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Irene Pereyra
ID: 15349
Видавництво: Rockport

Master the art of user experience design through the 100 laws, guidelines, human biases, and general considerations in this comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia.

Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, Universal Principles of UX pairs clear explanations of each concept with visual examples of the ideas applied in practice. The book is organized into six broad categories:

- Consider
- Empathize
- Define
- Research
- Design
- Validate

And, features principles as diverse as:

- Design is not neutral
- Make the choice easy
- Some complexity cannot be reduced
- Map the ecosystem
- So you think you can scroll
- Don’t grade your own homework

User Experience is a field notable for its expansiveness, complexity and persistent evolution. This book is not a chronological retelling of the history of user experience design. It is also not a technical how-to book that will show you how to become a perfect user experience designer one step at a time. It's a philosophical anthology of case studies, situations, problems, and contradictions encountered across more than fifteen years of working on real-world client projects that will teach you how to think, rather than tell you what to do. 

Each principle is presented in a two-page format. The left-hand page contains a succinct definition, a full description of the principle, examples of its use, and guidelines for use. Sidenotes appear to the right of the text, and provide elaborations and references. The right-hand page contains visual examples and related graphics to support a deeper understanding of the principle.

This landmark reference is the standard for designers, engineers, managers, and students who seek to broaden and improve their user experience design expertise.

The titles in the Rockport Universal series offer comprehensive and authoritative information and edifying and inspiring visual examples on multidisciplinary subjects for designers, architects, engineers, students, and anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their design knowledge.

About the Author:

User Experience Director and Designer, Irene Pereyra is responsible for translating business requirements into intuitive interactive solutions. She has led the strategy and UX initiatives for clients including The Met, Wacom, Balenciaga, USA Today, EA, HTC, Google, Nickelodeon, FOX, Verizon, BBC, Red Bull, and many more for both the web and cross-platform applications. Her work has been recognized by Cannes, The Webbys, FWA, Interaction Design Association and The European Design Awards. Irene has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences, such as OFFF and FITC, and taught at prestigious learning institutions like Hyper Island in Sweden, SVA in New York, Elisava in Barcelona, Harbour Space in Barcelona, and the Design Academy in the Netherlands. Her personal projects have been displayed in design conferences and festivals in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, New York, Singapore, and Tegucigualpa. Originally from Amsterdam, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a Master of Science in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York. She currently resides in Barcelona and heads up her design studio, Anton & Irene, together with her creative partner, Anton Repponen.


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Elliot Jay Stocks, Ellen Lupton
ID: 17405
Видавництво: Rockport

Universal Principles of Typography is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia for choosing and using type.

Explore 100 key concepts, theories, and guidelines that are critical for choosing and using type.

We communicate with text every single day, but what does it mean to really understand type — to use it with clear intent and purpose? The art and science of typography combines subtle tweaks to line lengths with harmonious combinations of weights and styles; considered typeface pairings with a robust set of alternate characters; exciting technological advances with the realities of font licensing. There are so many ways designers can optimize how text is read and influence the way its message is understood — and yet so many designers miscommunicate without even realizing it.

Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, Universal Principles of Typographypairs clear explanations of each principle with visual examples of it applied in practice. By considering these concepts and examples, you can learn to make more informed, and ultimately better, typography decisions.

Building upon tried-and-tested principles from the world of print through to the very latest advances in browser technology, this book will equip you with everything you need to make the most informed typographic decisions in your design work today.

Featured principles are as diverse as:
- Characters & Glyphs
- Font v. Typeface
- Hierarchy
- Inclusivity
- OpenType
- Pairing type
- Rhythm
- Web fonts

Each principle is presented in a two-page format. The left-hand page contains a succinct definition, a full description of the principle, examples of its use, and guidelines for use. Sidenotes appear to the right of the text, and provide elaborations and references. The right-hand page contains visual examples and related graphics to support a deeper understanding of the principle.

With Universal Principles of Typography, gain a deep understanding of the universal principles of typography and learn how to apply them across any work you do with type, from the simplest of documents to the most complex of cross-platform design systems.

The titles in the Rockport Universal series offer comprehensive and authoritative information and edifying and inspiring visual examples on multidisciplinary subjects for designers, architects, engineers, students, and anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their design knowledge.

