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Owen Hopkins
ID: 12334
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Gothic and Gothic Revival, or how to distinguish between Baroque and Neoclassical? This guide makes extensive use of photographs to identify and explain the characteristic features of nearly 300 buildings. The result is a clear and easy-to-navigate guide to identifying the key styles of western architecture from the classical age to the present day.

About the Author:

Owen Hopkins works for the Architecture Programme at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He is the author of Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon (Laurence King, 2012).

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Norbert Wolf
ID: 10265
Видавництво: Prestel

Now available in a new format, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Art Deco art and design from its origin to its present day influences.

The Art Deco style is so recognizable and widespread that its original influence on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco — a period between two devastating world wars when industrialization was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking, and movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism, and Modernism were turning the art world on its head. Brilliantly designed to reflect the style it celebrates, Art Deco is filled with hundreds of examples of painting, architecture, interiors, jewellery, crafts, furniture, and fashion.

Author Norbert Wolf traces the chronology of the Art Deco style by looking at the politics and culture of Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, and the artistic movements that paralleled its popularity. He follows Art Deco’s influence in Europe and its immigration to the Americas and Asia. Most importantly, this wide-ranging volume looks beyond the era of Art Deco’s origination to the present day. Pointing to the numerous revivals and contemporary echoes in painting and even literature, this beautiful volume demonstrates that Art Deco is alive and well today — often in forms where we least expect it.


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Arnold Schwartzman
ID: 12483
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Arnold Schwartzman's stunning photographs of the finest examples of Art Deco from all over the world are collected here as a celebration of one of the world's most popular decorative styles.

Art deco is the 20th century's most glamorous architectural style and the one that shaped popular ideas of modern luxury. With over 200 photographs, this is a visual celebration of this very popular style. Unlike most other books on the subject that tend to be regionally specific, this book highlights Art Deco buildings from all over the world, from Australia to South America, with an emphasis on London, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Paris. Art Deco features much careful and exacting detail, and of special interest in this book are photos that zoom in on murals, mosaics, flooring, ironwork, and other ornamental flourishes.

Art Deco began in 1925 and quickly swept the globe becoming the style epitomizing Jazz Age glamour and sophistication. It drew from a variety of influences including ancient Egyptian, Moorish, and Mayan motifs but also modernist movements like Cubism, Fauvism, and De Stijl. Its influence was felt everywhere, from the skylines of New York to Shanghai, and it gained prominence not only with architects and designers but enjoyed a passionate following among the public as well.

About the Author:

Arnold Schwartzman is an Oscar-winning filmmaker, a noted graphic designer, and the author of a score of books including London Art Deco and Deco Landmarks: Art Deco Gems of Los Angeles. He began his design career in British television before moving to Hollywood in 1978. He was the Director of Design for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and designed many of the key graphic elements for the annual Academy Awards. In 2010, he created the two murals for the Grand Lobby of Cunard's Queen Elizabeth. In 2001 he was awarded an OBE and in 2006 he was appointed a Royal Designer by the Royal Society of Arts.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Norbert Wolf
ID: 11776
Видавництво: Prestel

Now available in a new edition, this sumptuous volume explores key aspects of Art Nouveau — decorative arts, architecture, fashion, dance, advertising, and more — with an in-depth approach and stunning illustrations.

The Art Nouveau movement became an international phenomenon at the beginning of the twentieth century that ushered in the era of modernity in almost every aspect of cultural life. For decades critics have argued that Art Nouveau was not an artistic period in its own right, but an amalgam of artists and styles that served as a bridge between neoclassicism and modernism. In this comprehensive, authoritative, and copiously illustrated book, art historian Norbert Wolf explores Art Nouveau as a logical outgrowth of the historic forces in which it arose.

This book focuses on the movement's wide variety of applications and reclaims its prominence in the pantheon of modern art history. Chapters on aesthetics, spirituality, and the cult of beauty offer luminous examples of works by Mucha, Gaudí, Hoffmann, Klimt, Horta, Munch, and Tiffany, among many others. Wolf's text is both informed and accessible, providing an exciting narrative that brings the Art Nouveau movement into clear focus. Beautifully produced to appeal to a wide range of readers, this new edition gives one of the world's most popular styles the serious consideration it deserves.

