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Дизайн офисов

Дизайн офисов

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Lin Gengli
ID: 14847
Видавництво: SendPoints

With the rapid development of the IT industry, the office revolution has been becoming more intensively, and irreversibly. At present, a new mode and environment is the trend in office design, therefore, some of the office units are independent of public office to chase their own character office, which leads to open an exclusive and singular stage for office architecture. Now, the corporate building has become the symbol of company strength and the label of status. The office architecture is moving in the direction of internationalisation, high quality and a complete range of mating facilities, which makes it an important factor of status underlining and company philosophy reflecting.

Great Transformation: Head Office Space collects the famous projects of corporate buildings from China and all over the world, showing the most Characteristic office architecture design by selecting the latest research achievements of designers from different regions and different cultures which will provide the audience with a grand visional banquet.

Ціна: 1500 грн
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Joanna Thornhill
ID: 12336
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Just moved into your new home? No idea where to start or what to do? Landlord won’t let you paint your walls? Hate your sofa but can’t afford a new one? Wondering if you can paint your horrible plastic chairs?

Look no further, interior design stylist and expert Joanna Thornhill will guide you through an array of design dilemmas, from minor tweaks to bigger projects. Packed with inspirational and practical advice for both homeowners and renters, this book will help you achieve a home you can be proud of, even if your office is at the end of your bed.

About the Author:

Joanna Thornhill is a London-based interiors stylist and writer. She works for clients ranging from TV and magazine publishing to retailers and online, including trend forecasting for WGSN-lifestyle. She is the author of Home for Now (2014).

Ціна: 780 грн
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Frida Ramstedt
ID: 15284
Видавництво: Particular Books

What looks good and why?

Design consultant Frida Ramstedt runs Scandinavia's leading interior design blog. In this book she distils the secrets of successful interior design and styling to help you create a home that works best for your space, taste and lifestyle. Filled with practical tips, rules-of-thumb and tricks of the trade, The Interior Design Handbook will help you to think like a professional designer.

Make yourself at home

In The Interior Design Handbook, design consultant Frida Ramstedt explains and simplifies the fundamental principles and skills of interior design, giving rules of thumb and tricks of the trade that would be useful to everyone, irrespective of their taste in furniture or personal style. It shows how small adjustments can have a major impact on the overall effect, without the need to buy a host of new items or rip things out and start from scratch.

This is a book you can refer to as you set about turning your house or flat into a home; a book that will help you come up with your own solutions instead of just encouraging you to copy other people's ideas.


Just as paint and brushwork can be used to create a visual effect and mood in a room, so lighting can be employed in the same way. Where we place the lamps, direct the beams of light and how we combine different strengths of light can make a huge difference to a room, transforming it at the flick of a switch from day into night.

Design tips

Decorators and interior stylists frequently group objects in order to catch the eye or reinforce the style and mood they are trying to achieve in an interior. These arrangements are called still lifes. Grouping things rather than spreading them out is an effective way to make a design that is full of detail feel more cohesive.

Style versus comfort

Since the lounge suite is often the largest group of furniture in our living rooms, the sofa and chairs send out a message about the aesthetic and functional feel we are trying to create. They tend to drown out any other stylistic clues in the room, which is why it is so important that, in choosing them, we stick to our thematic red thread or, at the very least, do not allow things to move in a different direction from the one we had planned.

About the Author:

Frida Ramstedt is the creator of Scandinavia's biggest interior design blog, Trendenser.se and winner of the Elle Decoration Award for 'Best Interior Design Blog'.


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Ana Martins
ID: 14566
Видавництво: Frame Publishers

As we think about the future of the office in a post-pandemic world, this book provides an indispensable reference tool.

The office isn’t dead. But just in what form will it live? Departing from Frame’s successful The Other Office series, Where We Work explores ground-breaking workspaces, providing an indispensable reference tool for interior designers, architects and companies alike.

As we think about the future of the office in a post-pandemic world, this book presents important design lessons from the modern office through a curated showcase of 51 projects by designers worldwide. These lessons are highlighted as key takeaways at the end of each of the book’s four chapters: Designing for Community, Flexibility, Identity, and Wellbeing. An introductory essay explores how these four ideas – or ideals – will continue to drive the workspaces of the future.

- As we think about the future of the office in a post-pandemic world, this 320-page reference book showcases 51 pioneering workspace designs.
- The book explores the various iterations of the contemporary workspace, from co-works and corporate offices to work cafés and material libraries, and everything in between.
- Projects are accompanied by a detailed description of the design concept, sketches, and stunning photography on four to eight-page features.
- Key takeaways at the end of each of the book’s four chapters highlight important design lessons from the modern office.