About the Authors:

Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer and musician, based just outside Bristol, UK. After founding the typography magazine 8 Faces in 2010, Elliot joined Typekit (now known as Adobe Fonts) as Creative Director, and helped lead the service’s transition into desktop fonts and the Creative Cloud ecosystem. He then went on to take several Creative Director roles, all while co-running the lifestyle magazine Lagom with his wife. In 2021, Elliot collaborated with Google to launch the typography education resource Google Fonts Knowledge.

Over his nearly two-decade career as a designer, Elliot’s work has been profiled in publications such as Communication Arts, Creative Review, Computer Arts, and Page, and he has long been a familiar face at design and tech conferences around the world. Past highlights include TYPO, An Event Apart, South by Southwest, and The Type Directors Club NYC.

Today, Elliot focuses exclusively on typographic projects, as well as publishing the newsletter Typographic & Sporadic, and hosting the podcast Hello, Type Friends! He also makes electronic music as Other Form, and releases on several independent labels across Europe.

Ellen Lupton is a writer, curator, educator, and designer. She is Senior Curator of Contemporary Design at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. New projects include the books Health Design Thinking and Extra Bold, a feminist career guide for designers. Lupton is founding director of the Graphic Design MFA Program at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore, where she has authored numerous books on design processes, including Thinking with Type, Graphic Design Thinking, Graphic Design: The New Basics, and Type on Screen. Her book Design Is Storytelling was published by Cooper Hewitt in 2017. She received the AIGA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in 2007. Recent exhibitions include Face Values: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Herbert Bayer: Bauhaus Master. The Senses: Design Beyond Vision, Beauty — Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, How Posters Work, and Beautiful Users. She was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2019.


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Jenn and Ken Visocky O'Grady
ID: 14287
Видавництво: Rockport

Good information gives designers a competitive advantage. 

Understanding the wishes of a client and the needs and preferences of their audience drives innovation. The ability to gather research, analyze findings, and apply them to project goals is as important to successful design teams as their conceptual and aesthetic skills. This essential handbook will help readers understand what design research is and why it is necessary outline proven techniques and methods, and explain how to incorporate them into any creative process.

A Designer’s Research Manual was one of the first books to apply research practices to the benefit of visual communication designers. This long-awaited second edition follows more than a decade of active use by practitioners, design educators, and students around the world. Comprehensively updated, A Designer's Research Manual second edition includes:

- Over 25 proven research strategies and tactics
- Added content about planning research, analyzing results, and integrating research into the design process
- Suggestions for scaling research for any project, timeline, or budget
- All new in-depth case studies from industry leaders, outlining strategy and impact
- Updated images, illustrations, and visualizations
- Quick Tips for rapid integration of research concepts into your practice

About the Authors:

Jenn and Ken Visocky O'Grady are authors, designers, and educators whose work has been featured in numerous books and creative industry publications.
Jenn is a professor at Cleveland State University, a public research university where for nearly two decades she has dedicated herself to providing access and opportunity to a diverse group of aspiring creatives. She has also served on the board of directors for AIGA, the professional association for design.
Ken is a professor and coordinator of the graduate program at the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. His coursework focuses on design thinking and research-driven design practices. He has served on the AIGA Design Educators Community  (DEC) steering committee.
The couple has co-authored three internationally distributed books, Design CurrencyThe Information Design Handbook, and A Designers Research Manual, that strive to make academic concepts approachable while celebrating the power, impact, and potential of good design. They also present workshops and lectures at creative industry events and are committed to promoting the value of design to external audiences.
You can learn more at visockyogrady.com


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3DTotal Publishing
ID: 14345
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Brand new tutorials and artwork reboot 3dtotal’s essential guide as the go-to resource for any aspiring digital painter.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for digital artists, and this book is the newcomer’s indispensable manual for getting started and developing into a versatile digital artist. A definitive update of the bestselling Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting, this second edition is packed with new content using the software’s latest tools. From the basics of brushes and blending modes to the dynamic potential of layer masks and photobashing, professional artists from across the concept art and illustration industries share accessible step-by-step guides. Learn how to create stunning digital paintings with creativity, skill, and confidence.


