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Irene Pereyra
ID: 15349
Видавництво: Rockport

Master the art of user experience design through the 100 laws, guidelines, human biases, and general considerations in this comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia.

Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, Universal Principles of UX pairs clear explanations of each concept with visual examples of the ideas applied in practice. The book is organized into six broad categories:

- Consider
- Empathize
- Define
- Research
- Design
- Validate

And, features principles as diverse as:

- Design is not neutral
- Make the choice easy
- Some complexity cannot be reduced
- Map the ecosystem
- So you think you can scroll
- Don’t grade your own homework

User Experience is a field notable for its expansiveness, complexity and persistent evolution. This book is not a chronological retelling of the history of user experience design. It is also not a technical how-to book that will show you how to become a perfect user experience designer one step at a time. It's a philosophical anthology of case studies, situations, problems, and contradictions encountered across more than fifteen years of working on real-world client projects that will teach you how to think, rather than tell you what to do. 

Each principle is presented in a two-page format. The left-hand page contains a succinct definition, a full description of the principle, examples of its use, and guidelines for use. Sidenotes appear to the right of the text, and provide elaborations and references. The right-hand page contains visual examples and related graphics to support a deeper understanding of the principle.

This landmark reference is the standard for designers, engineers, managers, and students who seek to broaden and improve their user experience design expertise.

The titles in the Rockport Universal series offer comprehensive and authoritative information and edifying and inspiring visual examples on multidisciplinary subjects for designers, architects, engineers, students, and anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their design knowledge.

About the Author:

User Experience Director and Designer, Irene Pereyra is responsible for translating business requirements into intuitive interactive solutions. She has led the strategy and UX initiatives for clients including The Met, Wacom, Balenciaga, USA Today, EA, HTC, Google, Nickelodeon, FOX, Verizon, BBC, Red Bull, and many more for both the web and cross-platform applications. Her work has been recognized by Cannes, The Webbys, FWA, Interaction Design Association and The European Design Awards. Irene has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences, such as OFFF and FITC, and taught at prestigious learning institutions like Hyper Island in Sweden, SVA in New York, Elisava in Barcelona, Harbour Space in Barcelona, and the Design Academy in the Netherlands. Her personal projects have been displayed in design conferences and festivals in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, New York, Singapore, and Tegucigualpa. Originally from Amsterdam, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a Master of Science in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York. She currently resides in Barcelona and heads up her design studio, Anton & Irene, together with her creative partner, Anton Repponen.


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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 16907
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Unleash the creative power of Procreate to bring outdoor scenes to life on your iPad, from thumbnail designs to final images. With an introduction by BAFTA-award-winning art director, Mike McCain.

In this book for newcomers to the software as well as more accomplished users, several renowned and experienced designers demonstrate plein air painting, sharing not only their professional tips and tricks, but also how the traditional painting process translates to Procreate.

You will become fluent in using Procreate for all stages of outdoor painting - capturing the spirit and essence of a landscape, subject, or building by incorporating natural light, color, and movement into your works. The thorough Getting Started section spotlights the specific Procreate tools, such as Brushes, Layers, and Adjustments, that bring your paintings to life. Perfecting color and nuance of sky, land, and human subjects outdoors is vital, and the Quick Tips section lets you quickly locate and manipulate the tools you need.

Take the opportunity to observe and practice the techniques as part of a real-world workflow, as professional artists demonstrate in seven step-by-step Projects how to use Procreate’s tools to successfully evolve a plein-air painting from initial idea to final masterpiece. Whether or not you have used Procreate before, A Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate: Landscapes & Plein Air ensures your passion for outdoor painting can be fully realized on the iPad screen.

• Contains 10 in-depth step-by-step projects to follow from rough sketch to final painting
• Written and illustrated by professional artists with a passion for environments, landscapes, and plein-air painting
• Explores the sophisticated Procreate features and useful techniques that every aspiring environment artists needs to know
• Easy to follow for developing artists and anyone trying to build up their Procreate or landscape-painting skills
• Downloadable resources include reference images to import onto your iPad

This book features an introduction by BAFTA award-winning Art Director (The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse) Mike McCain, fresh from working on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023).


