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Hugh Tait
ID: 9014
Видавництво: British Museum Press

This comprehensive reference book on jewellery spanning thousands of years also includes a panoramic illustrated history explores the varied styles, techniques and materials used to make jewellery throughout the world since earliest times. Egyptian necklaces, Celtic torcs, South American gold masks, Renaissance pendants and Art Nouveau buckles are among the range of masterpieces described by a team of experts from the British Museum and illustrated with 400 superb photographs. This reissue includes images of major acquisitions made in the last ten years, particularly from Europe since 1700 and from Asia.

Ціна: 1300 грн
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Victoire de Castellane, Geoffray Riondet, Valérie Goupil, Anne Laurent, Loïc Lescuyer, Gérard Panczer, Brigitte Serre-Bourt
ID: 17158
Видавництво: Flammarion

This comprehensive overview, organized by material and period, allows the reader to distinguish, appraise, and date French jewelry from 1800‒1950.

This highly accessible guide offers a detailed panorama charting the evolution of French jewelry created between the Consulate period in the 1800s through to the 1950s. Iconic examples include Onyx cameos, “dormeuses” earrings in rose gold, an Art Deco solitaire, a sapphire “you and me” ring, a diamond “shaker” brooch, and an emerald “negligee” necklace.

Entries are organized by period, and include primary sources of inspiration and characteristics, designers, materials, gemstones, and types of jewelry. Completed with an overview of the key design houses and artists who have left their mark on the jewelry industry since 1800, along with detailed advice for buying and maintaining pieces, this practical reference — richly illustrated with photographs and archival documents — provides everything you need to know to appreciate antique jewelry in all its facets.


This indispensable reference to antique French jewelry gives amateur and professional jewelry enthusiasts the knowledge and confidence to:
• recognize and date a piece of antique jewelry
• identify the principal gemstones
• distinguish the major French jewelry designers
• buy and sell antique pieces
• have works appraised

Charting the evolution of French jewelry created between the Consulate period (established by general Napoleon Bonaparte on the cusp of the nineteenth century) and the 1950s, this practical guide defines each era by identifying its hallmark trends, materials, gemstones, main types of jewelry, and historic jewelry houses. Richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and archival documents, and featuring iconic designs such as the “tank” bracelet, “you-and-me” ring, “négligé” pendant, and Zip necklace, this essential book covers antique French jewelry in all of its scintillating facets.

About the Author:

Victoire de Castellane is artistic director of Dior Jewelry. Geoffray Riondet runs the Riondet design house, and is an antique jewelry specialist, legal expert, and gemologist. Riondet drew upon the expertise of Valérie Goupil, Anne Laurent, Loïc Lescuyer, Gérard Panczer, and Brigitte Serre-Bourt, professors at the French National Institute of Gemology (ING, Paris-Lyon).


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Ціна: 1200 грн
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Rodney and Diana Capstick-Dale
ID: 11459
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

The very first, beautifully illustrated guide to some of the most sought-after portable Art Deco design

In the 1920s and ’30s Art Deco-influenced everything from art and architecture, interiors and furnishings, automobiles and boats, to the small personal objects that are part of everyday life. The items in this thematically structured book demonstrate Deco style at its most alluring. They were then the height of fashion, and are highly prized collectibles today. They demonstrate an era of close cooperation between designers and manufacturers, who aimed to produce goods that were not only fit for purpose but also well made and beautiful.

This informative showcase of portable classics of avant-garde modern design from Britain, Europe (particularly France) and the United States will appeal both to collectors and to anyone with an interest in Deco style and the history of fashion, taste and design. It is the first book to bring together the small collectibles – from cigarette cases and lighters to powder compacts and cosmetics accessories, watches, jewellery, even cameras – that demonstrate the style, glamour and sophistication of the Jazz Age.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Marion Fasel
ID: 16602
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Creatures from the animal kingdom represented in exquisite jewelry by renowned masters Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., JAR, Belperron, David Webb, Schlumberger, Boucheron, and many other brilliant jewelers.