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Ціна: 2000 грн
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Marco Spies, Katja Wenger
ID: 13952
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

An essential book for anyone involved or interested in the process of digital brand building and digital communication design

Digital design plays a crucial role in how customers experience a brand. However, corporate websites and online shops are now only part of interactive brand identity. Digital touchpoints are becoming more widespread and more complex in their design demands, embracing apps, chatbots, interactive billboards, virtual and augmented reality and more. The interface is now the brand, which means that conception, design and technology must go hand in hand at every stage, keeping the needs of users front and centre.

This extensively updated edition of Branded Interactions is an essential handbook for professional digital designers and those just starting out. It guides the reader through the process of digital brand design in five key phases: discovering a demographic, defining an action plan, designing an interface, delivering a quality product, and distributing the design to the market. Packed with real-world examples from brands like Google, Amazon and Lego, it incorporates a wealth of practical design advice and diagrams to help build a solid framework for any project – incorporating brand strategy at every stage while remaining flexible enough to let creativity shine.

About the Author:

Marco Spies and Katja Wenger are partners at think moto, a Berlin-based design consultancy, and co-founders of two highly successful tech start-ups.

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Paul Jackson
ID: 13592
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Paul Jackson‘s major new title Complete Pleats is the most comprehensive book about pleating on the market.

It explains how pleating systems can be stretched, compressed, flared, skewed, multiplied and mirrored, showing how from simple ideas, a huge number of original pleat forms can be created. Each technique is explained with a series of step-by-step photographs and line illustrations, enabling the designer to work through the basic principles of pleating and then adapt them to their specific needs. Complete Pleats also features more than 60 examples of pleats from the worlds of architecture, fashion and product design.

Paul Jackson has taught pleating techniques to students of Fashion Design for 30 years, in both paper and fabric. Complete Pleats is the definitive practical guide for anyone wishing to create and make pleats

The book includes 23 videos of pleating techniques.

About the Author:

Paul Jackson is the author of more than 30 books on paper arts and crafts. He has taught the techniques of folding on more than 150 university-level design courses in the UK, Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada and Israel. Courses include Architecture and Graphic Design to Fashion Design and Fine Art.

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Paul Jackson
ID: 17136
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Introducing techniques for making pop-ups from one sheet of card, the third title in this series on paper engineering takes folding techniques into the third dimension.

Each chapter introduces a new technical idea and shows how that technique can be adapted in many different ways, or combined with techniques from earlier chapters. These 3-D techniques can be incorporated into any design where typography and/or illustration are used, including mail-shots, personal publicity, invitations, business cards and greetings cards. With their emphasis on surface design over complex cutting, the pop-ups have an instant appeal for designers.

Following the elegant, easy-to-follow style of Paul Jackson’s other titles for Laurence King, Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs is an essential resource for marketing professionals and design students.

About the Author:

Paul Jackson is a well-respected professional paper artist, bestselling author of over 30 books on paper arts and crafts, teacher and passionate advocate of folding as a language of design.

Ціна: 980 грн
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Timothy Samara
ID: 13405
Видавництво: Rockport

A new and updated 3rd Edition of Rockport's best-selling Design Elements, a visually rich and accessible handbook that presents the fundamentals of design in lists, tips, brief text, and examples. With new images and diagrams, the book covers everything from working with grids, color application, typography, and imagery to how to finally put it all together.

Features include:

- The ultimate primer on graphic design's basic visual toolkit—dot, line, plane, texture, space, and contrast—and how these basics underpin all successful layouts
- An in-depth look at color — from its optical qualities and its effect on type to its potential for communication concepts and emotions
- One of the most thorough compilations of typography concepts to be found — including information on letterform structure and optics, combining typeface styles, the mechanics of detailed text typesetting, and using type as image
- An extensive overview of imagery — the endless possibilities of medium, depiction, abstraction, stylization, and how these all communicate effectively
- Methods for integrating type and image, including a tutorial on using grid systems to structure layouts
- Twenty rules for making good design — and the best ways to break them

Being a creative designer is often about coming up with unique design solutions. But when the basic rules of design are ignored in an effort to be distinctive, design becomes useless. In language, a departure from the rules is only appreciated as great literature if recognition of the rules underlies the text. Graphic design is a "visual language," and brilliance is recognized in designers whose work seems to break all the rules, yet communicates its messages clearly.

