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Taku Furuya
ID: 13422
Видавництво: Tuttle

Adored for their charming shapes and colours, respected for their resilience and adaptability, and just plain fun to have around succulents are the hottest home gardening trend today. A Beginner's Guide to Succulent Gardening is a friendly guide to popular succulents, walking novices through all the basics, like:

- Choosing your succulents from Hens and Chicks (Echeveria) to bristly flowering cactus varieties
- Mixing the right soils for your succulents and preparing the growing environment
- Easy potting and transplanting techniques
- Succulent care including watering, fertilizing and providing the right amount of sun for each variety

Understanding peak periods as well as seasonal traits and needs, so you can have a beautiful succulent garden year-round.

This book contains all sorts of helpful tips on what to look for when buying a plant, how to troubleshoot when your succulent shows signs of distress, how to trim the leaves and stems, and how to start new plants from cuttings. Clear diagrams and at-a-glance fact sheets for each variety, as well as inspirational photos of attractively and happily-housed succulents, fill the pages of this book. Now is the time to give succulents a try!

Let A Beginner's Guide to Succulent Gardening be your guide to get you started and grow your indoor garden one succulent at a time.

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Philip Jodidio
ID: 14463
Видавництво: Prestel

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) has been rehabilitating existing parks and creating new ones for more than 20 years in the Muslim world, but also in the West. Discover how these brilliantly designed green spaces have helped improve the lives of urban dwellers in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, and even in England and Canada.

For centuries the garden has served as a central element in Muslim culture. The new or restored gardens created by AKTC, seen in this fascinating book, show how these urban oases are catalysts for positive economic, social and cultural change. They encourage ethical ideals of stewardship, ecology, and beauty in the built environment. Numerous authors first trace the history of Islamic gardens and help clarify the environmental and design ethos of Islam. Texts also explain the beneficial sociological and economic impact of urban gardens and parks. Succeeding chapters identify thirteen specific projects that illustrate these principles. There are historic sites, such as Humayun’s Tomb Garden in Delhi and Timur Shah Mausoleum in Kabul; contemporary locations, including the National Park of Mali, and Al Azhar Park in Cairo; and settings that celebrate cultural and multi-cultural identities, such as Aga Khan Garden in Alberta, Canada and a city park Khorog, Tajikistan.

Each chapter offers color photographs, plans, and texts about the sites and their environment, and each project demonstrates how green spaces bring people of different backgrounds together to provide places for reflection, spirituality, education and leisure. Together these achievements demonstrate how parks and gardens can enhance economic, cultural, and general well-being.

About the Author:

Philip Jodidio has published numerous books on contemporary architecture, art and the cultural activities of the Aga Khan. They include Architecture: Art, Architecture: Nature and Under the Eaves of Architecture (all published by Prestel). He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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Markus Sebastian Braun, Chris van Uffelen
ID: 13373
Видавництво: Braun

Landscape architecture is comprised of a wide and multifaceted range of very diverse outdoor space designs – that can be stern or playful, shrill or romantic, straightforward or low-key. As their main ‘building materials’ are trees and shrubs, flowers and grass, landscape architecture projects are in a constant state of flux. They range from expansive natural and cultivated landscapes, via picturesque front yards and courtyards, spectacular greened façades and roofs, up to innovative outdoor designs that nearly or completely make do without any vegetation at all. 

All works featured in the Atlas of World Landscape Architecture share the fact that they constitute and provide ecologically and socially intact living environments for human beings.

Superkilen in Copenhagen, Denmark (Topotek 1, BIG, Superflex)
Benidorm Waterfront, Spain (OAB - Carlos Ferrater & Xavier Martí)
London 2012 Olympic Park, United Kingdom (LDA Design, Hargreaves Associates)
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore (Grant Associates)
National September 11 Memorial in New York, USA (Handel Architects) 


Атлас мировой ландшафтной архитектуры представляет собой обширное и многогранное собрание различных проектов ландшафтного обустройства пространства. Эти проекты могут быть строгими или игривыми, кричащими или романтическими, откровенными или сдержанными. Поскольку основными «строительными материалами», используемыми при реализации этих проектов, являются деревья и кустарники, трава и цветы, объекты ландшафтной архитектуры подвержены постоянным изменениям.