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Ціна: 2000 грн
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Christine Nickl-Weller and Hans Nickl
ID: 15028
Видавництво: Braun

Research is the driving force behind all innovation. Yet, for a long time, the research building, the nucleus of social change, languished as a purely functional building, ignored by architectural discourse. However, today there is consensus that structures for research and knowledge transfer can do and must do more than just provide workplaces and experimental areas. They are actually spaces of communication and inspiration, a reflection of our times.

In Architecture for Science, Christine Nickl-Weller and Hans Nickl share their wealth of experience in planning research and science buildings. They initiate a discourse on social significance, work-environment demands, and future challenges. Buildings dedicated to science are regarded within the context of urban structures, as highly specialized building styles, in their dimension as working and living environments, as well as regarding innovation in research and construction. An interdisciplinary approach is a key factor of this discussion, and thus this volume includes articles not only by architects, urban developers, and specialist planners but also by experts from a wide range of research areas.


New SupraFABR Research Building, Free University Berlin, Germany (Nickl & Partner)
Novartis Campus in Basel, Switzerland (Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani)
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Foster + Partners)


Planned flexibility in laboratory construction
We need extremely good architecture!
Experimental zone
Innovative façade systems
Intuitive signage for all senses
Buildings as laboratories for robotics

Ціна: 1800 грн
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Chris van Uffelen
ID: 13414
Видавництво: Braun

Office construction is one of the largest building tasks today. Architects and designers face the challenge of creating buildings and spaces that are functional yet stylish. This title presents 170 of the most interesting office projects of the past years, which range from small-scale two-roomed offices to vast corporate buildings that comprise more than 100 stories.

Open-plan offices, single-roomed bureaus, group offices, office landscapes as well as new concepts such as just-in-time-offices and business clubs are presented in a variety of combinations. Striking photos and illustrations convey innovative design solutions that give new definitions to workplaces.

- Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters in New Albany, USA (Anderson Architects)
- Stockland in Sydney, Australia (BVN)
- Daimler Financial Services in Utrecht, The Netherlands (Meyer en Van Schooten)
- Le Monde Building in Paris, France (Christian de Portzamparc)
- Highrise in Doha, Qatar (Jean Nouvel)

Ціна: 2800 грн
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Anna Yudina
ID: 11823
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A rich sourcebook of design ideas for incorporating workspaces into domestic spaces

Growing numbers of us work not only from home, but from anywhere; job flexibility has become a key requirement for employers and workers alike. This, in turn, has created new challenges for architects and designers, many of whom themselves start out working from home. They are tackling demand head-on with innovative solutions that allow clients to transform their spaces to suit a wide range of needs, from multifunctional studios to homes that seamlessly combine work and family life.

Divided into five thematic sections, HomeWork explores the exciting variety of ways that the workplace can be integrated into the domestic environment. From standalone multifunctional furniture to mobile room dividers and dynamic solutions that fold out or pop up to create new work areas, each design addresses the unique needs of the space, client and working practices for which it was required, and tackles new questions about the rapidly evolving relationship between work and domestic life in the 21st century.

Anyone seeking fresh ideas on how to strike the perfect balance between living and working at home will find this an essential and timely resource.

Contents List:

Introduction • Mobile/Static • Horizontal/Vertical • Fold-outs/Partitions • Pockets/Pop-ups • Integrated/Detached • Project Credits • Index of Designers

About the Author

Anna Yudina is co-founder and editor-in-chief of MONITOR magazine. She has curated design exhibitions on Zaha Hadid and Jakob + MacFarlane and has written several books on architecture, including Furnitecture and Lumitecture for Thames & Hudson.

Ціна: 900 грн
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Eran Chen, Paul Goldberger
ID: 17266
Видавництво: Rizzoli

This first book to comprehensively consider ODA’s range in architecture, from apartment to building to neighborhood. Projects underline a humanistic philosophy seeking community engagement, social connectivity, and above all to inform and uplift.

Founded in 2007 by Eran Chen, ODA seeks to reconcile the conditions of vertical urban living with quality of life and has established a reputation for mold-breaking designs. Seeking to reorder urban architectural priorities by putting people first, ODA challenges conventional perspectives of dwelling that will, over time, influence life in our cities.

Full of setbacks, cutouts, and terraces, an ODA building invariably has an exciting profile, tending to be sculptural where important to be visually exciting, up in the sky, and plainer where more important to be straightforward, at street level. Building shapes catch the eye but forms are never arbitrary or excessive. Some, like 15 Renwick in Manhattan, as observed by Goldberger, “are … well-behaved, and defer to the street more than show off their shape; others, like Bevel in Long Island City, Queens, … are more striking … but they never come off as excessive, as form for form’s sake.”

