Inspired Homes: Architecture for Changing Times - УЦІНКА

Avi Friedman
книга Inspired Homes: Architecture for Changing Times - УЦІНКА, автор: Avi Friedman

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Inspired Homes: Architecture for Changing Times - УЦІНКА

Avi Friedman
Ціна: 2000 980 грн
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ID: 10330
Видавництво: Images
Палітурка: Hardcover, 25 x 25 cm
Кількість сторінок: 204
Рік видання: 2013
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781864704921

Current modes of residential design are facing challenges of both philosophy and form. Approaches that have prevailed in past decades no longer sustain new demands and require innovative rethinking. The need for a new outlook is propelled by fundamental changes to the environment, economy and society.

Design for passive solar gain, solar-powered homes, minimising a dwelling's physical footprint, Net-Zero residences and preserving a site's natural assets are some of the strategies that the architects and builders featured in this book are integrating into their thought processes and design practices.

An important book written by a world expert in the field, Inspired Homes offers information on contemporary sustainable design concepts and illustrates them with examples of truly outstanding design.

About the Author:

Avi Friedman is a professor of architecture at McGill University, Canada, an honorary professor at Lancaster University, UK, and president of Avi Friedman Consultants, Inc., a design firm with a focus on affordable and sustainable residential environments. He has written fourteen books and his design work and projects have been cited in magazines, newspapers and TV shows, including Good Morning America, Dream Builders and Stewart Brand’s How Buildings Learn. In 2000, Wallpaper* included him in their list of ten people ‘most likely to change the way we live’.


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