Все эти проекты находятся в диапазоне, включающем как обширные природные территории и живописные наружные и внутренние дворы, так и красочные озелененные фасады и крыши, а также новаторские произведения под открытым небом, авторы которых полностью или почти полностью обошлись без использования каких-либо растений.

Все работы, представленные в Атласе мировой ландшафтной архитектуры, объединяет тот факт, что они создают и обеспечивают экологически и социально устойчивые условия для жизни людей.

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Steve Cory
ID: 6317
Видавництво: Sunset Publishing Corporation

A comprehensive guide to planning and building an outdoor barbecue or kitchen offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations for sixteen projects, including plans for a Brazilian barbecue, a chimney smoker, and an adobe oven.

"Let's cook outside tonight, honey," just got a whole lot more inviting with this new edition of a Sunset bestseller. Everything you need to plan and build the barbecue or outdoor kitchen you've always wanted is here. Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations for 16 projects, ranging from simple to sublime. One show-off has a side burner, sink, refrigerator--even a pizza oven. Whatever your outdoor culinary desires, Sunset takes you through the entire process.

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Jack Staub
ID: 14672
Видавництво: Timber Press

One of the most spectacular private gardens in America, Hortulus Farm is the masterpiece of Renny Reynolds and Jack Staub, renowned experts in the fields of design, gardening, and entertaining. It is beautifully captured in Chasing Eden, a lavishly illustrated roadmap to creating a personal Eden.

Hortulus Farm is a not only a model of classical tenets, but also a showcase of how traditions can be successfully broken. Gardeners will discover information on specific design principles, from vistas and allées to hardscaping and water features. They will also learn how to adapt these principles to less-than-optimal settings without sacrificing a site’s sense of place. Both aspirational and practical, Chasing Eden will inspire home gardeners to create their own earthly paradise.

About the Author:

Jack Staub, popular Garden Club of America lecturer, playwright, and avid gardener, is widely considered one of the country's leading experts on edible gardening. He has written for Garden Design, Fine Gardening, Country Living Gardener, and Food & Wine. His celebrated vegetable, herb, and fruit gardens at Hortulus Farm have been featured in House & Garden, House Beautiful, Quest, Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Country Living, and the Time-Warner series on organic gardening. Renny Reynolds, founder of Renny & Reed in New York City, is one of the nation's most renowned entertaining, gardening, and lifestyle experts. His definitive book, The Art of the Party, is known widely as the "party-planner's bible." His event and garden designs have been featured in all major shelter, garden, and lifestyle magazines, including Architectural Digest, W, House & Garden, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, Horticulture Magazine, Town & Country, and Garden Design. Rob Cardillo has been photographing gardens, plants, and the people who tend them for more than 20 years. A former director of photography at Organic Gardening, he now works for publishers, horticultural suppliers, and landscape designers throughout the United States. Visit him at www.robcardillo.com.


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Christopher Beanland
ID: 17128
Видавництво: Batsford

A visually stunning and beautifully written celebration of park life around the world.

Parks are an absolutely essential part of modern life. From the author who brought you Lido, here are 50 of the world’s greatest parks – but not just a list of the examples we already know. Yes, we’ll tell you about those storied greats such as Central Park in New York and Phoenix Park in Dublin, but we’ll also take you to the Philippines, to Australia, to provincial Britain and around the world to show you the most historic and the most interesting, the newest and most cutting-edge that mix the best of nature and architecture. We’ll explore what you can find there, who goes there, why they are important, and how parks respond to their environments, including ones over a road, on old rail lines or in Berlin’s former airport. Examples include:

- Freeway Park, Seattle, USA: a bizarre and brilliant brutalist park over a motorway.
- Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil: this one contains amazing galleries and theatres.
- Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, UK: mountains within a city.
- Adelaide’s parks, Australia: unique in that the entire city centre is enclosed by parks.

and many, many more. Illustrated with glorious photographs throughout, this book is a fascinating record of the world’s most interesting and innovative parks, and the people who use them – you’ll want to visit them all.