Many of the most imaginative designs by the world's great jewelry houses and artisans take inspiration from the animal kingdom. From Cartier's iconic panthers to Bulgari's snakes and JAR's butterflies, these spectacular objects dripping with precious stones are akin to wearable art. Beautiful Creatures depicts some of the most spectacular beasts ever transformed into sparkling treasures and accompanies a forthcoming special exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History's Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals.

The 120 pieces featured date from the mid-1800s to the present, representing species from the realms of land, air, and water. Gorgeous studio photography of the jewelry is complemented by images of iconic personalities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, and the Duchess of Windsor wearing famous animal-
inspired jewels. Guest curator Marion Fasel relays the stories behind the individual pieces through entertaining anecdotes and reveals the colorful histories and fascinating symbolism of these remarkable creatures in precious gems and metals that intrigue and delight and that we never tire of wearing.

About the Author:

Marion Fasel is a jewelry historian and author of several books on twentieth-century jewelry. She is the founder of the online jewelry magazine The Adventurine. In 2018 Fasel was the recipient of the GEM Award for Media Excellence and the Jewelry Champion Award from Town & Country magazine.


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Ціна: 1800 грн
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Kieran McCarthy, Hanne Faurby
ID: 14354
Видавництво: V&A Victoria Albert Museum

The name Fabergé has long been a byword for luxury. Combining an entrepreneurial vision for craftsmanship with innovative material sourcing and technical ability, Carl Fabergé created an astonishing array of bespoke jewelled and enamelled objects at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

This beautifully illustrated book explores the history and legacy of the House of Fabergé, from its origins in Russia – and its role in the glamorous world of the Romanovs – to global recognition. Much of the story is familiar, but less well-known is the important part played by the London branch. Opened in 1903, and the only one outside Russia, it became a choice destination for Edwardian high society and an international clientele. Featuring over 120 pieces, from delicate flowers to Imperial Easter eggs, and with contributions from leading experts Fabergé: A Russian Love Affair celebrates the enduring fascination with this master craftsman’s works.

Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution

This exhibition explores master goldsmith, Carl Fabergé – whose internationally recognised firm symbolised Russian craftsmanship, luxury and elegance – and the Anglo-Russian relationship which saw the opening of a London branch in 1903.

About the Authors:

Kieran McCarthy is the Managing Director at Wartski.

Hanne Faurby is Project Curator of the Fabergé: a Russian Love Affair exhibition at the V&A.

Ціна: 2500 грн
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Stellene Volandes
ID: 14238
Видавництво: Rizzoli

The history of the world -- triumphs and tragedies, breakthroughs and breakups -- through the iconic jewels that have inspired and influenced since the dawn of time.

From ancient treasures to royal weddings, great heists to the red carpet, this book is a stunning, surprising, and glittering tour of historic turning points and gem-driven drama, delving into the passions and predilections of some of the world's most interesting and extraordinary people.

Starting in the era of Cleopatra and continuing through to contemporary jewelry statements by Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Meghan Markle, Stellene Volandes tells the stories of how shiny stones and precious metals have determined empires, inspired expeditions and great crime, and been the communicator of status and ruin since ancient times. Each moment is placed in historic and relevant context, with Volandes drawing engaging parallels between Napoleon's gift to Marie Louise at the birth of their son and the modern push present or the insouciant story behind the brooch Jackie Kennedy famously wore to a 1962 State Dinner with the Shah of Iran. Illustrated with a mix of archival images and gorgeous photography of the jewels, this book is a beautiful, informative, and essential read for history lovers, fashion, celebrity, and pop-culture followers, as well as passionate jewel hounds.

About the Author:

Stellene Volandes is an internationally renowned expert in jewelry. In addition to writing about jewelry for Town & Country (where she is also editor in chief), she hosts a series at the 92nd Street Y on jewels and their history. Her first book, Jeweler, was published by Rizzoli in 2016.


