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Многоквартирные дома

Многоквартирные дома

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Michael Webb
ID: 14115
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

The first major survey of contemporary apartment buildings that foster a sense of community while giving every resident an inspiring place to live

Building Community is an in-depth, wide-ranging survey of contemporary apartment buildings, not as raw canvases for interior decoration but as a building type of growing significance. An introduction presents the history of multiple-occupancy housing through its most innovative 20th-century exemplars, from the urbane blocks of Auguste Perret and Henri Sauvage in Paris, to the landscaped housing estates of Weimar Germany and the visionary schemes of Le Corbusier. The heart of the book features 39 recent or ongoing projects, designed by leading international studios and rising talents. Buildings range from social housing and micro apartments to urban villages, megastructures and innovative high-rises. Each project is considered for the way in which it enriches the lives of residents and the city, and is shown through drawings and photographs, taken from the street and within. The book also includes interviews with such contemporary masters of apartment design as Michael Maltzan, Lorcan O’Herlihy, Édouard François and Bjarke Ingels.

As our cities grow more crowded, it is critical that we produce creative buildings that enhance the lives of their inhabitants, their surroundings and the urban environment as a whole. Building Community offers dozens of proven successes to designers and apartment-dwellers.

Contents List:

Introduction: Evolution of a Typology
1. Urban Villages
2. Lorcan O’Herlihy: Reaching Out
3. Building Blocks
4. Bjarke Ingels: Exploiting Irregularity
5. Promoting Sociability
6. Michael Maltzan: Housing for All
7. Spirit of Place
8. Stanley Saitowitz: Rigorous Strategies
9. Reaching Skyward
10. Edouard François: Green Towers
11. Looking Ahead

About the Author:

Michael Webb has written more than twenty books on architecture and design, and is a regular contributor to leading journals in the US and Europe. He lives in a classic Richard Neutra apartment in Los Angeles.

Ціна: 1700 грн
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Ralf Schmitz
ID: 15359
Видавництво: Hatje Cantz

This opulently illustrated book presents a selection of magnificent recently built residential properties at exclusive locations in Germany — a showcase of sophisticated designs that combine classic elegance with spacious floor plans, craftsmanship, and noble interiors. Ralf Schmitz stands for uncompromising quality, built for generations. Lasting architecture is created by award-winning practices. A reinterpretation of classicism, the finest materials and hand-crafted details. They produce exceptional projects such as the striking Alexander, a residential building in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Achenbach an red brick apartment house in Düsseldorf’s Zoo district, or the new white corner building with a classic façade at Hamburg’s Außenalster, they stand for subtle luxury and the highest level of technical comfort. Apartments that combine retreat and representation, built for people who appreciate distinct experiences.

Sustaining the heritage, shaping the future: Founded in 1864 at the Lower Rhine, Ralf Schmitz has since been developing exclusive properties at prime locations. Today, the fifth generation of the family continues this tradition in Kempen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin — creating unique residential properties whose design language outlasts all fashions.

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Sharifa Alshalfan , Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea , Sarah Alfraih
ID: 15570
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

After the discovery of oil, the Kuwaiti State estab­lished a means of wealth distribution for its citizens through housing programmes aimed at improving standards of living. It allocated residential neighbourhoods for Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis through the introduction of two main ­architectural typologies: the apartment and the villa. However, in response to certain economic, sociocultural and regulatory constraints, an unplanned hybrid typology has recently emerged. The multiplex, specific to Kuwait and yet not officially recognised by the state, has become the ­informal expression of specific living needs that is now ubiquitous across Kuwait.

Here, for the first time, the authors of The Multiplex Typology explore everyday life in these hybrid homes, arguing that the one-size-fits-all housing model of the past is both ­outdated and unsustainable. But this book is not merely a doc­umentation of the ­current state of living in Kuwait, nor a straightforward analysis of Kuwaiti domestic architecture today. It is also an urgent and timely call for alternative approaches to housing that are sustainably driven, culturally rooted and responsive to future change.