About the Author:

Norbert Wolf is an art historian and author based in Munich. He has published several books with Prestel, including Art NouveauArt DecoImpressionism, and "The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting", as well as monographs on Albrecht Dürer and Titian.


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Agata Toromanoff
ID: 16663
Видавництво: Prestel

From luxury apartment towers to offices, places of worship to museums, Brutalist architecture is having a 21st-century moment — and this book is here to explore the new interpretations of the style.

From luxury apartment towers to offices, places of worship to museums, brutalist architecture is having a 21st-century moment -- and this book is here to explore the new interpretations of the style. Designed with the same bold aesthetic that informed Le Corbusier himself, this book features fifty recent examples of how architects around the world are embracing the principles of brutalism -- simplicity, functionality, and rawness -- reimagining them for today's standards and tastes. Drawing from the radical approach of the controversial architectural movement, today's Brutalist buildings are both sophisticated and elegant. As the hundreds of exterior and interior photos in this book reveal, architects have taken advantage of new technology to make concrete-based structures that are refined and alluring, as well as stylish and modish unlike their predecessors. Each chapter is dedicated to a different type of building and is introduced with a selection of iconic structures as an essential visual reference for Brutalism's new look. In some instances the overall strength of the aesthetic is paired with equally forceful materials such as glass, metal and brick; other examples show how classically brutalist lines are integrated into generously proportioned, light-filled spaces. An informative celebration of Brutalist architecture's legacy, this book is an exciting exploration of how today's most innovative architects are discovering the inherent beauty of powerful concrete volumes that was at the heart of Le Corbusier's original vision.

About the Author:

Agata Toromanoff is an art and design historian. She has worked for art collectors and galleries, and has curated and managed numerous contemporary art projects. She has authored several books on art, design, photography and architecture, including Raising the Roof. Women Architects Who Broke Through the Glass Ceiling.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
ID: 4831
Видавництво: Ryland Peters & Small / CICO books

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill brings the practical comfort of twenty-first-century living to the elegant and timeless classical proportions of eighteenth century design.

This inspiring and invaluable book showcases some of Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s favourite projects. Whether working with authentic Georgian interiors, apartments or newly-built homes, Lady Henrietta brings her perfectionist talent to the task of marrying comfort and practicality to the spirit of eighteenth-century elegance and timeless classical proportions.

Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living is lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs from the author’s portfolio of work, and contains insights into how the design process works at a practical level. With chapters looking at each room in the home individually, from the dining room to the home office and media room, discover Henrietta’s secrets for achieving the ultimate blend of Georgian style with the needs of a modern home.

This is the classic design template for twenty-first-century living.orary living. Applying classic design principles to indoor/outdoor lifestyles and eco-friendly living is also discussed.

Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill is the elder daughter of the 11th Duke of Marlborough, whose family home is Blenheim Palace. Her interest in interior design began when at the age of 16 she traveled to study fine art and languages in Florence and Paris. Later she returned to England to finish her formal studies at the world-famous Inchbald School of Design

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Joseph Halfpenny
ID: 3376
Видавництво: Dover
These royalty-free motifs feature exquisite specimens of the sculptured ornaments from northern Europe's largest medieval cathedral. York Cathedral features soaring Gothic architecture and a vast interior, parts of which date back to the 13th century. Reproduced from a rare 18th-century volume, this compilation consists of 175 illustrations, selected from throughout the building.
Ціна: 680 грн
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Riichi Miyake
ID: 12319
Видавництво: Taschen

Floral Buildings. Art Nouveau marvels across Europe

With a meticulous sensibility for light and detail, the late Keiichi Tahara captured Europe’s finest Art Nouveau architecture. This exquisite three-volume set features more than 500 of his photographs and is interspersed by brilliant gold pages, each carefully produced using the finest printing techniques. This is a collection of majestic aura, brimming with the unique spirit of the fin de siècle.