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Ціна: 2200 грн
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Jinks McGrath
ID: 15272
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

Combines tutorials, inspirational galleries, extensive cross-referencing and advice in metal jewelry-making

With its comprehensive combination of tutorials, inspirational galleries, extensive cross-referencing and advice, Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers is an authoritative reference that is guaranteed to appeal to professionals and amateurs alike.

Thanks to the popularity of workshops and classes, metal jewelry-making is no longer the exclusive realm of professional jewelry designers. Now, with a little patience and the right instruction – and this book – anyone can learn to create beautiful jewelry with metalsmithing techniques.

This book is one of the most comprehensive volumes on metal jewelry-making available. Freshly commissioned, full-colour photographs accompany detailed step-by-step tutorials, while comprehensive sidebars detail the relevant considerations for applying each technique to a variety of different metals, with cross-references where applicable.

The book also includes profiles of contemporary practitioners, providing readers with an understanding of a wide range of different working methods, materials and developing techniques.

About the Author:

Jinks McGrath is a designer and jewelry maker living in East Sussex, UK. Her work has been inspired by a number of visits to India, Thailand, and Africa where she has watched and worked alongside local craftspeople. Jinks trained at the Berkshire College of Art and Design and is the author of several books including The Encyclopedia of Jewelry Making Techniques and Jewelry Making: A Complete Course for Beginners.

Ціна: 1800 грн
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Beth Bernstein
ID: 14933
Видавництво: ACC Art Books

The ultimate go-to guide, The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery takes the reader on a tour through time, venturing from the 1700s all the way through to the early 20th century. From how to look chic while wearing jewellery that outdates you by 100 years, to how to spot and score the best pieces, this book is a must-read for all enthusiasts and collectors who have an affinity for the jewels of the past.

Fun factual tidbits are presented in a witty, conversational style, and lively narratives explore each piece’s history. Part travelogue, featuring the most influential shops in New York, LA, London, Paris and Amsterdam; part educational guide, with anecdotes from dealers and experts; and part celebration of historical jewellery, this book is an invaluable and accessible reference.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to): how to identify the most popular gemstones, materials, styles and collectible pieces in the market today, and how to select antique jewellery to complement your lifestyle. The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery will reveal what to look for and where to locate rare finds, as well as how the experts score the pieces that decorate the fingers, ears, necks and wrists of the collector. 

About the Author:

Beth Bernstein has over 20 years of experience in all facets of the jewellery industry. A jewellery historian, author and journalist, her books include If These Jewels Could Talk (ACC Artbooks, 2015), Jewelry's Shining Stars (Fine Points Publishing, 2013) and My Charmed Life (Penguin, 2012). Bernstein has contributed to many magazines, journals and publications including Forbes online, The Plunge.com, Accent, Forum, Departures, Newsday and The Huffington Post, and was Senior Editor for two national jewellery magazines. She launched her own online jewellery magazine in 2017, Bejeweledmag.com. Bernstein lectures at, runs and participates in seminars at various jewellery fairs and educational events.


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Jeffrey Edward Post
ID: 15457
Видавництво: Abrams

The scandals, mysteries, and human stories behind the world’s greatest gems are brought to life by the curator of the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection

Dr. Jeffrey E. Post, curator of the National Gem Collection for more than 25 years, separates fact from fiction in an all-new and original book, revealing fresh information and regaling the reader with anecdotes and tales of some of the world’s greatest and most famous gemstones. Dr. Post is the author of the now out-of-print book The National Gem Collection (Abrams, 1997), which has sold more than 50,000 copies. In this brand-new book, he tells the stories of the Smithsonian’s most famous gems, including the Hope Diamond, Star of Asia Sapphire, Carmen Lucia Ruby, Hooker Emerald, and Blue Heart Diamond — and also presents the tales, details, and fascinating facts surrounding rarely displayed gems from the Smithsonian vault and additions made to the collection since 1997. Not only a resource for learning about rare and beautiful gems, the book also presents the stories of the people who once owned or were associated with these jewels — from ordinary people to kings, emperors, maharajas, celebrities, and captains of industry.

