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Mark Ovenden
ID: 16782
Видавництво: Frances Lincoln

With over 60 per cent of the world’s population living in cities, the networks beneath our feet – which keep the cities above moving – are more important than ever before. Yet we never truly see how these amazing feats of engineering work.

Just how deep do the tunnels go? Where do the sewers, bunkers and postal trains run? And, how many tunnels are there under our streets? Each featured city presents a ‘skyline of the underground’  through specially commissioned cut-away illustrations and unique cartography. 

Drawing on geography, cartography and historical oddities, Mark Ovenden explores what our cities look like from the bottom up.

About the Author:

Mark Ovenden is a British writer and broadcaster. At the age of seven, he travelled alone ten miles on the London Underground, armed only with a map. He later gained entry to a Graphic Design course by submitting a reworking of the London tube map. His previous books are Transit Maps of the WorldGreat Railway Maps of the WorldMetro Maps of the WorldParis Metro Style and London Underground by Design. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.


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Rem Koolhaas
ID: 13311
Видавництво: Monacelli Press

Since its original publication in 1978, Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in print in a newly designed edition, this influential cultural, architectural, and social history of New York is even more popular, selling out its first printing on publication. Rem Koolhaas’s celebration and analysis of New York depicts the city as a metaphor for the incredible variety of human behaviour. At the end of the nineteenth century, population, information, and technology explosions made Manhattan a laboratory for the invention and testing of a metropolitan lifestyle — “the culture of congestion” — and its architecture.

“Manhattan,” he writes, “is the 20th century’s Rosetta Stone . . . occupied by architectural mutations (Central Park, the Skyscraper), utopian fragments (Rockefeller Center, the U.N. Building), and irrational phenomena (Radio City Music Hall).” Koolhaas interprets and reinterprets the dynamic relationship between architecture and culture in a number of telling episodes of New York’s history, including the imposition of the Manhattan grid, the creation of Coney Island, and the development of the skyscraper. Delirious New York is also packed with intriguing and fun facts and illustrated with witty watercolours and quirky archival drawings, photographs, postcards, and maps. The spirit of this visionary investigation of Manhattan equals the energy of the city itself.

About the Author:

Rem Koolhaas is the internationally known architect, a founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.) in Rotterdam, and author of the critically acclaimed S,M,L,XL.

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Philip Jodidio
ID: 14463
Видавництво: Prestel

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) has been rehabilitating existing parks and creating new ones for more than 20 years in the Muslim world, but also in the West. Discover how these brilliantly designed green spaces have helped improve the lives of urban dwellers in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, and even in England and Canada.

For centuries the garden has served as a central element in Muslim culture. The new or restored gardens created by AKTC, seen in this fascinating book, show how these urban oases are catalysts for positive economic, social and cultural change. They encourage ethical ideals of stewardship, ecology, and beauty in the built environment. Numerous authors first trace the history of Islamic gardens and help clarify the environmental and design ethos of Islam. Texts also explain the beneficial sociological and economic impact of urban gardens and parks. Succeeding chapters identify thirteen specific projects that illustrate these principles. There are historic sites, such as Humayun’s Tomb Garden in Delhi and Timur Shah Mausoleum in Kabul; contemporary locations, including the National Park of Mali, and Al Azhar Park in Cairo; and settings that celebrate cultural and multi-cultural identities, such as Aga Khan Garden in Alberta, Canada and a city park Khorog, Tajikistan.

Each chapter offers color photographs, plans, and texts about the sites and their environment, and each project demonstrates how green spaces bring people of different backgrounds together to provide places for reflection, spirituality, education and leisure. Together these achievements demonstrate how parks and gardens can enhance economic, cultural, and general well-being.