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Contents and contributors:

Eric Elwell
Karin Brandenberg
Momo Sugimoto
Trevor Clare
JoJo Lu
Jennifer Wang
Nevena Nikolcheva
Ayan Nag
Gillian Galang
Sarah Buchholz
Mike McCain

How to use this book
   Houghton Autumn
   Rocky Beach
   Sydney Street Corner
   Nova Scotia Docks
   Studio City At Night
   Malibu Sunset
   English Model Village
   Morning Fog in Pushkar
   Evening in Baguio
   Motel with a View
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Tool Directory

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Ed. Markus Jandl, Gerfried Stocker, graphic design by Lunart
ID: 15268
Видавництво: Hatje Cantz

Plan B instead of Planet B

Neither naïve escapism into virtual worlds, nor the technological utopia of space colonization will save us from facing the big, uncomfortable questions. With this year’s theme Welcome to Planet B, Ars Electronica is an invitation to take part in an exciting thought experiment: What if we had already mastered the great challenges of the 21st century? How would we live (together)? And most importantly: What would our path there have looked like?

We will need every bit of technology, but the biggest innovation project has to be ourselves, our ability to rise to the challenge as a global community — a reinvention of humanity! Planet B is not the second chance for another place where we can continue as before, it is the cipher for the indispensable, new, and in many forms completely different life and action on this only planet that exists for us.

Ціна: 1800 грн
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Marco Spies, Katja Wenger
ID: 13952
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

An essential book for anyone involved or interested in the process of digital brand building and digital communication design

Digital design plays a crucial role in how customers experience a brand. However, corporate websites and online shops are now only part of interactive brand identity. Digital touchpoints are becoming more widespread and more complex in their design demands, embracing apps, chatbots, interactive billboards, virtual and augmented reality and more. The interface is now the brand, which means that conception, design and technology must go hand in hand at every stage, keeping the needs of users front and centre.

This extensively updated edition of Branded Interactions is an essential handbook for professional digital designers and those just starting out. It guides the reader through the process of digital brand design in five key phases: discovering a demographic, defining an action plan, designing an interface, delivering a quality product, and distributing the design to the market. Packed with real-world examples from brands like Google, Amazon and Lego, it incorporates a wealth of practical design advice and diagrams to help build a solid framework for any project – incorporating brand strategy at every stage while remaining flexible enough to let creativity shine.

About the Author:

Marco Spies and Katja Wenger are partners at think moto, a Berlin-based design consultancy, and co-founders of two highly successful tech start-ups.

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Samwise Didier
ID: 17112
Видавництво: Abrams

The first monograph by the art director for leading video game company Blizzard Entertainment

Brütal: The Art of Samwise is a career-spanning art book that assembles the many artistic creations of world-renowned artist Samwise Didier into one volume. For nearly thirty years, Samwise’s unique art style, which combines the use of bold colors, visual storytelling, and a touch of humor, has been featured in numerous art books, illustrated novels, album covers, comic books, and video games, and is instantly recognizable to his legions of fans. 

Brütal: The Art of Samwise celebrates all the artistic creations of Samwise’s imagination, including many images never seen before from his personal archives.

This book also contains selections of Samwise’s favorite and most iconic images he created for the video game company, Blizzard Entertainment, where he has worked since 1991. As a senior art director for Blizzard, Samwise was responsible for directing the art style for WarcraftStarCraft, and Heroes of the Storm, as well as for creating artwork for the World of WarcraftHearthstone, and Diablo franchises.

About the Author:

Samwise, a.k.a. Sam Didier, is senior art director at Blizzard Entertainment. Samwise’s previous books include Grimbeard: Tales of the Last Dwarf and The Last Winter.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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ID: 15269
Видавництво: Hatje Cantz

A Central Hub in the Global Network of Media Art

The Prix Ars Electronica is the world's longest-running media art competition. Richly illustrated, and with texts and statements by the jury, this book brings together the winners of 2022 selected out of 2.338 projects submitted from 88 countries in the categories Computer Animation, Interactive Art +, Digital Communities and u19-create your world. What is more, the volume also provides insights into the work of Laurie Anderson, this year's recipient of the Golden Nica for Visionary Pioneer of Media Art.

Also included is a best-of of the STARTS Prize, commissioned by the European Commission. The focus of this highly remunerated competition was on innovative projects at the intersection of science, technology and art (= Science, Technology and ARTS).

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Bungie Inc.
ID: 17119
Видавництво: Abrams

Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Volume V: Legions Adrift is a curated look at the history of one of humanity’s greatest enemies, and now perhaps, potential allies: the Cabal. These stories follow an ancient empire through a time of great change — from the hedonism of Emperor Calus to the ambition of Dominus Ghaul to the vision of Empress Caiatl. What does it mean to be Cabal — to eat the mountains and drink the seas? And with their homeworld lost, what will the Cabal become?