Ціна: 980 грн
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Text by Federico Bucci and Carol Willis, Photographs by Evan Joseph
ID: 14421
Видавництво: Rizzoli

A sumptuous portrait comprising texts and images of the prestigious complex 565 Broome Soho in New York, designed by the Renzo Piano firm.

This volume is dedicated to the 565 Broome Street skyscraper, the first residential building conceived by Renzo Piano and designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in the city of New York. Developed by Bizzi & Partners, the double tower occupies a corner space in the SoHo district, close to the Hudson River.

Rich and fascinating iconography and a text by Federico Bucci and Carol Willis describe the design, the main features of the building, and how it relates to the city and the light that surrounds it in a unique way.

The photographic selection is divided into thematic chapters, starting from the representation of the building’s urban context and then illustrating the different parts of the project, the formal and structural characteristics of the towers, and the interiors. It also describes the contemporary artwork by Susumu Shingu that occupies the space between the towers.

About the Authors:

Federico Bucci is Full Professor of History of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he is also Delegate of the Rector for Cultural Policies, Rector of the Mantua Pole, and head of the UNESCO Chair. Carol Willis is the founder, director, and curator of the Skyscraper Museum. She is also adjunct associate professor of Urban Studies at Columbia University.

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Chris van Uffelen
ID: 9539
Видавництво: Braun
  • Metal Shutter House in New York, USA (Shigeru Ban Architects)
  • Rolex Tower in Dubai, UAE (SOM)
  • Sonnenhof in Jena, Germany (J. Mayer H.)
  • Solid 11 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Tony Fretton Architects)
  • The Met in Bangkok, Thailand (WOHA)

As residing in cities is becoming increasingly popular among all social strata, multi-party residential buildings are gaining in prominence. While this building type focuses first of all on the design and conception of residential space, its height and façade design significantly influence the cityscape. Creating layered living spaces is therefore one of the most important and diverse tasks of contemporary architecture.

This volume presents a spectrum of apartment buildings with innovative interpretations of traditional layout types, and loft-style room divisions, up to individual solutions that vary from one floor to the next. The range of presented projects extends from small dwellings with three residential units up to apartment complexes with several hundred parties, from inventive low-cost one-room apartments to giant luxurious residences with more than ten rooms. In this way the selection shows the multifaceted possibilities of how contemporary apartment buildings can accommodate very different lifestyles on all levels.

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Alastair Gordon, Foreword by Ian Volner
ID: 16303
Видавництво: Rizzoli

A major new evaluation of the trailblazing Miami-based architecture firm upon the advent of its fortieth anniversary. Arquitectonica is the design firm that put Miami on the map for the cool, hip, very now architecture that was first celebrated on TV in Miami Vice. Since their founding four decades ago, the firm has grown exponentially in stature, and its energies have only increased.

Arquitectonica is a major presence on the world architectural stage, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Dubai, Lima, and São Paulo. Founded in 1977, the firm received critical and popular attention and acclaim almost from its inception, thanks to a bold modernism that was immediately identified with a renaissance in Miami’s urban landscape. Principals Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear continue to this day exploring and pushing the limits of materials and design with their innovative use of geometry, pattern, and color.

The first book on this major international architectural design firm since Rizzoli’s own Arquitectonica (2004), this volume is a retrospective of the firm’s forty-year history, considering its earliest projects — the archetypal and hugely influential Pink House and Babylon Apartments — to Regalia Condominium tower, its twenty-first-century masterwork of undulant glass and steel.

About the Author:

Alastair Gordon is contributing editor for architecture and design at WSJ Magazine.

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Sibylle Kramer
ID: 11992
Видавництво: Braun

In the metropolises of the world, populations are growing rapidly. It is predicted that by 2050, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities – and that is set to keep rising. So how can boundless growth and the inescapable finiteness of space in the urban context be resolved in the long term?