About the Author:

Philip Jodidio has published numerous books on contemporary architecture, art and the cultural activities of the Aga Khan. They include Architecture: Art, Architecture: Nature and Under the Eaves of Architecture (all published by Prestel). He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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Kuba Snopek
ID: 14003
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

Preservation is ordinarily reserved for architecture that is unique. So how would we go about preserving buildings that are utterly generic? Such is the case with Belyayevo, an ordinary residential district in Moscow. Belyayevo is a typical microrayon – the standardised neighbourhood system that successive Soviet regimes laid out across the USSR in what was the most expansive programme of industrialised construction the world has ever seen. Belyayevo’s buildings, and the desolate spaces between them, are identical to thousands of others, but is it different? Kuba Snopek argues that it is. Home to many of the artists of the Moscow Conceptualism school, the place was written into the character of their art. Snopek argues that this intangible heritage is the key to saving a neighbourhood many feel has had its day. But as Russia comes to terms with its Soviet legacy, will such arguments fall on deaf ears?


Традиционный советский микрорайон, ничем не примечательный, один из тысячи подобных... Или же проект, достойный списка ЮНЕСКО и внимания исследователей?

Куба Снопек – архитектор, который заставит читателей задуматься о том, что внимания заслуживают не только памятники, известные своей уникальной архитектурой, но и непримечательные здания, формирующие лицо периферийных районов. Куба Снопек уверен, что обычный московский район Беляево должен войти в список объектов всемирного наследия и приводит свои убедительные доводы.

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Christopher Beanland
ID: 17128
Видавництво: Batsford

A visually stunning and beautifully written celebration of park life around the world.

Parks are an absolutely essential part of modern life. From the author who brought you Lido, here are 50 of the world’s greatest parks – but not just a list of the examples we already know. Yes, we’ll tell you about those storied greats such as Central Park in New York and Phoenix Park in Dublin, but we’ll also take you to the Philippines, to Australia, to provincial Britain and around the world to show you the most historic and the most interesting, the newest and most cutting-edge that mix the best of nature and architecture. We’ll explore what you can find there, who goes there, why they are important, and how parks respond to their environments, including ones over a road, on old rail lines or in Berlin’s former airport. Examples include:

- Freeway Park, Seattle, USA: a bizarre and brilliant brutalist park over a motorway.
- Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil: this one contains amazing galleries and theatres.
- Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, UK: mountains within a city.
- Adelaide’s parks, Australia: unique in that the entire city centre is enclosed by parks.

and many, many more. Illustrated with glorious photographs throughout, this book is a fascinating record of the world’s most interesting and innovative parks, and the people who use them – you’ll want to visit them all.

About the Author:

Christopher Beanland is a journalist, comedy writer and author who specialises in architecture and travel writing. He is the author of Unbuilt: Radical Visions of a Future that Never Arrived and Lido: A dip into outdoor swimming pools: the history, design and people behind them. He writes regularly for the Guardian, Independent and The Telegraph and is the creator of Park Date – a podcast where he interviews celebrity guests in a park. Christopher lives in London.


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Chris van Uffelen
ID: 16974
Видавництво: Braun

The purpose and primary function of wayfinding and signage design is to provide spatial orientation as quickly and clearly as possible.

Respective concepts and systems can be designed for individual buildings, for example corporate headquarters, museums or hospitals, for areas such as a university campus or distinct municipal district, or for entire systems like a city’s public transport. In addition to communicating direction, the interplay of typography, pictograms, materials, colors and shapes in these systems also delineates a particular identity of the location. On the basis of international realizations this title shows the range of different approaches and implementation possibilities of environmental graphics. No matter what kind of spatial context, the focus is always on visual communication that is understandable for every user. This volume is an indispensable reference work for anyone involved in communications, as well as for architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and indeed creative minds of any sectors.

About the Author:

The core topic for Chris van Uffelen is the transfer of knowledge about design in all its manifestations. For more than twenty years the Dutch-German art historian has been publishing books as well as countless essays and articels on art, architecture, interior design and urban planning from antiquity to the present. He is particular interested in the effects of architecture on public spaces.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Anna Yudina
ID: 15913
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A spectacular global survey of the new buildings merging architecture and nature to transform our cities for a sustainable future.

