Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit

Caitlin Flemming
книга Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit, автор: Caitlin Flemming

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Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit

Caitlin Flemming
Цена: 1500 грн
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ID: 12942
Издательство: Abrams
Переплёт: Hardback, 22 x 26 cm
Количество страниц: 288; colour photographs: 200
Год издания: 2019
Язык: English
ISBN-13: 9781419733833

Travel through 20 sophisticated homes of designers deeply influenced by their international adventures abroad

A road map for bringing far-flung design ideas back home, Travel Home shows us how to curate interiors that reflect our favorite places and experiences in ways that are beautiful and authentic. Touring the homes of leaders in global design who share a deep affection for travel, the book explores interiors with influences as widespread as Marrakesh, Paris, Cuba, Tokyo, Portugal, and beyond.

Vivid photography is supplemented with insightful essays, interviews, and hardworking tips for cultivating your own global home.

For globetrotters and armchair travelers alike, Travel Home showcases the interplay between travel and design, revealing how we can take inspiration from the beauty we experience in the world and bring it into our everyday lives.