About the Author:

Christopher Beanland is a journalist, comedy writer and author who specialises in architecture and travel writing. He is the author of Unbuilt: Radical Visions of a Future that Never Arrived and Lido: A dip into outdoor swimming pools: the history, design and people behind them. He writes regularly for the Guardian, Independent and The Telegraph and is the creator of Park Date – a podcast where he interviews celebrity guests in a park. Christopher lives in London.


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Chris van Uffelen
ID: 12348
Видавництво: Braun

The design of open spaces around or within the premises of companies is an increasingly important focus area of landscape architecture. Their conceptual design depends on whether the company garden is open to the public or rather dedicated to employees only.

On the one hand, these projects are representative of the respective firm and constitute part of the corporate identity. On the other hand, in times of the increased awareness of work-life balance, flexible working and communication structures, as well as global networking, they are an integral part of innovative workplace concepts. This volume reveals the remarkable diversity of design possibilities for company gardens from around the world.


- Bestseller Office Complex in Aarhus, Denmark (C.F. Møller Architects)
- Mercedes Benz in Berlin, Germany (ST raum a.)
- Otemachi Tower in Tokyo, Japan (MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste)
- Quito Publishing House in Ecuador (Estudio A0)
- Novartis Physic Garden in Basel, Switzerland (Sweco Architects)

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Luis Paulo Faria Ribeiro
ID: 15463
Видавництво: Images

Traditional country parks, which originated in the United Kingdom, are very different to the country parks we know today. With the development of urbanisation and the improvement of living standards, city dwellers were no longer satisfied with small urban green spaces, and a new style of country park was born. Conveniently located in the outer city suburbs, with tranquil, natural environments, this new type of park met society’s desire to return to nature, and theses spaces have since become hotspots for tourism and leisure. Country Parks includes detailed theory and case studies showcasing outstanding international country park design; analyses and promotes the current status and development of the country park and its role in urban development; and provides valuable guidance for professional designers working in the field today.

About the Author:

Luis Paulo Faria Ribeiro is a professor at the School of Agriculture/University of Lisbon and has twice served as the chairman of the Department of Landscape Architecture (1999-2001; 2004-2006). He is currently the director of the Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture at Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)/Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) and is a member of the scientific board of the doctoral program in Landscape Architecture at LYNK/ISA/UTL. A landscape architect, he is a graduate of ISA/UTL (1993), and has a PhD in Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts (1997) under the Luso-American Foundation grant. He is a founding partner and an Executive Director of Topiaris Landscape Architecture, a professional consulting firm comprised of landscape architects and planners with an office in Lisbon, Portugal. Under his direction Topiaris has received several national awards, and his work, and the work of Topiaris, has been published nationally and internationally.

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Sabrina Wilk
ID: 13987
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

Landscape architects rely on images to explore ideas and to communicate them to others. Their designs range from large-scale master plans and strategic visions, through to specific vegetation and precise construction details. Concepts and creative solutions are developed, refined, and explained on paper.

This handbook focuses on areas which, even in the age of ­digital media, remain foundations of the profession: drawing, graphics, and projections. Both instructional and inspirational, it covers the basics of landscape ­architectural representation in an easy-to-understand way, encouraging readers to sketch and develop their own graphic language and style.

Also showcased in this book are many examples from landscape architecture offices worldwide, offering practical help and ideas.

Key thematic areas include:
_Introduction to drawing tools, applications, and effects
_Symbols in different scales, styles, and abstraction levels
_Basic principles for presentation, layout, and lettering
_Fundamentals of orthographic and parallel projections
_Drawing in contemporary landscape architecture practice

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Sabrina Wilk
ID: 15573
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

In recent years, perspective views have swept into the foreground in the field of landscape architecture. They have become the showpiece of any new design project, frequently overshadowing the plan as the principal graphic mediator of ideas. Perspectives communicate planned spaces, unlike any other orthographic architectural projections, easily connecting with ­human modes of vision and perception. Yet we have become so accustomed to seeing them that we no longer examine their underlying messages.