About the Author:

Dr. Jeffrey Edward Post has served as curator of the U.S. National Gem and Mineral Collection since 1991. Dr. Post lives in Washington, D.C.


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Ціна: 1300 грн
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Anastasia Young
ID: 8351
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A fully illustrated authoritative and comprehensive step-by-step manual for jewellery making techniques, materials and design

The focus is on detailed explanation – with clear step-by-step photography used extensively – displaying expert techniques aimed at professional jewellers but also accessible to students of any level seeking a ‘bible’ of their craft.

The Workbench Guide Brings together a vast range of skills, techniques and technical data in one volume, to provide an essential look-up resource for both students and professionals.

• Jewelry-making materials from precious metals and gemstones to ‘smart’ plastics,
vintage textiles and found objects
• Clear instructions and step-by-step photography
• Examples of cutting-edge jewellery pieces made by designers from around the world
• Practical aspects of making a business out of making jewellery
• Approaches to the creative process of jewellery design, from initial sketch to prototype.
• Workshop safety and procedures for outsourcing work to specialist external suppliers
• Exhaustive directory of tools – from simple hand tools to advanced machinery
• What to buy for a ‘beginner’s kit’.

Ціна: 1700 грн
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Carol Woolton
ID: 15207
Видавництво: Conran Octopus

Illustrated with fabulous images from Vogue‘s archive, Vogue: The Jewellery is the ultimate book for fashion and jewellery lovers.

From couture to costume jewellery, the brilliant pieces featured on the pages of British Vogue for more than a century have encapsulated the fashion zeitgeist of each new age for which they were created. Adorning princesses and rock chicks alike, the jewels shown in Vogue: The Jewellery reveal a dazzling array of styles and moods – from fairytale romance to Jazz-age glamour, sculptural modernism to timeless elegance. On every page sumptuous jewellery is the star of the show, nourishing dreams in us all.

Carol Woolton has curated a collection of more than 300 fabulous images within five thematic chapters: Show-stoppers, Rock Chick, Minimalist, Exotic and Classic. From diamond-encrusted tiaras and intricate jet chokers to sculptural silver cuffs and simple strings of pearls, the book provides an evocative celebration of a century of jewellery, while showcasing British Vogue’s best photographers including Norman Parkinson, David Bailey, Arthur Elgort, Corinne Day, Cecil Beaton and Tim Walker.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Diana Scarisbrick
ID: 3819
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

This is the first book devoted exclusively to rings considered by theme rather than by date – though the author, a world expert, brings her rich historical and literary knowledge to the subject.

She considers …

Rings associated with love, marriage and friendship
Devotional, protective and ecclesiastical rings
Memento mori and memorial rings
Rings associated with famous people and great events
Decorative rings
Diamond rings
Rings as accessories

while making us delight in them as works of art, and bringing their context alive through paintings, drawings, and vivid quotations.

Rings of all periods are included – from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the 20th century. The rings are drawn not only from great museums but from private collections, preeminently that of the noted gem dealer and art patron Benjamin Zucker.

About the Author:

Diana Scarisbrick has written extensively on jewellery, in books, exhibition catalogues and journals internationally. Rings have always been a particular interest.

Ціна: 1700 грн
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Anna Keay
ID: 8879
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

Celebrates the most remarkable assemblage of jewellery in the world still used in royal ceremony in a tradition going back over a millennium

This sumptuous volume, which includes a complete inventory of every item of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, captures the magnificence of a collection of symbolic objects steeped in English history that is still in use today. For anyone with either a professional or a personal interest in jewellery and history, The Crown Jewels will be a delight.