The author:

Timothy Samara is a graphic designer based in New York City, where he divides his time between teaching, writing, lecturing, and consulting through STIM Visual Communication. His 18-year career in branding and information design has explored projects in print, packaging, environments, user interface design, and animation. He has been a senior art director at Ruder Finn, New York's largest public relations firm, and senior art director at Pettistudio, a small multidisciplinary design firm. Before relocating to Manhattan, he was principal of Physiologic in Syracuse, located in upstate New York. In 1990, he graduated a Trustee Scholar from the Graphic Design program at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Mr. Samara is a faculty member at New York's School of Visual Arts, New York University, Purchase College/SUNY, and The New School, and has published six books on design and typography, all through Rockport Publishers: Making and Breaking the Grid; Typography Workbook; Publication Design Workbook; Type Style Finder; Design Elements, Design Evolution, and, most recently, Letterforms, released in September, 2018. Mr. Samara and his partner live in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.


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ID: 15265
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Every monster, alien, and fantasy beast seen on screen and in games emerges from the imaginations of talented concept artists. This book unlocks that world to reveal the must-have skills behind creating compelling creatures. From applying knowledge of anatomy and evolution, to establishing clever workflows, everything you need is in this comprehensive creature-design toolkit.

Creating engaging and believable creature designs is an exciting yet challenging feat. The monsters, aliens, and fantasy beasts that grace our TV and cinema screens represent the hard work and dedication of a team of incredibly talented concept artists and designers.

This book unlocks their world and introduces the fundamental skills behind creating movie- and videogame-quality designs. Covering key topics such as animal anatomy, functionality, color, and shape language, as well as ideation and research techniques for developing unique, compelling, and authentic designs, this expansive book is a comprehensive, timeless volume packed full of advice from some of the most impressive and renowned artists working in this field today.

Contributors include concept artists who have worked on the Marvel films and for the highly revered Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings film trilogy) and Aaron Sims Company (Stranger Things).

• Begin your workflow with targeted research and ideation, guided by industry professionals
• Understand the functionality of real-world anatomy and its role in creating truly believable new species
• Discover how the fascinating processes of evolution and biological adaptation are the key to authentic results
• Breathe life into your creatures by establishing their unique mix of habitat, social behavior, diet, and even life cycle
• Apply key design principles such as contrast, scale, and shape language to infuse your creations with dynamic impact
• Eight detailed case studies featuring step-by-step artwork and industry advice by professional concept artists

Contributing artists and topics covered:

Gathering research
Imaginative design
Biodiversity: the variety of life
Evolutionary biology
Why is anatomy important?
Blending anatomies
Exaggerating anatomies
Human anatomy
Primate anatomy
Feline anatomy
Canine anatomy
Equine anatomy
Cetacean anatomy
Lizard anatomy
Avian anatomy
Fish anatomy
Arthropod anatomy
An artist’s blueprint
Scale & perspective
Shape language
Designing for execution & budget
Creatures that are characters
Designing for genre
Designing for clients
Tackling briefs
Arboreal reptile
Ungulate herbivore
Cetacean hunter
Carrion scavenger
Alien megafauna
Post-apocalyptic swamp fish
Alien crustacean
Tundra werebear


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Ціна: 2000 грн
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Peter Dawson, John Foster, Tony Seddon, Sean Adams
ID: 15442
Видавництво: White Lion Publishing

365 daily design mantras from four leading industry experts, providing you with valuable design dos and don'ts for every day of  year. Packed with practical advice presented in a fun, lighthearted fashion, this is the perfect book for the ever-growing group of non-designers who want some graphic design guidance. And for more experienced designers, individual entries will either bring forth knowing nods of agreement or hoots of derision, depending on whether or not the reader loves or hates hyphenation, has a pathological fear of beige, or thinks that baseline grids are boring. In the style of a classical almanac, 365 entries combine a specific rule with a commentary from a variety of experienced designers from all fields of the graphic design industry. Covering topics such as typography, colour, layout, imagery, production, and creative thinking, you can either dip in at random or use the book as the source of a daily lesson in how to produce great graphic design.

About the Authors:

Peter Dawson (gradedesign.com) has over 19 years experience in the UK design arena and co-founded his practice, Grade, in 2000. He has won a number of awards for his work including an ISTD Certificate of Excellence, and, most recently, Best Jacket/Cover Design at the 2010 British Book Design and Production Awards. He is a Fellow, and former Chair, of the International Society of Typographic Designers and has also acted as a visiting typography lecturer at a number of Universities.