This manual examines the history of these multifaceted images and their power to shape our expectations and thinking. Moving chronologically from the Renaissance to the present day, the book charts their evolution and dissects the ­motives ­behind their construction. It also provides clear practical guidance on how to compose persuasive images for diverse audiences.

Presented in this book are numerous historical and contemporary examples, underscoring the perspective’s continuing importance in professional practice.

Key thematic areas include:
_ Introduction to terminology: Basics and principles
_Constructing and composing perspectives
_Transmitting messages: The landscape as a medium for ideas
_ Enduring themes of beauty, the sublime, and awe
_The future of perspective views


Для ландшафтного дизайнера графика является незаменимым инструментом, и в последние годы именно перспективный вид играет важнейшую роль в презентации проектов, зачастую затмевая план как основной способ графической передачи идей. Перспектива дает полное представление о проектируемых пространствах и, в отличие от ортогональных проекций, легко считывается любым человеком. И все же мы настолько привыкли к подобным визуализациям, что иногда недооцениваем их глубину и потенциал.

В практическом пособии «Чертежи для ландшафтных архитекторов 2» рассматривается история развития перспективы, начиная с эпохи Возрождения до наших дней, а также анализируются ее роль и возможности в современной ландшафтной архитектуре. Читатели узнают, как подготовить убедительную визуализацию для самых разных проектов, в простой и наглядной форме получат необходимые практические рекомендации, пошаговые инструкции по использованию масштабной сетки, грамотному построению пространств и созданию гармоничной композиции.

Также книга представляет коллекцию вдохновляющих примеров реализованных проектов, разработанных международными бюро и известными ландшафтными архитекторами. Она является бесценным пособием для специалистов и студентов, поскольку в ней уделено внимание и истории, и теории, и практическим аспектам.

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Piet Oudolf, Henk Gerritsen
ID: 16530
Видавництво: Frances Lincoln

Join two of the world’s most influential garden designers, Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen, as they describe their ideal perennials, bulbs, grasses, ferns and small shrubs for your natural garden. This comprehensive compendium classifies these 1200 plants according to their behaviour, strengths and uses.

An ideal plant is one that is both beautiful and robust, performing reliably with very little input from the gardener – and without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Rather than striving for big, bold masses of colourful blooms that are vigorously pruned back as soon as they have finished flowering, their innovative approach to gardening involves choosing plants chiefly for their form – leaves, flower heads and stems included – which means they retain their natural beauty through all the seasons. Find within:

- 1200 beautiful and reliable plants used by top garden designers
- Full descriptions and growing instructions
- Unique easy-to-follow classification according to growing behaviour and use in the garden
- Natural gardening, without artificial fertilizers or pesticides
- More than 250 full-colour photographs

With these plants and expert advice, create a garden that will thrive with the life of the insects and birds it welcomes.

About the Authors:

Piet Oudolf, founder of the New Wave planting movement, is an internationally acclaimed landscape designer who has radically redefined what a garden can be by combining ecology, emotion, and design. As a plantsman, his aim is to emphasize the form, texture, and natural harmony of plants, and as a skilled plant breeder, he creates new varieties for these and other design purposes. His innovative planting aesthetics can be seen across the globe in the many iconic urban spaces he has designed, including New York’s High Line, Chicago’s Lurie Garden, and London’s Serpentine Gallery. His own garden and nursery near Arnhem, Holland, has become world-famous. Piet is the subject of the 2019 feature documentary Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf and has been profiled by The New York Times, PBS News Hour, and The Daily Telegraph. He is the co-author of numerous books, including Planting: A New Perspective, Landscapes in Landscapes, and Gardens of the High Line

Distinguished garden designer Henk Gerritsen (1948–2008) was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He trained as an artist and made his living as a painter before turning to garden design. He was the author of several books, and his best-known garden design project in the UK was the reconstruction of the Waltham Place gardens in Berkshire. He also started the Priona Gardens in Schuinesloot in the Netherlands with his friend Anton Schlepers.