The Crown Jewels tells the history of the spectacular, priceless objects now in the Tower of London. Their story is that of the English monarchy itself – from the 12th-century spoon used for the anointing at the coronation to the platinum crown created for Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1937, set with the Koh-i-nûr diamond.

Published in association with the Royal Collection and Historic Royal Palaces, the book features specially commissioned new photography, including many detailed shots, allowing individual pieces, the famous gems and carefully selected groups of objects to be viewed as never before.

The text, recounts the development of the collection in the medieval period, the dramatic sale and melting down of almost every piece after the execution of Charles I in 1649 and the remaking of the Crown Jewels for Charles II in 1660. Since then the collection has been augmented with pieces that reflect key moments in English history, such as the regalia created for the only joint monarchs, William III and Mary II, in 1689, and the crown made for King George V’s inauguration as Emperor of India in 1911.

Contents List:

1. Origins; 2. The Age of Magnificence; 3. Meltdown; 4. Monarchy Remade; 5. Splendours of the Table; 6. Crowns for Queens; 7. Fathers and Sons; 8. Economy and Empire; 9. The New Ceremonialism; 10.The Modern Age; Glossary; Bibliography;

About the Author:

Anna Keay is Curatorial Director of English Heritage, and was formerly Assistant Curator of Historic Royal Palaces. She has provided historical commentary for broadcasts on royal events such as HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the State Opening of Parliament.

Ціна: 900 грн
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Caroline Cox
ID: 17462
Видавництво: Welbeck Publishing

Vintage Jewellery explores the key designers and jewellery houses, technical developments and cultural influences that shaped jewellery design over 120 years, and shows you how to collect and wear vintage pieces.

Foreword by Gerda Flöckinger

Vintage Jewellery recounts 120 years of history, including Lalique's Art Nouveau enamelling at the turn of the twentieth century, Cartier's gemstones, Christian Dior's mid-century costume pieces and Harry Winston's diamonds.

Accompanied by archive images, fashion photography and specially commissioned photographs of period pieces, the most collectible and beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches are showcased, including Elizabeth Taylor's peregrina pearl and Wallis Simpson's Cartier panther bracelet. The book explores the key designers and jewellery houses, technical developments and cultural influences that shaped jewellery design and shows you how to collect and wear vintage pieces.

About the Author:

Caroline Cox is professor of cultural history at University of the Arts London. She is a leading fashion authority whose work explores the relationship between fashion, beauty and culture. A lecturer and broadcaster, she is also a cultural trends advisor at Vidal Sassoon. Caroline's books on fashion history and theory have been published internationally and include Vintage Shoes and Vintage Jewellery.

Ціна: 1250 грн
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Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Maren Eichhorn-Johannsen, Adelheid Rasche
ID: 16665
Видавництво: Prestel

Now available again in a new edition, this opulent book reaches back 25,000 years to trace the history of jewelry from the Paleolithic era to the present day

Drawn from the extensive holdings of the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, this collection of jewelry through the ages links cultures and eras to show how the design, wearing, and collecting of personal adornment has evolved over the ages. They range from classic items such as necklaces, rings and earrings to less common items with origins in non-European cultures. The book features jewelry, ranging from the splendid crowns of ancient Greece, gold earrings from Babylon and jewelled collars worn by 13th-century Islamic royalty to more modern pieces such as those contained in the imperial collection of Queen Louise of Prussia, Art Nouveau jewelry designed by Rene Lalique, and work by contemporary designers. This chronologically arranged survey includes numerous brief essays and 400 illustrations with detailed captions, making it an ideal reference for anyone interested in cultural history, the history of jewelry, or the art and craft of jewelry making.

About the Author:

Maren Eichhorn-Johannsen is deputy head of the department of Exhibitions and Special Events at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Adelheid Rasche is head of the collection of Textiles, Clothing and Jewellery at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg.

Ціна: 2500 грн
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