With chapters moving from Apartment to Building to Block to Neighborhood and a gatefold that reveals an exciting new project destined to enliven the New York skyline, the book’s message underlines ODA’s fundamental understanding that nothing exists in isolation, and the goal of architecture is not just the making of comfortable and visually pleasing places in which to live, but the making of community.

About the Authors:

Paul Goldberger is contributing editor at Vanity Fair, holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at the New School, and in 1984 was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Eran Chen is Founding Principal and Executive Director of ODA.

Ціна: 3800 грн
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ID: 13303
Видавництво: PIE Books

Productive work comes from a creative workplace environment!

Because the work environment has a huge impact on employees' performance, many successful companies value how they design their workplaces to keep their employees happy and productive. For example, an open space where people can gather and communicate can motivate and inspire them to come up with new ideas. A meditation room allows employees to calm down and recover their concentration, leading to positive benefits for everyone in the company to work in harmony.

This second title in the Renovation Graphics series showcases those creative and unconventional renovations of offices. In this book, "office" is defined as "workspace" and includes not only a room in an office building but also an atelier, a workshop, a vacant house and a school renovated into an office. Unlike other books, this collection presents spatial design along with graphic design, introducing many graphic design tools such as company logos, signage, business cards, brochures, letterhead and package design.

This book is the best inspirational reference book for professional graphic designers, space designers, and architectural designers.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Chris van Uffelen
ID: 10100
Видавництво: Braun

The expectations and demands on office buildings and workspaces have increased significantly in the course of the 21st-century digital revolution. In the Internet era, office work is playing an increasingly important and more creative role. An optimized work environment improves the motivation and performance of employees as the “human capital” of companies. This is reflected in a variety of innovative workplace types such as flexible combination offices, business clubs, or lounge workspaces, as well as spaces for informal communication and relaxation.

The suitable implementation of such concepts is based more than ever on the creative design abilities of architects and interior designers. This publication shows the most interesting solutions for contemporary offices. The selection ranges from small units consisting of two rooms, via office complexes in multifunctional buildings, to sprawling corporate skyscrapers. The book presents an exciting mix of the works of well-established architectural firms as well as promising newcomers.

From the contents:

- Dalian Twin Towers, China (gmp)
- CMA CGM Tower in Marseille, France (Zaha Hadid)
- World Trade Center in New York, USA (SOM)
- Center for Virtual Engeneering in Stuttgart, Germany (UNStudio)
- O-14 in Dubai, UAE (Reiser + Umemoto)

Ціна: 3200 грн
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Lauren Grieco, Jeanne Tan, Lauren Teague and Angel Trinidad
ID: 11691
Видавництво: Frame Publishers

The latest volume in Frame’s series of books on workplace design, The Other Office 3 highlights inspirational interiors that are setting the trends in creative workplace design

At its core are around 100 pioneering projects drawn from 86 practices all over the world. Featured offices include ad agencies, media outfits, technology firms and co-workspaces, ranging from compact offices and design hubs to large workplaces.

The Other Office 3 is divided into three chapters, each of which offers insight into the main factors driving contemporary office design: the role of the workplace as a brand asset, the growing concern for employee wellbeing, and the need to create inspiring and energising workspaces.

Projects are presented on four to six pages, including an in-depth description of both concept and design, illustrated by stunning photography. Outlined are the challenges that designers must overcome to be able to realize more efficient, modern and – all importantly – creative work environments. This book focuses on the current trends in office design, developed with a knowledge of what is at the heart of a creative workforce and its day-to-day requirements.

The Other Office 3 highlights outstanding projects and inspirational spaces from across the globe.


• This 512-page reference book, the latest in Frame’s workplace design series, offers a global overview of prevailing trends in office design
• It is filled with nearly 100 pioneering office designs, developed by 86 international studios in the past three years
• The book is divided into three chapters, each of which offers insight into the main factors driving contemporary office design
• The book’s chapters are contextualised through a brief introduction that sets the tone of the pages ahead.
• Featured projects are accompanied by descriptive text and stunning photography.

Ціна: 3000 грн
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ID: 8803
Видавництво: Tang Art

After their successful eight series of books on design model databases, Chinese architect firm Guoguangyige Decoration Group is back with its latest line  2012 Interior Design Models Integration. Each book in this new series contains more than 1,500 3ds Max scenario models of various interior design styles created by the Group over the last two years.