At the turn of the 20th century, architecture took an imaginative leap. As new construction materials and technologies met such far-flung stimuli as the Far East, nirvana, and the unleashed unconscious of Freudian psychoanalysis, buildings by the likes of Gaudí, Horta, Hoffmann, Loos, and Mackintosh instilled structure with the sinuous lines of nature, surfaces with a fairy-tale shimmer, and spaces with an ethereal wash of light or shadowy, mysterious hush.

For this dramatic portfolio, printed for the first time ever in a book with five colors including gold, the late architectural photographer Keiichi Tahara traveled across Europe to present the finest examples of this Art Nouveau architecture. From the glamorous façade of the Grand Hotel Europa to the elaborate sweep of a staircase or the perfect poise of a single chandelier, Tahara captures the intricate details as much as the holistic spatial effects of these ambitious, marvelous structures. With an eye attuned to the style’s organic detailing, he surveys its floral patterns, vine-like balustrades, and the soft, hollow interiors that seem to summon us into some primordial place.

Drenched in sunshine or draped in dramatic shadows, Tahara’s pictures excel in evoking not only the unrivaled aura of these buildings but also the particular, fin-de-siècle spirit of their age, caught on the axis of a century, and characterized by reflection and yearning, as much as technological, philosophical, and political advance. Texts by Riichi Miyake accompany Tahara’s pictures to describe the buildings’ floor plans, designs, and the broader context of their dreamlike environments.

Limited and numbered edition of 10,000 copies

The photographer:

Keiichi Tahara (1951–2017) lived in Paris from 1973 to 2004 before moving back to his native Japan. Considered one of architecture’s great photographers, he won many awards, including the Niépce Prize in 1988. His series include Louvre (1995); Les Anges de Croatie (1995); l’Opéra de Garnier (1996); Egypt (1997); Piemonte (2000); the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar (2008); and The Diet Building of Japan (Kokkaigijidou) (2015).

The author"

Riichi Miyake (b. 1948) was educated at the University of Tokyo (1972) and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1979). After working as a professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Université de Liège, Keio University, and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris, he is currently professor at Fuji Women’s University in Sapporo. Miyake’s publications include Weaving Culture, Creating Culture (2005) and Saint-Gobain (2010).

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Peter Thule Kristensen
ID: 16952
Видавництво: Strandberg Publishing

Lauritz de Thurah (1706-1759) was one of the most important and influential Danish Baroque architects. As the first substantial monography on Thurah, this book gives a multifaceted view on his important role in 18th century Denmark by presenting him not only as an architect, but also as a garden architect, publicist, and an official in the Danish absolute monarchy.

His works include some of the most notable Baroque architecture in Denmark, such as The Hermitage – the king’s hunting lodge north of Copenhagen, Gammel Holtegaard – de Thurah’s Countryside mansion now transformed into an art museum, the spiralled spire of Church of Our Savior in Copenhagen, as well as extensions to and reconstructions of a number of Danish castles, mansions and abbeys.

The monography is written by leading researchers on the topic, and is richly illustrated with archive images and drawings, as well as new original photos by the photographer Anders Sune Berg.

About the Author:

Peter Thule Kristensen is an architect, dr.phil., ph.d., and professor at the Royal Danish Academy, where he leads the master programme Spatial Design.

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Thaddeus Zupančič
ID: 17481
Видавництво: Fuel

The most comprehensive photographic document of council housing schemes in the capital, with incredible images from every London borough and the City, featuring 275 estates built between 1946 and 1981. 

London Estates documents these important buildings in all their diversity, championing the neglected alongside the distinguished, celebrating their vital contribution to the social and architectural fabric of the capital.

Featuring designs from a broad range of architects including Denys Lasdun (Keeling House, Trevelyan House); Chamberlin, Powell & Bon (Golden Lane Estate), Ernő Goldfinger (Balfron Tower, Trellick Tower); Basil Spence (Stock Orchard Estate, Tustin Estate), and Kate Macintosh (Dawson’s Heights).