Concrete horizons, urban sprawl, high-density living: never have our cities and their buildings been in greater need of greening. Yet what’s required is more than an occasional vertical garden or living roof. Featuring seventy projects from around the world – some built, some ongoing, some from the future – Garden City looks at the increasingly inventive ways in which architects and designers are incorporating nature into the built environment, transforming the city for the benefit of all.

From office buildings that incorporate urban farms and exchange the CO2 produced by humans for food and oxygen produced by plants, to lightweight systems for growing gardens on vertical surfaces; from ‘tree houses’ the size of city blocks to civic buildings that are ‘plugged into’ existing water-management systems – there are rich and often unexpected ideas for every inquiring designer.

The future of our urban architecture is biologically alert, naturally self-sustaining and alive. Garden City is this future’s first manifesto.

About the Author:

Anna Yudina is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Monitor magazine. She has curated a number of international architecture and design exhibitions, including shows on Zaha Hadid and Jakob & MacFarlane, both represented in this book. Yudina is also the author of Phase: The Architecture of Jakob & MacFarlane and Eske Rex: Silent Action.

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Walter Koditek
ID: 15565
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

In the post-war decades, Hong Kong architects, many of them having migrated from China or studied overseas, embraced modern principles when forced to face the problems of housing shortage, mass construction and limited budgets in the British colony. Although economic efficiencies often prevailed over design, their buildings were rooted in their time and place, reflecting the local climate, social values, materials, technique and use in an often unique and pragmatic fashion.

With more than 300 buildings and ensembles documented, Hong Kong Modern: Architecture of the 1950s-1970s gives an unprecedented comprehensive overview of the architecture of that transformative period and is unique in combining photography, carefully researched background information and academic essays. The book aims to serve as a visual record and create awareness of the modernist buildings of Hong Kong, and to contribute to a better understanding and discussion of their architectural merit and social, cultural, and historic values.

About the Author:

Walter Koditek is a German urban planner, author and photographer based in Hong Kong. After graduating at Technical University Berlin, Walter’s first professional life had him practicing for almost two decades at various planning/design consultancies and teaching at university. In 2006, he relocated to Asia, where he worked as an urban planning expert in Cambodia and Vietnam. He moved on to Hong Kong in 2014, using the city as a base for his consultant work, and documenting its unique architectural landscape with his camera whenever possible. Walter has always been a strong advocate of cultural heritage conservation. He published the photo book Battambang Heritage (2018, Apsara Books, Hong Kong) and co-authored the Architectural Guide Phnom Penh (2020, DOM publishers, Berlin), before focusing on the modernist architectural legacy of Hong Kong.

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Karsten Palsson
ID: 12460
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

Taking examples from major European cities, Public Spaces and Urbanity is a practical guide demonstrating what urban development with a human face might look like. This involves renewing and enhancing humane cities using architecture on a human scale while taking their history into account. Thus the book follows the tradition established by Jan Gehl that regards urban space as a framework for people to live in and socialise.

The European tradition of the dense classical city marks the point of departure for this book. Special emphasis is placed on physical and spatial parameters, on development patterns and building types, on the guiding principles governing access, and on interconnections with public roads and pathways – all of which form the foundations of urban life as well as cities that provide safety and security.

The book is divided into ten thematic chapters, each providing a definition and general outline of core challenges together with proposals for meeting them. A historical outline of urban development and the practically organised thematic structure underlying concepts discussed allow the examples given to greatly broaden the field of understanding around this topic.


Книга посвящена современным и эффективным подходам к обновлению городов. Рассмотренные методы подразумевают глубокое понимание потребностей жителей, исторического контекста, традиций прошлого и грамотное включение новой соразмерной человеку архитектуры в существующую среду. 

Исследование берет свое начало в европейской традиции плотной застройки. Основное внимание уделяется пространственным отношениям, распространенным моделям развития городов, принципам создания доступной среды и усовершенствованию общественных пространств: словом, всем тем элементам, которые обогащают жизнь городских сообществ.