Includes download code printed on card for exclusive Destiny 2 in-game emblem.

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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 10089
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 offers a large selection of tutorials and tips from some of the best digital artists in the industry today, covering a variety of popular subjects and techniques.

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 provides another thrilling opportunity to learn from some of the most accomplished and skilled digital artists from around the world, including top industry professionals Jason Seiler, Jesse Van Dijk, Chee Ming Wong and Carlos Cabrera. The second volume in this up-and-coming series covers a wide variety of themes and topics and provides in-depth tutorials to aid and inspire any digital artist, whether beginner or veteran. Custom brushes, speed painting, characters and fantasy are just a few of the subjects covered in the chapters of this must-have book, with each tutorial providing a logical and professional approach to creating a digital painting of the highest standard.

With additional features including a gallery of stunning artwork and links to free downloadable content such as custom brushes, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 contains a wealth of inspiration and advice, making it a worthy addition to any artist’s bookshelf.


The second volume in this popular series, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2, brings together a selection of in-depth tutorials from some of the best digital artists in the industry today. Custom brushes, speed painting, characters, and fantasy are just a few of the topics covered, with each tutorial providing a logical and professional approach to image creation as well as offering valuable tips and advice. With additional features including a gallery and links to free downloadable content, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 contains a wealth of inspiration for any artist.

Chapter 1 - Characters
Dynamic and Exaggerated Poses by Mark McDonnell
Dynamic Camera Placement And Framing by David Smit
Painting a Jungle Monster by Matt Dixon
Painting a Vampire by Richard Tilbury
Painting a Zombie by Richard Tilbury
Futuristic Marines by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano
Caricatures by Jason Seiler
King Arthur and Excalibur by Simon Dominic

Chapter 02 - Science fiction
Sci-fi Vehicles: Spaceships by Chee Ming Wong
Sci-fi Transport - Capital Ships by Chee Ming Wong
Sci-fi Transport - Space Stations by Chee Ming Wong
Sci-fi Environment - Colonized Planets by Chee Ming Wong
Sci-fi Environment - Space Battle by Chee Ming Wong

Chapter 03: Fantasy
Medieval Market by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano
Fantasy City on Stilts by Jesse Van Dijk
Medieval Slums by Richard Tilbury

Chapter 04 - Vehicles
Designing a Concept Racing Car by Dwayne Vance
Designing an Industrial Vehicle by Hoi Mun Tham

Chapter 05 - Speed Painting
"The sleepy village never saw the horror approaching" by Nathaniel West
"As night fell, the darkness came alive" by Ehsan Dabbaghi
"The approaching swarm looked biblical in scal"e by Justin Albers
"The machine was their only means of escap"e by Emrah Elmasli
"Fear engulfed them as they realised they were about to die" by Emrah Elmasli

Chapter 06 - Custom Brushes
Custom Brushes for Fabric and Lace by Nykolai Aleksander
Custom Brushes for Rock/Metal/Stone Textures by Carlos Cabrera
Custom Brushes for Trees, leaves and Branches by Roberto F Castro
Custom Brushes for Crowds by Richard tilbury

Chapter 07 - Painting from a 3D Base
Using Google SketchUp as a Base for Digital Painting by Richard Tilbury
Sci-Fi Robot by Carlos Cabrera
Train Depot by Ioan Dumitrescu
Abandoned Factory by Serg Souleiman

Chapter 08 - Complete Projects
The Making Of "The Beast” by Jama Jurabaev
The Making Of "Hot House” by Kenichiro Tomiyasu
The Making Of "Dust” by Chase Stone
The Making Of "Aretha Franklin” by Jason seiler
The Gallery

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ID: 12066
Видавництво: SendPoints

As the Internet is gaining momentum in almost every aspect of our lives, commercial activities are gradually going online. Like any commercial spaces in real life, e-commerce stores need careful considerations of their visual presentation to attain business success. Logo, packaging, webpage layouts, and products photography would determine shoppers' impression of the products as well as the brand image.

This book aims at providing a guideline on e-commerce webpage design and a comprehensive brand image on both digital and printing media. The included design projects offer useful and inspiring clues about how a successful brand would be presented on and off line.

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Inma Alavedra
ID: 9529
Видавництво: Promopress

This outstanding illustrated volume presents a rich collection of the most original characters from designers all around the world.

