English
ISBN-13: 9780500516454

A major new large-format, sumptuous publication that highlights the beauty and complexity of textiles around the world and down the ages

Textiles are the most ubiquitous and diverse creative art form on earth. This new book celebrates their spectacular and enduring appeal like no other.

Mary Schoeser's knowledge is gleaned from a lifetime in the textile arts to present a sweeping survey of the role textiles have played throughout history.

• Over 1,000 historical and contemporary images and highly informed texts illustrate the huge variety of materials, as well as their possible manipulations and treatments.
• Detailed descriptions include histories of private collections and underscore the importance of context for appreciating the detail of fabric and cloth.
• An extensive resource section provides information about museum and textile associations around the world, making this the one book that all lovers of textiles will want to own.