Why are some London council estates considered notorious, while others are arguably the most desirable places to live in the capital? As the most comprehensive photographic document of the London council estate, this book provides an insight, featuring some 275 estates from every borough and the City.

London Estates features the first post-war housing in Paddington, Islington and Romford; the Modernist schemes in Finsbury, Bethnal Green, Poplar, Wandsworth, Camberwell and the Cities of London and Westminster; the acclaimed 1960s estates of Camden and Lambeth; and the lesser-known 1970s estates of Kingston, Haringey, Havering, Hillingdon and Tower Hamlets.

There are designs from a broad range of architects including Denys Lasdun (Keeling House, Trevelyan House); Chamberlin, Powell & Bon (Golden Lane Estate), Erno Goldfinger (Balfron Tower, Trellick Tower); Basil Spence (Stock Orchard Estate, Tustin Estate), and Kate Macintosh (Dawson’s Heights).

A huge range of architectural styles are represented – from prefabricated and ‘self-built’ schemes, to Modernist and brutalist designs, including over 30 protected historic buildings.

This book celebrates London council estates in all their diversity, championing the neglected alongside the distinguished, honouring their immeasurable contribution to the social and architectural fabric of the capital.

About the Authors:

Thaddeus Zupancic is a Slovenian-born writer, translator and photographer. He has lived in London since 1991, working as a radio producer with the BBC World Service for the first 15 years. His Instagram account @notreallyobsessive documents post-war council estates in the capital. He is also a volunteer with The Twentieth Century Society, the national charity campaigning to protect Britain’s modern architectural and design heritage.
Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell have been publishing critically acclaimed books on design and architecture since 2004.

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Kenneth Frampton
ID: 3204
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

An extensively revised and updated edition of a bestselling classic on modern architecture and its origins

This highly acclaimed survey of modern architecture and its origins has become a classic since it first appeared in 1980, and has helped to shape architectural practice and discourse worldwide. For this extensively revised and updated fifth edition, Kenneth Frampton has added a new section that explores in detail the modernist tradition in architecture across the globe in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. He examines the varied ways in which architects are not only responding to the geographical, climatic, material and cultural contexts of their buildings but also pursuing distinct lines of approach that emphasize topography, morphology, sustainability, materiality habitat and civic form. It remains an essential book for all students of architecture and architectural history.

Contents List:

Introduction • Part I: Cultural developments and predisposing techniques 1750–1939 • Part II: A critical history 1836–1967 • Part III: Critical transformations 1925–90 • Part IV: World Architecture and the Modern Movement • Afterword: Architecture in the Age of Globalization

About the Author:

Kenneth Frampton was born in 1930 and trained as an architect at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. He has taught at a number of leading institutions in the field, including the Royal College of Art in London, the ETH in Zürich, the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam, EPFL in Lausanne and the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio. From 1972 to 2019 he served as Ware Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York. He is the author of numerous essays on modern and contemporary architecture, has served on many international juries for architectural awards and building commissions, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In 2018 he was awarded the Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale. His publications include Studies in Tectonic Culturei (1992), Labour, Work and Architecture (2005), American Masterworks (2008), Kengo Kuma: Complete Works (2012) and A Genealogy of Modern Architecture (2013).

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Michael J. Crosbie
ID: 5837
Видавництво: Images

The work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders reflects the special qualities of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. This is a region of stunning landscapes and water views, crisp ocean-reflected light, classic villages, and abundant opportunities for playful living. Architecture of the Cape Cod Summer presents more than ten years of evocative design and well-crafted construction that is rooted in this fabled place. In an architectural world increasingly polarized between strict revivalist classicism and "avant-garde" abstraction, the work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva displays a compelling third way. The book features twenty-five projects that range from modest to elaborate. Each is an individual creation tailored to its specific location and client. Several additional projects are depicted in a chronology of the firm's major work. The volume contains an eloquent introduction and text by Michael J. Crosbie, as well as forewords by renowned architects Cesar Pelli and Robert Venturi. An essay by John R. DaSilva, Design Partner, describes the firm's approach and revisits the genesis of the Shingle Style that is so influential in residential architecture today. Drawings by the firm and more than four hundred color photographs by leading architectural photographers illustrate this sixth volume of the New Classicists series.