Design Solutions for Urban Densification presents a diverse array of possibilities from around the world for creating inner-city living space where there was none before: The smallest of gaps are filled in, block perimeter buildings completed, inner courtyards built up and houses extended upwards. Residential areas and infrastructure that have developed organically are skilfully preserved, and urban sprawl and soulless new housing estates artfully avoided – as the high quality of urban life is ensured for the future.

 - Cordoba-Reurbano Housing Building in Mexico City, Mexico (Cadaval & Solà-Morales)
 - House for Trees in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)
 - Tornhuset in Malmö, Sweden (Kim Utzon Arkitekter)
 - Silver House in London, UK (Boyarsky Murphy Architects)
 - MG9 in Vienna, Austria (J. Weichenberger Architects + Partner)

Ціна: 2500 грн
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David Phillips, Megumi Yamashita
ID: 11519
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture 2 follows on from the success of the first book in the series, and contains entirely new projects. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world, this book presents 50 of the most recently completed and influential house designs. It also analyses both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern residential architecture.

The projects are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages. All of the drawings are styled consistently and presented at standard architectural scales to allow for easy comparison.

Each project is presented with colour photographs, site plans and sections and elevations, as well as numerous construction details. There is also descriptive text, detailed captions and in-depth information for each project. 

About the Authors:

David Phillips graduated with an MA in fine art from the Royal College of Art and later studied architecture at London South Bank University. He has worked for a number of leading architecture and design companies in the UK. Currently he is a senior lecturer in design at the University of the Arts London.

Megumi Yamashita is a journalist writing about architecture and design for various publishers in both the UK and Japan.



Bamboo House, AST 77, Belgium
Verandas, Atelier-f Architekten, Switzerland
Maison Sampans, Bernard Quirot Architecte, France
H HOUSE, Budapesti Műhely, Hungary
Summer House, Judith Benzer Architektur, Austria
Villa Nyberg, Kjellgren Kaminsky
House MJ, Kombinat, Sweden
Maison Escalier, Moussafir Architectes, Slovakia
Hervey Bay Farmhouse, Owen and Vokes, Australia
The Brick Kiln House, SPASM Design Architects, India
Toblerone House, Studio MK27, Brazil
Copper House II, Studio Mumbai, India
House of Cedar, Suga Atelier, Japan
House in Hieidaira, Tato Architects, Japan
Flint House, Nick Willson Architects, UK
Astley Castle, Witherford Watson Mann, UK

Villa Frenay, 70F Architecture, the Netherlands
Villa Rotonda, Bedaux de Brouwer, the Netherlands
HOUSE B | DEINZE, Caan, Belgium
Kings Grove, Duggan Morris, UK
Jelonovac Residence, Dva Arhitekta d.o.o., Zagreb
House 712, H Arquitectes, Spain
Dwelling-workhouse, Hoogtetwee, the Netherlands
V35K18, Pasel Kuenzel, Opwijk
Houseboat on the, Rost Niderehe Architects, the Netherlands
House at Opwijk, Marie-Jos. Van Hee, the Netherlands
Brione House, Markus Wespi and J.r.me de Meuron, Switzerland
Prospect House, Dow Jones Architects, UK
Owhanake Bay House, strachan group architects, New Zealand
Stacking Green, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam
Villa Rotonda, Bedaux de Brouwer, France

House in Melides, Pedro Reis,Portugal
Haus KW, K. Hauschildt, Germany
Hundertacht House, Uwe Schr.der Architekten, Germany
Casa en la ladera de un Castillo, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Spain
Xeros Residence, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Spain
Bridge House, Max Pritchard Architect, USA
Tree House, mmp Architects, Austrailia
Concrete House, Aa-cero
House to catch the Mountain, Tezuka Architects, Japan

Slip House, Carl Turner, UK
Seafield House, Gort Scott, UK
Active House, Brendeland & Kristoffersen, Norway
Four Eyes House, Edward Ogosta Architecture, USA
Villa Renesse II, Jack Hoogeboom, the Netherlands
V4 House, Marcio Kogan, Brazil




Ціна: 2500 грн
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Virginia McLeod
ID: 5879
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

This comprehensive reference work contains scale drawings of every type of detailing used in contemporary residential architecture.