Any animation, cartoon, comic or illustration needs a great unique character to bring the artwork to life and this book precisely provides endless images of innovative, imaginative, well-designed beings to create an entertaining original story or a thrilling action-packed adventure.

Character Design contains a great mix of colourful whimsical characters. A visual celebration of the design process and imagination, this book is organized into three main sections: a showcase sorted by colour, interviews of the designers and a description of the design processes involved in the development of each character.

This book also contains an accompanying CD-ROM.

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Phaidon Editors, with an introduction by Simon Parkin and an essay by India Block
ID: 17013
Видавництво: Phaidon

An A to Z of video games – 300 entries showcasing the most influential and celebrated games, consoles, publishers, and more

A visual history of all things video games, this book will provide the reader with an overview of the gaming industry, from the very first game created around the mid-twentieth century, right through to the present day. Particular focus is given to advances within the industry during this time, such as new technologies, innovative gameplay, never-before-seen graphics, and design.

An introduction by Simon Parkin provides an overview of gaming history, and exploring how iconic games have pushed the boundaries of the medium and 300 entries, hand-picked by a panel of industry experts, showcase the most influential and celebrated games, consoles, publishers, and more. Each entry is accompanied by text informing the reader about the game and its history, its place in wider popular culture, and including useful information and facts, with exciting and sometimes unexpected pairings provided by the A to Z organisation.

A glossary of keywords and select biographies of influential creators and developers provides more context and a system of icons and infographics allows readers to see the connections between the book’s 300 entries. Wider gaming culture, and how it has grown from a niche hobby to a worldwide phenomenon, influencing popular culture, is also explored, making this the widest-ranging survey of games and gaming available today.

About the Authors:

Simon Parkin is an award-winning British author and journalist and an authority on video games. He is a contributing writer for the New Yorker, a regular contributor to the Guardian, and is a critic for the Observer newspaper. His work has been featured in ‘The Best American Nonrequired Reading’. He is the author of several books, including An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games (2019).

India Block is Deputy editor of Disegno, the international quarterly design journal, and a writer with a focus on architecture and design.

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Riot Games
ID: 16723
Видавництво: Little, Brown Book Group

Unlock the mysteries and magic within League of Legends, one of the world’s most popular video games, in this encyclopedic and collectible companion book that explores the game’s epic lore.

Embark on a journey through the realms of Runeterra in this first-ever collectible companion book, published to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary.

Spanning the farthest reaches of this universe and venturing into uncharted territory, this encyclopedic compendium connects players to the rich storytelling that inspires all the action. Inside, you’ll find:

- An expedition through eleven regions, chronicling conflicts, entrenched rivalries, and covert alliances
- Hundreds of illustrations, including never-before-seen maps and artwork
- Insights into the heroes, flora, fauna, architecture, politics, and technologies from all corners of this world
- Original narratives that bring the cultures of Runeterra to life

League of Legends is an online game played by millions of people around the world, offering endless engagement with an expanding roster of champions, frequent updates, and a thriving esports scene. This volume is an essential reference for fans everywhere.

About the Author:

Riot Games was founded in 2006 to develop, publish, and support games made by players, for players. In 2009, Riot released its debut title, League of Legends, to worldwide acclaim. League has gone on to be the most-played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports. Players are the foundation of Riot's community and it's for them that Riot continues to evolve the League experience both in and out of game.

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Duncan Harris, Alex Wiltshire
ID: 15150
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

An in-depth visual guide presenting the captivating creative journeys behind the world’s leading videogames

Making Videogames is an unprecedented snapshot of modern interactive entertainment, with insight from true pioneers about the most important games in the world. Illustrated with some of the most arresting in-game images ever seen in print, the book explores the unique alchemy of technical and artistic endeavour that constitutes the magic of videogames, striking a captivating balance between insight and accessibility.

Across eleven chapters, each focusing on a specific game from AAA blockbusters such as Control and Half-Life: Alyx to cult breakthrough games including No Man’s Sky and Return of the Obra Dinn, the book documents the incredible craft of videogame worldbuilding and visual storytelling via the world’s most popular, but seldom fully understood, entertainment medium. The book’s text orbits breathtaking, specially created imagery ‘photographed’ in-engine by the author, demonstrating the magic and method behind each studio’s work.

A book not only for die-hard videogame fanatics, but also for designer-creatives and the visually curious, Making Videogames is a thrilling showcase of the boundless creativity of this amazing industry.