From the Publisher, The work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva depicted in this book has been praised by some of the most well-respected architects in the world. The following are some of their comments:

"Here is architecture sublimely contextual within the natural/rural, cultural-historical place that is Cape Cod....teeming with exquisite details - rich and varied in their extreme beauty.... One is constantly fascinated and, at the same time, always at ease when outside and inside these intriguing buildings. Viva the joy and wit, the elegance and charm, of this architecture which is ultimately mannerist in its complex and contradictory quality!" Robert Venturi

"... they have reached deep into the architectural traditions of Cape Cod to produce charming and intelligent designs. The buildings... feel like up-to-date evolutions of Cape Cod architecture, deeply influenced by shingle-style architecture. This connection with the tradition of buildings of Cape Cod makes the designs... natural to the place and at the same time feel fresh and of our time." Cesar Pelli

"The world of Polhemus Savery DaSilva is so enormously refreshing, as this work takes the best of the Cape's context together with the architect's own personal approach and melds them into a body of uncompromising domestic architecture." Michael Graves

"The work of Polhemus Savery Dasilva beautifully melds the traditions of New England with the way we live today, affirming that an architecture of place trumps an architecture preoccupied with passing trends." Robert A.M. Stern


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Ціна: 2000 980 грн
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Jean-Louis Cohen, Guillemette Morel Journel
ID: 17064
Видавництво: Flammarion

This broad survey of modernism — the most scintillating creative era in Paris — spans all domains: architecture, art, design, entertainment, fashion, film, literature, and photography.

The lives and works of artists in every creative discipline transformed Paris into a crucible of modernity in the first half of the twentieth century. Profiles of eighty-eight influential artists, designers, photographers, architects, writers, and personalities — including Gabrielle Chanel, Eileen Gray, Jean Prouvé, Pablo Picasso, Tamara de Lempicka, Sonia and Robert Delaunay, Brassai, Man Ray, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, Adolf Loos, Walter Benjamin, Josephine Baker, Jean Renoir, Gertrude Stein, and more — highlight the boundless creative energy and optimism that permeated the City of Light at this key historical juncture.

Richly illustrated alphabetical entries with cross-references to related topics are complemented by six thematic essays on cinema, fashion, graphic design, habitation, painting, and urban planning. A portfolio of original contemporary photographs — from the historic center to the suburbs of Paris — reveals traces of modernism in dozens of buildings and their interiors that are rarely open to the public.

This catalogue — published to accompany an exhibition at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai in the summer of 2023 — sketches a panorama of human invention across the vast creative landscape of Paris from 1914 to 1945.

About the Authors:

Jean-Louis Cohen is France’s most authoritative historian of twentieth-century architecture. He has published more than forty books, including Frank Gehry: The Masterpieces (Flammarion, 2021), and curated numerous architectural expositions. He is the Sheldon H. Solow Professor in the History of Architecture department at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts and holds a chair at the Collège de France.

Guillemette Morel Journel is an architect and urbanist; she has published several books on Le Corbusier including Villa Savoye.


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Owen Hopkins
ID: 7782
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

This innovative and unique book is a visual guide to the buildings that surround us, naming all the visible architectural features so that, unlike other architectural dictionaries, the reader doesn't have to know the name before looking it up.

Clear line drawings and extensive colour photographs illustrate each of the main building types, from forts to churches, stately homes to skyscrapers. The individual structural elements and materials common to all buildings are then explained, whether in Classical, Gothic or Modernist style, before delving into the inner architectural details such as doors and windows, roofs and staircases. A comprehensive glossary completes the book.

An original and accessible take on the architectural dictionary, this book takes you on a visual tour of the buildings around us and will be useful not only to students but to anyone with a general interest in architecture.