Each section contains at least 50 drawings drawn to a set range of scales: 1:5, 1:10 or 1:50, with detailed keys explaining construction and material. Each drawing is cross-referenced to other details from the same house.

The opening section of the book forms a directory that shows interior and exterior images of the source houses, together with credits, a brief descriptive text and information as to which details from that house are included. The houses in this section are organized by main construction material (wood, concrete, glass etc).

The book will be an invaluable reference work for all architects showing the best examples of residential detailing from around the world.

Drawn from one hundred of the best recent houses, the details are organized by type of detail, as follows:

1.    Doors
2.    Windows
3.    Staircases
4.    Walls (internal)
5.    Walls (external)
6.    Floors (internal)
7.    Floors (external)
8.    Ceilings & roofs
9.    Kitchens
10.    Bathrooms
11.    Joinery
12.    Landscape

About the Author:

Virginia McLeod studied architecture in Australia before practising for a number of years in Sydney. She moved to the UK in 1998 to complete an MA in the history and theory of Architecture at the Architectural Association in London. Since then she has worked for a number of private practices in London and was also the editor of The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture. She is the author of 'Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture', 'Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture', 'Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture',  'Detail in Contemporary Kitchen Design' and 'Detail in Contemporary Bathroom Design', and also 'Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture'  -  all published by Laurence King.


Другие книги серии:

Detail in Contemporary Retail Design (with CD-ROM)

Detail in Contemporary Bar and Restaurant Design

Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design (+ CD)

Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture

Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture (with CD-ROM)

Detail in Contemporary Concrete Architecture (with CD-ROM)

Detail in Contemporary Lighting Design (with CD-ROM)

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture (with CD-ROM) - Hardcover edition

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture (with CD-ROM) - Paperback edition

Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture (with CD-ROM) - Hardcover edition

Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture - Paperback edition


Ціна: 3000 грн
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Josep Maria Minguet, Oscar Mira Vazquez
ID: 4928
Видавництво: Monsa

The construction of a modern house becomes a tremendously appealing prospect for both the architect as well as the client, not only because in principle these projects respond to the basic needs of humans to take shelter from the elements, but also due to the fact they are a consequence of their surroundings and the environmental prerequisites required for any type of building these days.

This is why the frame in which these projects are presented here in this book allows for different ariations and "sensations": small and large-scale houses, low-cost projects, grandiose ideas, typologies set according to family elements, risky settings, far-flung locations, technological resources and above all, a markedly contemporary nature to each and every one of the projects.

Ціна: 1700 грн
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Edited by Brad Collins, Introduction by Kenneth Frampton
ID: 16217
Видавництво: Rizzoli

A sumptuous treatment of the architecture of modernist masters Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel, whose apartments, houses, and commercial buildings are gleaming beacons of clarity and refinement. Quintessential modernists, the principals of Gwathmey Siegel have championed an aesthetic that is at once refined and lyrical, and ultimately richly enticing. Clientele of the legendary firm includes a virtual who’s who of the entertainment and business worlds, and with good reason, as vibrantly evidenced here. Rizzoli’s third monograph on this distinguished New York firm presents the exquisite residential work for which the firm is so justifiably renowned — from private apartments and three residential skyscrapers in Manhattan to homes in Aspen, Colorado, a ranch in Texas, the new Setai Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York, and the new W Hotel in downtown Manhattan. Also shown, and representing a large part of the firm’s creative output of the last decade, are cultural and institutional works, notably the U.S. mission to the United Nations.