Эта книга - профессиональное руководство, которое предлагает практические примеры гуманных преобразований пространства, основанные на опыте крупных европейских городов. 

Главы структурированы по «инструментам», которые помогут градостроителям и архитекторам соотнести изложенные концепции с конкретными условиями и воплотить их в жизнь.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Robert Holden, Jamie Liversedge
ID: 15476
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Aimed at prospective and new students, this book gives a comprehensive introduction to the nature and practice of landscape architecture, the professional skills required and the latest developments.

After discussing the history of the profession, the book explains the design process through principles such as hierarchy, human scale, unity, harmony, asymmetry, colour, form and texture. It looks at how design is represented through both drawing and modelling, and through digital techniques such as CAD and the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is followed by an examination of project management and landscape management techniques. Finally, the book explores educational and employment opportunities and the future of the profession in the context of climate change and sustainability.

Illustrated with international examples of completed projects, Landscape Architecture provides an invaluable, one-stop resource for anyone considering studying or a career in this field.

About the Authors:

Robert Holden and Jamie Liversedge are both landscape architects and have lectured at and taught landscape architecture and garden design at the University of Greenwich, London and other European universities. They are co-authors of Construction for Landscape Architecture (2010).


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ID: 7060
Видавництво: Archiworld
Ціна: 580 300 грн
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ICI Consultants
ID: 10401
Видавництво: Design Media Publishing

This book aims to give an overview of contemporary French landscape architecture, to position it, and to offer an immediate and useful resource for policy-makers and professionals involved in this field,as well as for everyone who plays a part, consciously or not, in the history of today’s landscape.

Ціна: 2310 грн
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Phu Hoang, Rachely Rotem
ID: 16653
Видавництво: Hatje Cantz

Published by the interdisciplinary design studio MODU, this "field guide" explores threshold spaces between the interior and the exterior. What are experiences between architecture and the environment? Where can the boundaries between the interior and the urban be drawn? What role does the climate crisis play in this? For their research and design projects, Phu Hoang and Rachely Rotem look at three major cities on different continents: New York, Rome, and Tokyo. MODU leaves behind the binary idea of inside and outside and rather understands architecture as an extension of the environment. Thus, it imagines a hybrid of urban space, architecture, and interior space. The book explores the different geographic locations and presents their own design projects.

MODU is a Brooklyn, New York-based design studio working in architecture, urbanism, and interior design. It is led by Phu Hoang and Rachely Rotem and focuses on thinking architecture, urbanism, and the environment together. In 2017, they won the Rome Prize.

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Manual Standards
ID: 11816
Видавництво: Standards Manual

An amazing archive of New York City Transit Authority memorabilia provides a unique look at the city’s past.

New York City Transit Authority: Objects originated as a photography experiment. In 2011, New York photographer Brian Kelley began documenting collections of used MetroCards in his Brooklyn studio, arranging them in various grids with the goal of perfecting the lighting of an image. His brother suggested he make the grids more interesting by finding other types of cards. Having exhausted his search of discarded MetroCards in many of the city’s 472 subway stations, Kelley turned to eBay for new finds.

The online rabbit-hole gave him a crash course in the history of NYC transportation. He discovered tokens dating back to 1860, a ticket stub from 1885 when it cost three cents to take the train across the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as patches, matchbooks, tokens, timetables, pins and signs, posting his photographs of these finds on Tumblr and Instagram. Six years on, many MTA employees follow and advocate his project, sometimes contacting him with information and tips on rare items. As the collection grew, Kelley recognized that there were no comparable digital archives documenting the city’s transportation evolution.


New York City Transit Authority: Objects contains over 400 artifacts related to the New York City Subway, collected and documented by photographer Brian Kelley.

Kelley started collecting MTA MetroCards in 2011, and he quickly became fascinated by other Subway-related objects. This catalogue is the first of its kind — presenting a previously uncollated archive of ephemera dating back to the 1850s.