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ID: 11338
Видавництво: Gestalten

From rooftop gardens to flora-laden balconies, flowers and plants bestow a warm grace to unconventional and indoor spaces.

Private paradises nestled in the backyards of homes. Rooftops that act as community gardens. Edible patches of beauty hidden within city blocks. Evergreen shows the verdant aesthetic statement that allows city dwellers to bring nature back into the everyday and quenches urban gardening desires. Living with plants is mutually beneficial; beyond the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, leaves, flowers, and stems bring a warm and individual charisma to any space. Throughout this engaging collection of projects, urban gardening is complimented by a softer side: balconies that add an extra relaxing touch to a morning cup of coffee, flowers that provide calming fragrances throughout the home, or romantic blooms that feed the soul rather than fill a plate.

Evergreen also inspires those who already live in the midst of lush horticultural and sustainable oases. Straightforward plans and examples illustrate how to transform unused spaces, both indoors and out, into flourishing and functional patches. Sketched floorplans visually detail a myriad of projects including which plants thrive in dark living room corners or which foliage enjoys the damp environment of a bathroom. The profiles of both professional and hobbyist plant lovers provide an engaging guide to productively getting one’s hands dirty; herb gardens on fire escapes, greenhouses that double as living spaces, and community gardens atop roofs all awaken growing curiosities. From cactus farmers and florists to shop owners and activists, let Evergreen’s cast of characters guide you in making and maintaining a green utopia and in quenching gardening longings.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Sally J. Smith
ID: 14303
Видавництво: Cool Springs Press

Add an exquisite flourish of design to your beloved green space or garden by adding tiny fairy homes inter-woven with nature. Fairy Houses gives you the instruction and inspiration you need to start!

Have you ever seen a real fairy house? Not the ceramic ones at cavernous home improvement stores, but a real fairy house made from natural elements? Well, now you can build your own miniature magical abode - the perfect addition to your garden.

Step-by-step instructions for constructing exquisite fairy houses are revealed in Fairy Houses, explained by master fairy house architect Sally Smith. Smith has been creating one-of-a-kind DIY fairy houses out of natural artifacts for years, now she passes her miniature construction knowledge to you.

Imagine, a fairy garden with homes that have butterfly wings as stained-glass windows, twigs for window frames, birch bark for walls, dried mushrooms for shingles; it's all possible with a little instruction and inspiration from Fairy Houses.

Begin by flipping through an inspiration gallery, find which elements appeal to you, and how they fit together. From there, you’ll learn about building materials (found and natural), on-site fairy house construction, and how to light a fairy house.

About the Author:

Sally J. Smith is an environmental artist and photographer living in Westport, New York, on the edge of the Adirondacks. This locale lends itself to Sally's inspiration as she creates magical, mysterious, and marvelous "faerie" houses made from real leaves, moss and stone (and many other natural materials) as well as the stunning sculptures the artist calls "Eartherials" which echo the beauty of a special place or moment in time. Sally Smith's work is regularly featured in the calendar world, as well as The New York Times feature "Leave Your Wings at the Door". Sally is also the subject of the PBS's, Sally Smith: The Fairy Queen, which aired on "Roadside Adventures".


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Kevin Espiritu
ID: 14302
Видавництво: Cool Springs Press

In Field Guide to Urban Gardening, author Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening shares the basics of growing plants, offers tips on how to choose the right urban gardening method, and troubleshoots the most common problems you’ll encounter.

If you think it’s impossible to grow your own food because you don’t have a large yard or you live in the city…think again. There is a plethora of urban gardening options to create beautiful, productive edible gardens no matter where you live. The key to succeeding as an urban gardener is to choose the method(s) that make sense for your unique living situation and then give your plants what they need to thrive. Kevin helps you do just that.

But he doesn’t stop there. He also provides in-depth garden plans, from upcycled DIY projects and intensive hydroponic systems to beautiful and functional raised beds. Urban gardening is a real, growing, and important movement in today’s world. This fact-packed book is your roadmap to get growing today.