About the Authorы:

Brad Collins, principal of the design firm Group C, has designed and edited numerous volumes, including monographs on Eric Owen Moss, Antoine Predock, and Gwathmey Siegel Architects for Rizzoli.


Пролистать книгу Gwathmey Siegel Buildings and Projects, 2002-2012

Ціна: 3000 грн
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Mark Foster Gage, Foreword by Peter Eisenman, Introduction by Robert A.M. Stern
ID: 16280
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Gage, Yale theorist, architect, and pioneer of the digital avant-garde in architecture and design, presents here a phantasmagoria of ideas and built work in his first monograph.

Architect to Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti, Mark Foster Gage has spent 20 years leading the digital architectural avant-garde, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architecture and design and exploding expectations. This volume features built and unbuilt work from around the globe, from a penthouse in downtown Manhattan to retail stores in Hong Kong. The work shown goes beyond traditional architecture to the realm of fashion and fine art, and includes Gage’s celebrated Valentine’s Sculpture for Times Square, a 3-D-printed outfit for Lady Gaga, as well as designs for Google Glass, Solar Flowers, and robotic tulips.

Mark Foster Gage, whose work Harper’s Bazaar has called “effortlessly chic” and who has been labeled a “boundary breaker,” is a visionary for today. Filled with surprises and creations of wonder, such as a tower for New York’s 57th Street with mouthlike balconies on giant wings or a retail space bedecked with a hundred-faceted mirror, Gage’s work at once challenges expectations of what architecture might be and, as well, frequently fills one with a sense of excitement. Gage’s work is further elucidated in the book by the critical musings of eminent architects and cultural touchstones Peter Eisenman and Robert A.M. Stern.

About the Authors:

Mark Foster Gage is the principal of Mark Foster Gage Architects and the assistant dean of the Yale School of Architecture. Peter Eisenman is principal of Eisenman Architects. Robert A.M. Stern is founder and senior partner in the firm of Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

Ціна: 3500 грн
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Avi Friedman
ID: 15462
Видавництво: Images

This inspiring new compilation is Images Publishing's latest addition to the fast-evolving discourse on multifamily residences across the world. Architects, landscape designers, urban planners, and developer-clients are critical players in the rich textural landscape of multifamily housing architecture, design, production, and consumption. This richly illustrated book showcases how leading innovators in the field resolve some of the key challenges of consolidating the social, economic, environmental and political complexities of this subject in such a loaded cultural landscape. The wide-ranging projects featured in this highly anticipated volume showcase the strong emphasis placed on individual expression, identity, and communal sustainability in multifamily housing. Featuring spectacular project designs across a myriad of styles, including boutique apartment blocks, housing complexes, collective housing, social housing structures, low-cost housing estates, and more, this book will reveal in brilliant photographic detail how highly innovative architects from around the world deal with inserting a beautifully designed structure into the dense urban fabric of a community, for the largest city through to the small-scale environment. From boutique apartment blocks that embrace a modern, contemporary urban aesthetic to grand complexes dripping in luxury, or inventive builds catering to a mix of professionals and unique identities to the complex blending of the social and psychological needs of a community into a harmonious whole this book presents a wonderful collection of architectural solutions to multifamily residences.

- Provides a fresh perspective and contemporary analysis of the innovation and designs on-trend in this architectural realm today
- Features rich photography, plans, and detailed illustrations
- Shows how key architects around the world handle the complexities of balancing design with environmental, social, economic and political factors
- Presents innovative projects that incorporate responses to the challenges of blending form, place, community, and identity
- Will appeal to all architects, landscape designers, urban planners, developer-clients, and educators
- Has a dynamic focus on conceptual architectural design. The impressive array of projects include Kevin Daly's Broadway Housing, recognised for three AIA awards; GBD Architects Kiln Apartments, honoured with an AIA 2030 Challenge Award; David Baker + Partner's Richardson Apartments, a wonderful example of a transformative community-centered initiative; YUUA Architects and Associates' innovative interpretation of co-op housing, NOIE Cooperative House; and the astonishing Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