All of the objects shown in this book are property of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

© Metropolitan Transportation Authority

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on behalf of the New York City Transit Authority.

Photographs © 2017 Brian Kelley
The Project © 2017 Eric Greene

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ID: 14850
Видавництво: SendPoints

Landscape architects are entering a new era, one where the term sustainability has broadened in scope to refer to social and cultural as well as environmental concerns. This 'liveability' factor is now core among the challenges facing today's architects and planners, especially as some countries undergo rapid urbanization. Open Space presents some of the most innovative urban landscape designs of recent years with accompanying texts, photos and plans.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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показати по:
на сторінці

Урбанистика и урбанизм — два близких по значению термина, которые тем не менее имеют разное значение. Архитекторам ближе урбанизм — именно так называется направление в градостроительстве по проектированию и созданию больших городов и соответствующих архитектурных решений.

Сегодня актуален новый урбанизм, декларирующий необходимость фрагментации мегаполисов и возрождения принципов создания малых экологически чистых и комфортных для жизни городов. 

Урбанистика — это направление экономической географии, посвященное специфике системного развития городов.

Какие тематики затрагивают книги урбанистического направления

В проектировании реальных городов, районов и комплексов зданий урбанизм тесно связан с урбанистикой. Только такой комплексный подход гарантирует соответствие проектов целому ряду критериев современного человекоориентированного и экологичного города.

В каталоге DesignBook.UA представлена литература с разной ценой, посвященная принципам и решениям в современной городской застройке, ландшафтному дизайну, созданию городских общественных пространств и целому ряду смежных направлений. То есть всем тем элементам, из которых складывается городская и пригородная среда.

Как выбрать литературу по урбанизму

Книги отличаются стоимостью и жанром. У нас есть справочные издания, пособия, монографии.

  • “Landscape Architecture: An Introduction” — пособие для студентов дает всестороннее представление о природе и практике ландшафтной архитектуры.
  • “Modern Landscape Design” — обзор современного французского ландшафтного дизайна.
  • “Urban Block Cities: 10 Design Principles for Contemporary Planning” — город складывается из кварталов, как из блоков-кирпичиков. Именно эта парадигма лежит в основе взгляда авторов на развитие города. В первой части рассматриваются особенности кварталов европейских городов, сравниваются старые и новые районы Копенгагена. Во второй части описываются элементы городского квартала и его потенциал, предлагаются 10 принципов, лежащих в основе преобразования старых городских районов и планирования новых.
  • “How to Design Humane Cities: Construction and Design Manual. Public Spaces and Urbanity” — руководство для архитекторов, которое на практических примерах раскрывает принципы очеловечивания среды, основанные на опыте крупных европейских городов. Особое внимание уделяется физическим и пространственным параметрам, моделям застройки и типам зданий, развитию транспортной сети, принципам создания доступной среды и общественных пространств густонаселенного классического города.

У вас есть возможность купить англоязычные и русскоязычные издания и заказать их с недорогой доставкой в те населенные пункты Украины, где открыты отделения “Новой почты”. Наиболее широко книги на русском представлены в сегменте учебных пособий, они стоят недорого. Студентам и профессионалам могут быть полезными следующие издания:

  • учебное пособие “Интерьер загородной улицы”;
  • пособие “Световой дизайн города”.

Ознакомившись с описанием и узнав, сколько стоит та или иная книга, вы можете заказать ее с доставкой. Цена транспортировки соответствует тарифам “Новой почты”.

Где купить книги об урбанистике

В насыщенном разнообразными книгами каталоге DesignBook.UA можно выбрать и купить издания, достойные стать спутниками всех, кто связан с архитектурой, дизайном и строительством. Выбирайте книгу, добавляйте ее в корзину, где сразу отобразиться цена товара, и заказывайте доставку от “Новой почты”. Все это можно сделать прямо на сайте.