Другие книги серии:

2012 Interior Design Models Integration - Neoclassicism Home (six 3ds Max model DVD-ROM discs)

2012 Interior Design Models Integration - New Luxury Home (six 3ds Max model DVD-ROM discs)

2012 Interior Design Models Integration - Simple Style Home (six 3ds Max model DVD-ROM discs)

2012 Interior Design Models Integration - New Chineses Style Home (six 3ds Max model DVD-ROM discs)

Рябцев Д.
ID: 5009
Видавництво: Питер

В этой книге рассказывается о разработке проектов интерьера в редакторе трехмерной графики 3ds Max 2009, начиная с моделирования предметов интерьера и мебели и заканчивая визуализацией качественных эскизов и созданием небольшого презентационного ролика будущего помещения. Книга будет полезна начинающим энтузиастам трехмерной графики, желающим освоить проектирование и визуализацию интерьеров. Также она станет прекрасным подспорьем для практикующих дизайнеров, которые хотели бы перейти на новый уровень представления своих работ.
Цветные иллюстрации, размещенные в издании, помогут читателю проконтролировать правильность выполнения уроков и заданий. На прилагаемом к книге DVD записаны файлы упражнений, анимационные последовательности, а также библиотеки материалов к описываемому в книге проекту.

Wim Pauwels
ID: 1683
Видавництво: Beta-Plus

This new A&D (Architecture and Design) Series explores the close connections between contemporary architecture, interiors and home design.

This theme is illuminated with the help of fascinating monographs on leading architects, interior designers and design companies, and also with various thematic publications.
Private residences, public projects, office buildings and shops are all featured.

This first volume is dedicated to architect Pascal van der Kelen. All of his designs (which include a lot of private homes, but also a number of offices, hairdresser's, boutiques, a notary's practice and other projects) are distinguished by an exquisite sense of serenity, and by forms and lines that are pure and clean, yet still luxurious.

Wim Pauwels
ID: 1684
Видавництво: Beta-Plus

This new A&D (Architecture and Design) Series explores the close connections between contemporary architecture, interiors and home design.

This theme is illuminated with the help of fascinating monographs on leading architects, interior designers and design companies, and also with various thematic publications.
Private residences, public projects, office buildings and shops are all featured.

This second volume shows the work of the young, Paris and Brussels based interior architect Olivier Lempereur.

показати по:
на сторінці

Сегодня офисы компаний — это не просто рабочая зона, а многофункциональное пространство. Его дизайн должен отвечать сразу нескольким требованиям:

  • способствовать продуктивной деятельности персонала; 
  • предоставлять возможность для отдыха сотрудников; 
  • предусматривать наличие комфортных зон ожидания и приема посетителей. 

Грамотно продуманный офисный дизайн оказывает в том числе позитивное влияние на формирование имиджа бренда на рынке. О том, как этого добиться, легко узнать из книг, доступных для заказа на сайте DesignBook.UA. 

Наш интернет-магазин предлагает широкий выбор изданий с приемлемой стоимостью, которые могут быть полезны специалистам в области архитектуры и дизайна коммерческих помещений. Купить литературу и недорого заказать ее доставку вы можете онлайн или по телефону. Актуальные цены каждой книги приведены в каталоге. Сколько стоит отправка товара по нужному адресу, рассчитывается по тарифам Новой почты.

Какие есть книги по дизайну офисов

При выборе литературы по дизайну офисов рекомендуем ориентироваться на специфику бизнеса, для которого предстоит выполнять дизайн-проект.

Например, у нас можно по разной цене заказать такие книги: 

  • “Where We Work: Design Lessons from the Modern Office”, Ana Martins — справочное пособие, которое исследует концепции современных рабочих пространств на примере 51 дизайна офисов — от коворкингов до библиотек. 
  • “Great Transformation: Head Office Space”, Lin Gengli — сборник проектов корпоративных зданий со всего мира, демонстрирующих тенденции в архитектуре и дизайне офисных пространств. 
  • “Architecture for Science”, Christine Nickl-Weller and Hans Nickl — авторы делятся своим опытом проектирования зданий для научных учреждений. 
  • “Office Renovation Graphics: Creating New Value by Renovating, Remodeling and Restoring Existing Offices” — издание знакомит с креативными дизайнами офисов. В книге есть не только фотографии самих пространств, но и графические проекты логотипов, вывесок, визиток и прочих элементов айдентики. 

Ближе познакомиться с этой и другой литературой, посвященной офисному дизайну, вы можете, перейдя к описанию выбранной книги. Там есть аннотация, отрывки и подробные характеристики издания, его стоимость. 

Как купить книги о дизайне офисов на DesignBook.UA

Листая каталог, вы можете сразу добавлять в корзину понравившиеся книги, а потом оформить их заказ. Для того чтобы узнать, сколько стоит покупка целиком, к цене товара необходимо добавить стоимость доставки. Отправка книг по Украине стоит недорого и при их наличии на складе будет выполнена в течение пары дней. 

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