About the Author:

Avi Friedman, PhD, is a Professor of Architecture at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he directs the Affordable Homes Research Group. He is also a practicing architect specialising in sustainable residential design and is known internationally for his housing innovation, in particular for The Grow Home and The Next Home, which were built in several countries. He has authored 16 books and is the recipient of many accolades, including the World Habitat Award, the Creative Achievement Award and the Life Time Achievement Award from Sustainable Buildings Canada. In the year 2000, he was selected by Wallpaper magazine as one of 10 people from around the world most likely to change the way we live in the new millennium.

Ціна: 2500 грн
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Jutta Albus, Philipp Meuser
ID: 13990
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

Prefabricated housing, often associated with blighted urban landscapes and monotonous grey boxes, has evolved into an approach to housing with a wealth of aesthetic and structural possibilities. Modern methods of constructing and assembling prefab buildings with large panels – methods that date back to the 19th century – are experiencing a renaissance. This is true across the world, from Vancouver and New York to London and Berlin through to Astana and Singapore. Moreover, prefabrication now also serves a wider range of purposes. In Moscow, Europe’s largest metropolitan area with 16 million people, it is primarily used as a means to provide affordable homes. But in certain developed countries, prefabrication is surprisingly also used to build exclusive, upmarket properties.

This construction and design manual presents a range of different production and assembly methods currently used in the field of prefabricated housing. The manual particularly focuses on efficiency, sustainability, and market relevance, and explores strategies for organising processes while presenting best-practice examples that reflect the latest trends. Furthermore, the manual investigates the potential of prefabricated housing on historical and architectural grounds as well as from a structural engineering standpoint. It puts forward ten design parameters for prefabricated housing and presents 15 noteworthy examples to make a fresh contribution to the debate on affordable housing today.

Vol. 1: Technologies and Methods
Vol. 2: Buildings and Typologies


Индустриальное домостроение уже давно перестало быть синонимом обезображивания городского ландшафта однообразными серыми «коробками». В частности, в Центральной Европе и России панельное строительство переживает период расцвета благодаря появлению современных методов строительства и 100-летнему опыту проектирования типового жилья и использования крупных панелей. В Москве - крупнейшей европейской столице с семнадцатью миллионами жителей – индустриальное домостроение является незаменимым инструментом реализации субсидируемого жилья, методы заводского изготовления в Германии и Швейцарии,например, применяются для возведения престижной недвижимости.

Этот справочник рассматривает потенциал индустриального домостроения с конструктивной, исторической и архитектурной точек зрения. Помимо детально рассмотренных методов производства и монтажа, в книге представлены двадцать наглядных примеров с широкоформатными фотографиями, детальными планами и наглядными диаграммами. Издание вносит значительный вклад в актуальную сегодня дискуссию о доступном жилье.

Том 1: Технологии и методы
Том 2: Здания и типологии

Ціна: 4000 грн
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Philipp Meuser
ID: 13991
Видавництво: DOM Publishers

Prefabricated housing, often associated with blighted urban land­scapes and monotonous grey boxes, has evolved into an approach to housing with a wealth of aesthetic and ­structural possibilities. Modern methods of constructing and assembling prefabricated buildings – methods that can be traced back to the 19th century – are going through a renaissance. This is true across the world, from Vancouver and New York to London and Berlin through to Astana and Singapore. Moreover, prefabrication now serves a wider range of purposes than ever before. In ­Moscow, Europe’s largest metropolitan area, it is primarily used ­­­­as a means to provide ­affordable homes. But in some countries, prefabrication is surprisingly also used to build exclusive, upmarket properties.