About the Author:

Owen Hopkins works for the Architecture Programme at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Ціна: 1300 грн
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Owen Hopkins
ID: 15331
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

This innovative and unique book is a visual guide to the buildings that surround us. Architectural features are pinpointed and labelled on images of buildings so that, unlike with other architectural dictionaries, you don't have to know the name before looking it up. Clear line drawings and extensive colour photographs illustrate each of the main building types, from forts to churches, stately homes to skyscrapers. The individual structural elements and materials common to all buildings are then explained, whether in Classical, Gothic or Modernist style. A comprehensive glossary completes the book. 

This revised edition includes an expanded section on modern structures and materials, as well as the latest styles and concepts from the last ten years.

_A must for all lovers of architecture and those who would like to learn more
_Over 11,000 copies sold in English worldwide
_Covers all key building types and styles, from cathedrals to skyscrapers, Classical to contemporary.
_Each building type is illustrated with extensive photographs and annotated drawings
_Contains a comprehensive glossary of architectural terms

About the Author:

Owen Hopkins is Director of the Farrell Centre at Newcastle University. Previously he was Senior Curator at Sir John Soane's Museum and before that he was Architecture Programme Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. He is the author of several books including Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon (2012), Architectural Styles: A Visual Guide (2014; both Laurence King), Postmodern Architecture: Less is a Bore (2020) and The Museum (2021).


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на сторінці

Книги про стили архитектуры

Книги про стили архитектуры – это профессиональная и познавательная литература о разных стилях и эпохах, в которых создавались величайшие архитектурные шедевры. Такие книги станут жемчужиной коллекции для любителей этого жанра, образовательным материалом для студентов высших учебных заведений и незаменимым пособием для начинающих и опытных архитекторов.

Благородная классика, утонченная готика, витиеватое барокко, изящный арт-нуво, привлекающий нестандартными решениями модерн, сдержанный минимализм – каждая книга о стилях архитектуры способна стать проводником в прекрасный мир дизайна интерьеров. В каталоге интернет-магазина представлено собрание лучших книг про стили в архитектуре для профессионалов и ценителей этого направления искусства:

  • монографические и исторические издания (в том числе посвященные работам известных архитекторов);
  • литература, в которой рассматриваются и сравниваются архитектурные элементы, декоративные детали;
  • архитектурные энциклопедии, справочники, классические издания;
  • арт-буки, посвященные определенному архитектурному стилю с большим количеством цветных иллюстраций, фото.

В интернет - магазине «Designbook» представлены книги про стили архитектуры самых разных направлений:

  • Увлекательные энциклопедии про великие образцы художественно-архитектурного искусства прошлых времен, с конкретными примерами старинных фасадов и фрагментов зданий и сооружений.
  • Книги про стили архитектуры, которые приобрели мировую известность, такие как Модерн, Ренессанс, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Классика и многие другие.
  • Стили разных стран и народов, их культурные особенности и традиции.

Каждая из этих книг является ценным экземпляром и будет полезна также для общего образования.  Многие издания выпущены и представлены на оригинальном языке и дополнены заметками известных мэтров и архитекторов. Во всех фолиантах присутствуют яркие иллюстрации и фотографии прославленных зданий.

Стили архитектуры прошлых времен - это увлекательные истории, которые помогут повысить уровень знаний о том, как возводились древние сооружения, как создавался дизайн жилых и оборонных помещений. Такая литература может стать идеальным подарком для профессионалов в области дизайнерского строительства – поможет в поиске новых идей и вдохновения. Все книги для Вашего удобства дополнены кратким описанием и, выбирая на подарок, Вы легко поймете какая именно нужна.

Наш интернет –магазин напрямую сотрудничает с самыми известными мировыми издательствами. В наличии как новые издания, так и литература прошлых годов. В каталоге собраны редкие образцы, которые мы стараемся оперативно пополнять свежими новинками. Если необходима консультация – наши консультанты всегда рады помочь. При необходимости наши менеджеры помогут с оформлением заказа, ответят на возникшие вопросы. Для заказа звоните по телефону или заполните несложную форму на сайте. У нас можно купить книги про стили в архитектуре по выгодной цене. Доставка возможна во все города Украины курьерской службой.