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Colleen Ellis
ID: 8855
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
From abstract to zeitgeist, ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently spurs alternative approaches to seeing and understanding letterforms, and the world. Colleen Ellis has dismantled the Latin alphabet, shifting the focus from the subject - the le...
Jon Udelson
ID: 5029
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
It’s no secret that tattoos have become a commonly accepted and popular form of self-expression; people young and old wear sleeves of ink, or little designs that peek out from the top of a waistband or the collar of a shirt. Over the past few years, ...
Mark Ferem
ID: 3928
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
If you’ve ever used a public restroom, chances are you’ve read some bathroom graffiti, or at least noticed it. Often bawdy, funny and smart, sometimes illegible, it is a ubiquitous means of expression found across the United States and al...
Steve Rotman, Chris Brennan
ID: 3931
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Fabled as a region that embraces freedom of expression in all of its guises, the San Francisco Bay Area has long been a world-renowned cultural hotbed. Bay Area Graffiti is the first comprehensive retrospective of the area’s vibrant contemporary st...
John Berry (Editor), Roger Black (Editor)
ID: 3296
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
THERE HAS NOT BEEN A BOOK of this scope about graphic design and graphic design issues, as they apply to today's newspapers, for over a decade. Through in-depth, highly visual essays on the graphic evolution of some of the world? most famous newspape...
La Carmina
ID: 8856
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Even if you’ve been to Tokyo, you’ve never done a restaurant tour like the one endeavored by La Carmina in Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo. Traditional dishes like sushi, rice balls and curry get tricked out thanks to theme restaurants inspired...
John Putnam, Nathan Troi Anderson
ID: 5131
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Decay can possess the drama of a landslide or the intimacy of cracked skin. In Decay, photographers Nathan Troi Anderson and J.K. Putnam share how decay looks to them through their lenses. Shot in color and black & white, with their cameras trained o...
Christopher D Salyers
ID: 3930
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Dating back several hundred years, the Japanese bento box is as integral a part of the country’s culinary identity as sushi. Today, a contemporary version of the bento box exists, inspired by the rampant popularity of movies, television shows and m...
Martha Cooper
ID: 5035
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Postal stickers have long been a preferred substrate used by street artists to get up. Of course, because stickers from the US Postal Service, UPS, DHL and FedEx are so readily available, most of these stickers get lost in the fray, especially if you...
Remo Camerota
ID: 5030
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Japan has long been a breeding ground for innovative approaches to Western traditions, like movies and baseball. But, the fanatical embrace with which Japanese artists have welcomed graffiti has made for a form of graffiti wholly apart from its Weste...
Buzz Poole (Editor)
ID: 3297
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Green Design colorfully documents the rising trend to create and market new and innovative products that help consumers downsize and upgrade their lives. Through a carefully chosen selection of green toys, objects, fabrics, paper and alternative ener...
Noma Bar
ID: 3929
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
It requires skilled eyes and hands for artists to render subjects by translating their personalities, physical traits and careers into a few well-executed lines. Having worked for such publications as The New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian and T...
Maggie Kinser Hohle
ID: 3925
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
MATCHIBAKO: Japanese Matchbox Art of the 20s and 30s depicts Japan’s swift transformation into an industrial empire in the early 20th century, as illustrated in the infinitesimal advertisements on matchboxes from the period. In an uncertain society a...
Caroline Archer, Alexandre Parre
ID: 3924
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
THE GRAFFITI ART of the tunnels and quarries beneath Paris is a mirror and memorial of the past 500 years. It is easier to track the history of Paris through these images than to look for it above ground in the streets. For generations, a broad ra...
Dave Combs, Holly Combs
ID: 5032
Видавництво: Mark Batty Publisher
Dave and Holly Combs travelled to New York City from Indianapolis, Indiana, to assist with Sept. 11 recovery efforts. While exploring Manhattan during their off hours, they were inspired by the wealth of stickers they saw all over the city. These sti...
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