Contents List:

1. Optimising Story
2. Lighting in Action
3. Building the Open World
4. Reinventing Virtual Reality
5. Faking Flight
6. A Theatre of Diplomacy
7. Procedural Worlds
8. Landscaping Joy
9. The Digital Actor
10. Fear Factory
11. The Soul of Simulation

About the Authors:

Duncan Harris is a screen capture artist for videogames, with over a decade of game industry experience. He has created official in-game imagery for titles such as Tomb RaiderHitmanCrysisMinecraftEVE Online and The Evil Within. His clients include EA, PlayStation, Crytek, the V&A and many more. Alex Wiltshire is a writer and consultant for videogames, design and technology. He is the author of the bestselling book Minecraft Blockopedia (2014), and the editor of Britsoft: An Oral History (2016). Previously editor of Edge, he has also written for Rock, Paper, ShotgunPC Gamer and Eurogamer.

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Pie International
ID: 14637
Видавництво: PIE Books

Following the former best-selling title; Heroes and Heroines, this title showcases the most trendy and updated illustrations by about 60 prominent character designers covering both video games and animation. Featuring a bilingual interview with Shiro Miwa, a leading comic artist who is also a character designer of 7th Dragon 2020 (cover art). Featured animations and video games designed from these titles: Girls and Panzer; Kantai Collection; Kill la Kill; Attack on Titan; METAL GEAR SOLID V; and much more.

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ID: 12064
Видавництво: SendPoints

We invite 20 interaction designers to discuss about emotion communication and information exchange in interaction design, with articles to share their understands about design technics, information exchange, emotional communication and the trends of interaction development. Lots of excellent interaction design cases will be featured, new trend of interaction design will be told through the articles and cases.

• 20 excellent interaction designers share their unique ideas about the new trend of interaction design.
• 77 top interaction design cases from 15 countries.
• Well-selected design cases are classified by three categories: social, functional and recreational.

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показати по:
на сторінці

Почти все, что вы видите в интернете, — это результат работы дизайнера. Специалист с приставкой «веб» рисует корпоративные сайты, лендинги, оформляет информационные ресурсы, интернет-магазины. Баннеры, которые вы видите на этих сайтах, — это тоже работа дизайнера, специализирующего на WEB. Относительно новыми направлениями стали макеты приложений и различных сервисов. В отдельную ветвь, смыкающуюся с искусством, выделился дизайн компьютерных игр.

Недорогие, а также книги с более высокой ценой для начинающих в этой сфере и профессионалов дизайна вы можете найти в каталоге магазина DesignBook.UA. На сайте вы можете купить и сразу заказать доставку нужного вам издания по Украине по стоимости экспедирования почтового оператора.

Как выбрать практическую литературу для веб-дизайнера

Что следует изучать начинающему веб-дизайнеру? Во-первых, учебники и классику от профессионалов отрасли, без которой стабильный прогресс в выбранном направлении невозможен. Во-вторых, разнообразные пособия, определяя для себя приоритеты и оценивая, сколько стоит то или иное издание.

  • Основы дизайна — первые шаги начинающий специалист может сделать с недорогой книгой по основам мастерства в WEB и классическому дизайну “Цифровой дизайн. Первые шаги”;
  • Теория цвета — посмотрите издание “Design Elements, Color Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Color Affects Design”, из которого вы узнаете об основных правилах работы с цветом, а также о том, когда и как можно нарушать эти правила.
  • Композиция и типографика — кроме классических учебников можно порекомендовать “Design for Screen: Graphic Design Solutions for Great User Experiences”, где подробно рассказывается, как использовать шрифты, цвета, формы и визуальные эффекты для достижения функциональности и элегантности как веб-сайтов, так и мобильных приложений.

Также дизайнер веба должен на профессиональном уровне овладеть используемыми для WEB программными инструментами, такими как Illustrator, Photoshop и т.п.

Начинающие работать в сфере гейм-дизайна и анимации почерпнут для себя полезную информацию в книгах из нашего каталога по разной стоимости:

  • “More Heroes and Heroines : Japanese Video Game + Animation Illustration”;
  • “Making Videogames: The Art of Creating Digital Worlds”;
  • “Videogame Atlas: Mapping Interactive Worlds”.

Где купить литературу по WEB дизайну

Указанные издания не только отличаются ценой, но и предлагают взглянуть на это искусство под разными углами. Чтобы купить и заказать доставку любой из выбранных вами книг, воспользуйтесь специальной формой на DesignBook.UA.