John Foster was a teacher for 20 years before becoming a full-time writer. He is the author of twelve books of poetry and over 150 anthologies. He has performed at all the UK's national book festivals and visits schools and libraries regularly. His books include The Poetry Chest, The Oxford First Book of Poetry, Dinosaur Poems, Dragon Poems and Magic Poems. He lives in Oxfordshire.

Tony Seddon is a designer and art director. He is also the author of Images and Graphic Design for Nondesigners. Luke Herriot is a graphic designer. He is also the author of Instant Graphics and the bestselling The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook. He lives in Hastings, UK.

Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka are partners at AdamsMorioka, a Los Angeles-based strategy and communications firm with offices in Beverly Hills and New York. AdamsMorioka has been globally recognized by every major competition and publication, including Communication Arts, AIGA, Graphis, and the New York Art Director’s Club. Adams is the national president and past national board member of AIGA, and past president of AIGA Los Angeles. www.adamsmorioka.com


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Ціна: 1200 грн
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Josef Mülller-Brockmann
ID: 11813
Видавництво: niggli Verlag

This book is suitable for those who work with automated text and image design. It shows examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. Exact directions for using all of the grid systems presented (8 to 32 grid fields) are given to the user. These can be used for the most varied of projects. The three-dimensional grid is treated as well. Put simply: a guidebook from the profession for the profession.

The development of organisational systems in visual communication was the service and the accomplishment of the representatives of simple and functional typography and graphic design. In the 1920s in Europe, works already arose in the areas of typography, graphic design and photography with objectified conception and rigid composition. In 1961 a brief presentation of the grid with text and illustrations appeared for the first time in an earlier book by the author. Articles published mainly in trade journals then followed.

This book now attempts to close a gap by giving examples and exact directions to the professional concerning all grid problems that can occur.

The author, a world-renowned professional, thus offers his colleagues the tools to solve problems more easily.

Ціна: 2500 грн
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Toby Meadows
ID: 12623
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

To run a successful fashion label you need to know about business as well as design. Packed with tips, case studies, and tasks to help you analyse yourself, your market, and your product, this book is for anyone wanting to start their own fashion, accessories or footwear business. 

Thoroughly revised for the social media age, with updated images throughout. With eight new case studies AwaytoMars (Brazil/UK), FFM Dubai (UAE), Picture Organic (France), Vetta Capsule (US), ADAY, Farm, Olivia Burton (UK), and The Goods Department (Indonesia).

About the Author:

Toby Meadows is founder of TNM Consultancy, working with small to medium labels, high-street chains and designer retailers.

Toby is a Director of womenswear label Belle & Bunty and Visiting Lecturer at the London College of Fashion. He is consultant to the Centre for Fashion Enterprise in London, the British Council, Azyame Incubator Sharjah (UAE), FashionForward (Indonesia) and Inkubaator (Estonia).

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Austin Kleon
ID: 14678
Видавництво: Workman Publishing

Keep Working. Keep Playing. Keep Creating.

In his previous books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!, both New York Times bestsellers, Austin Kleon gave readers the keys to unlock their creativity and showed them how to become known. Now he offers his most inspiring work yet, with ten simple rules for how to stay creative, focused, and true to yourself — for life.

The creative life is not a linear journey to a finish line, it’s a loop — so find a daily routine, because today is the only day that matters. Disconnect from the world to connect with yourself — sometimes you just have to switch into airplane mode. Keep Going celebrates getting outdoors and taking a walk (as director Ingmar Bergman told his daughter, ”The demons hate fresh air”). Pay attention, and especially pay attention to what you pay attention to. Worry less about getting things done, and more about the worth of what you’re doing. Instead of focusing on making your mark, work to leave things better than you found them.

Keep Going and its timeless, practical, and ethical principles are for anyone trying to sustain a meaningful and productive life.

About the Author:

Austin Kleon is a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas. He's the author of two bestselling books: Steal Like an Artist, a manifesto for creativity in the digital age, and Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poetry made by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker. He speaks about creativity for organizations such as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist. Visit him online at www.austinkleon.com.


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Beth Tondreau
ID: 8318
Видавництво: Rockport

A classic and essential text for designers since 2009, Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids just got better with a fresh exploration of its design principles, updated text, and new photos and international graphics. 