This construction and design manual presents a range of ­different production and assembly methods currently used in the field of prefabricated housing. It particularly focuses on ­efficiency, sustainability, and market relevance, and presents strategies for ­organising processes along with best-practice examples that reflect the latest trends. The manual also ex­plores the historical development of prefabricated housing in order to discover its full architectural potential. Finally, it outlines ten design parameters for prefabricated housing and presents 15 noteworthy examples, making a fresh contribution to the debate on affordable housing today.


Индустриальное домостроение часто ассоциируется с унылыми городскими пейзажами и серыми «коробками», но сегодня оно демонстрирует богатство эстетических и конструктивных возможностей. Панельное строительство переживает период расцвета благодаря появлению современных технологий и значительному опыту, накоп-ленному за более чем 100 лет. Это происходит по всему миру от Ванкувера и Нью-Йорка до Лондона и Берлина, до Нур-Султана и Сингапура. В Москве индустриальное домостроение является инструментом реализации субсидируемого жилья, но в Германии и Швейцарии, например, методы заводского изготовления применяются для возведения объектов элитной недвижимости.

Это практическое пособие содержит анализ ряда технологий производства и сборки, используемых в настоящее время для строительства быстровозводимого жилья. При этом наряду с передовыми примерами из мировой практики особое внимание в книге уделяется эффективности, устойчивости и рыночной привлекательности, а также стратегиям организации всех процессов. Индустриальное домостроение рассматривается с исторической и архитектурной точек зрения, кроме того автор приводит 10 ключевых проектных параметров и 15 заслуживающих внимания проектов. Издание вносит значительный вклад в актуальную дискуссию о доступном жилье.

Ціна: 3200 грн
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Современные многоквартирные дома все чаще представляют собой многофункциональные здания. В них жилые помещения соседствуют с социальной, культурной и бытовой инфраструктурой. Как гармонично объединить разные по назначению пространства, а также спроектировать комфортное жилье, которое наилучшим образом впишется в городскую застройку, расскажут книги. 

Специализированную литературу об архитектуре многоквартирных домов, их проектировании и строительстве предлагает недорого заказать интернет-магазин DesignBook.UA. На своих книжных полках мы собрали большой ассортимент современных изданий, которые будут интересны как архитекторам, так и представителям смежных профессий. 

Для того чтобы купить книги по заявленной в каталоге цене, достаточно оформить онлайн-заказ. Доставка имеющихся в наличии изданий будет выполнена в течение пары дней. Стоимость зависит от тарифоы “Новой почты”. 

Что почитать об архитектуре многоквартирных домов

На сайте DesignBook.UA вы можете заказать учебную, справочную и художественную литературу по архитектуре. Если вас интересуют многоквартирные дома, то можем предложить, к примеру, следующие книги: 

  • “Building Community: New Apartment Architecture”, Michael Webb — автор исследует современные проекты жилых зданий от ведущих международных студий и начинающих архитекторов. Здесь и социальное жилье, и городские поселки, и инновационные высотки. В книге также есть интервью дизайнеров, фотографии и рисунки жилых пространств. 
  • “Design Solutions for Urban Densification” — рассматриваются проектные решения, которые помогут решить вопрос жилья для растущего городского населения в условиях ограниченного пространства. При этом акцент делается на возможности органичного развития жилых массивов с сохранением инфраструктуры и высокого качества жизни. 
  • “Vertical Social Houses” — свежий взгляд на строительство социального жилья. Эта книга демонстрирует, насколько презентабельно могут выглядеть современные жилые районы с минимальной стоимостью квартир. 

Сколько стоят эти и другие издания из нашего каталога, указано в их описании. Там же можно ознакомиться с характеристиками книг, аннотацией, отрывками и сведениями об авторах. 

Где купить книги об архитектуре многоквартирных домов

В Украине специализированную литературу для архитекторов, дизайнеров, декораторов можно купить по приемлемым ценам на сайте DesignBook.UA. Если у вас есть вопросы, связанные с конкретными книгами, их стоимостью, доставкой и т.п., обращайтесь к нашим консультантам по указанному на сайте телефону или e-mail. 

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