Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener

Jac Semmler
книга Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener, автор: Jac Semmler

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Super Bloom: A Field Guide to Flowers for Every Gardener

Jac Semmler
Ціна: 2500 грн
Очікується надходження
ID: 16733
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson
Палітурка: Hardcover, 21.5 x 27.5 cm
Кількість сторінок: 528; illustrations: 648
Рік видання: 2023
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781760762698

From Achillea to Zinnia, here are 75 plant profiles of the most beautiful flowers and foliage to bring shape, colour and beauty to any garden

Leading plant specialist Jac Semmler revives the appeal of treasured, old-world, beautiful flowers for the modern garden in this comprehensive gardening how-to for beginners and experts alike, which covers:

• Care and growing notes for over 70 flowers
• Advice on how to start gardening
• Soil, aspect and climate information
• Planting, propagating, training and pruning
• Saving seeds
• Planting partners
• Experiences from the garden
• Must-have and nice-to-have tools
• And so much more

An innovative, immersive photographic style illustrates techniques such as planting seeds, caring for seedlings, transplanting flowers, propagating and dividing plants, pruning techniques as well as offering a breathtaking bee’s-eye view of the garden.

Maximum plants, maximum colour, maximum beauty: Super Bloom is a love letter to flowers.

About the Author:

Jac Semmler is a plant specialist, advising on living beauty, tending plants and the future of gardening. She is head of Plants & Strategy at The Plant Society, Australia, and until 2021 was the head of the ornamental gardening and range at the Diggers Club, Australia’s largest gardening club. Jac holds a certificate in Horticulture, a bachelor of arts, a bachelor of education, and a graduate certificate in Biosecurity
Science (Plants).