Grids are the basis for all design projects, and learning how to work with them is fundamental for all graphic designers. From working with multi-column formats to using type, colour, images, and more, Layout Essentials not only demonstrates, using real-world examples, how to use grids effectively but shows you how to break the rules to use them effectively, too.

This revised and updated version of Layout Essentials is your one-stop reference and resource for all layout design projects.

The author:

Beth Tondreau is the founder and principal of BTD, a small design firm that works with publishers to design books and book jackets and small businesses to develop their identities. She currently teaches in the Communication Design Department of New York City College of Technology in New York. Tondreau has been involved as a mentor in the AIGA/NY Mentoring Program and has served on the board of directors of AIGA/NYC. 


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Richard Yot
ID: 13673
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Light is as important as colour in creating the right effect, whether on a palette or on a computer. Whether you’re an animator, painter, photographer or illustrator, you need to know how to harness light in your work to create the right effect. Light for Visual Artists is the first and only book that explores the way light can be used to create realistic and fantastical effects in a wide range of media.

This introduction to light for students and visual artists explores the way light can be used to create realistic and fantastical effects in a wide range of media. Divided into three parts, the clearly written text explains: the fundamental properties of natural and artificial light; how to create realistic images by observing people and the environment; the creative use of light in composition and design. Updated with revised photos and artwork, as well as 15 practical exercises and new online video material, this second edition is an indispensable resource for animators, digital illustrators, painters, photographers and artists working in any medium.

Illustrator Richard Yot, known for his work in film as a lighting artist and stylised 3D illustrations, takes you through the fundamental properties of natural and artificial light, shadows, the interaction of light on different types of surfaces, reflections, as well as transparency, translucency and the effects of light on colour. Richard also explores how to observe the effects of light to create realistic images, and the creative use of light in composition and design for creating moods or setting a scene. This second edition has been updated with revised photos and artwork, as well as 15 practical exercises and new online video material.

Packed with diagrams and illustrations, as well as computer game and film stills, Light for Visual Artists is an invaluable resource for animators, digital illustrators, painters, photographers and artists working in any medium.

About the Author:

Richard Yot has been working as an illustrator for 20 years and is known for his characteristically stylised and unique 3D work. He has worked extensively in advertising and also has experience in film as a lighting artist.

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показати по:
на сторінці

Дизайн — это искусство трансформации идей в визуальную реальность. Если вы студент, начинающий дизайнер или намерены освоить эту профессию, то без учебников по дизайну вам не обойтись. 

К выбору учебной литературы стоит подходить серьезно, ведь образование — это первый шаг на пути к достижению цели. Сейчас на книжном рынке есть большое количество изданий, которые обещают новые знания. Найти подходящие пособия и недорого заказать их с доставкой по всей Украине можно в интернет-магазине DesignBook.UA. Все цены есть в каталоге, а стоимость доставки будет рассчитана при оформлении заказа. 

Консультанты DesignBook.UA поделились советами о том, как выбирать учебники по дизайну, чтобы успешно развивать свои навыки и творческий потенциал.

Советы по выбору учебников по дизайну

Для того чтобы купить нужную учебную литературу, в первую очередь будущий дизайнер должен понимать свои цели и интересы. Определитесь с тем, какое направление дизайна вас интересует: графический дизайн, веб-дизайн, дизайн интерьера, одежды и так далее. 

Следующие шаги выглядят следующим образом:

  • знакомство с рейтингами авторами — важно выбирать книги, написанные опытными дизайнерами, которые имеют хорошую репутацию в своей области;
  • оценка содержания учебника — на нашем сайте вы можете ознакомиться с содержанием книг, а некоторые даже полистать; наличие понятных иллюстраций существенно упрощает процесс обучения; 
  • учитывайте свой уровень подготовки и опыт — это поможет выбрать то издание, которое сможет научить чему-то новому; 
  • определитесь с удобным форматом — кому-то достаточно бумажных книг, другим могут потребоваться дополнительные материалы, например, в форме видеоуроков; 
  • не пренебрегайте рекомендациями других специалистов в интересующей вас отрасли; 
  • отслеживайте последние тенденции — важно, чтобы пособия по дизайну были актуальны, так как эта сфера постоянно развивается;
  • ориентируйтесь на свой бюджет и учитывайте, сколько стоит литература.

Помните, что правильно подобранные учебники могут значительно ускорить ваше обучение и помочь с самореализацией в качестве дизайнера. 

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