Urban gardening techniques featured include:

- Container Gardening
- Raised Beds
- Indoor Edibles
- Balconies and Rooftops
- Hydroponics

About the Author:

Kevin Espiritu is an urban gardener, plant lover, and the founder of Epic Gardening, a website dedicated to the goal of teaching 10,000,000 people around the world how to grow their own plants. Kevin focuses on practical growing methods and demystifying all of the complex terminology and processes into simple, easy-to-follow guides. He is the author of Field Guide to Urban Gardening.


Пролистать книгу Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live: Raised Beds • Vertical Gardening • Indoor Edibles • Balconies and Rooftops • Hydroponics на Google Books.

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Tina Skinner, Melissa Cardona
ID: 3160
Видавництво: Schiffer

From warm-weather climates to properties built on permafrost, homeowners everywhere are discovering anew the allure of fire outdoors. With zoning laws, resources, and proximity often limiting the open bonfire enjoyed by our ancestors, fire is being tamed in a variety of attractive ways by creative landscape architects, designers, builders, and manufacturers. Today's outdoor fires radiate warmth for chilly evenings, add an attractive glow to gathered faces, form focal centers for outdoor gatherings, and provide a means of food preparation al fresco.

This book presents a wide variety of ideas for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and cook centers. Manufactured outdoor hearth products and custom handmade masterpieces address a huge array of styles to satisfy a broad range of tastes and budgets. A selection of outdoor cook centers is also included, complete with wood-burning pizza ovens. Over 200 images of designs by professional landscape architects, contractors, custom home builders, kitchen designers, and hearth product manufacturers were compiled to provide inspiration and present the most complete book on the subject ever published.

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показати по:
на сторінці

Книги по ландшафтному дизайну

Ландшафтный дизайн – это искусство, состоящее из трех направлений: архитектура, растения и история. Это сложная наука, удивительным образом совмещающая твердость стекла и бетона с тонкостью и нежностью природы. Любые мероприятия по проектному озеленению и прочему благоустройству территории, также принято считать ландшафтным дизайном. Это сложная и невероятно увлекательная специальность, которая включает в себя много нюансов и требует большого количества знаний.

В интернет – магазине «Designbook» представлены одни из лучших собраний книг по ландшафтному дизайну. Они станут прекрасным настольным пособием для молодых специалистов, которые только постигают профессию, а также, для преподавателей и профессионалов. Станут путеводителем и для любителей облагораживать свои приусадебные участки.

У нас в каталоге вы найдете:

  • Редкие номера ландшафтных журналов с яркими иллюстрациями и примерами, как знаменитых скверов, парков, бульваров и набережных, так и различных ноу хау – вертикальные сады, озелененные крыши и подземные оазисы.
  • Исторические заметки с более 1000 фотографий про сады и фасады, созданные виртуозными архитекторами и садоводами по всему Миру: от Японии до Франции.
  • Технические справочники и книги про ландшафтный дизайн, открывающие тайны создания шедевров – ведь такая архитектура затрагивает гораздо больше факторов, чем обычное проектирование: климат, почва и традиции данной местности.

В современном Мире уделяется огромное внимание «зеленым» участкам в мегаполисах и на территории частных коттеджей, усадьб. Данная специальность становится все более востребованной и набирает популярность. Поэтому, книги по ландшафтному дизайну могут стать хорошим подарком для всех, кто интересуется этой отраслью.

На нашем сайте единичные, ценные экземпляры, как следствие прямого сотрудничества с издательствами. Некоторые книги по ландшафтному дизайну в наличии на оригинальном языке написания и в интернете их можно найти только у нас, к тому же по лучшей цене. Возможен заказ литературы, которая не представлена в магазине, нужно лишь позвонить менеджеру, и он постарается найти необходимый том. Заказать книгу в нашем интернет – магазине очень просто: нажмите на кнопку «купить» и оформите заказ, заполнив форму, а также по звонку или почте. Покупку доставим в любой город Украины. Доставка займет до 2 рабочих дней, для товаров с пометкой «есть на складе».