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Elliot Jay Stocks, Ellen Lupton
ID: 17405
Видавництво: Rockport

Universal Principles of Typography is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia for choosing and using type.

Explore 100 key concepts, theories, and guidelines that are critical for choosing and using type.

We communicate with text every single day, but what does it mean to really understand type — to use it with clear intent and purpose? The art and science of typography combines subtle tweaks to line lengths with harmonious combinations of weights and styles; considered typeface pairings with a robust set of alternate characters; exciting technological advances with the realities of font licensing. There are so many ways designers can optimize how text is read and influence the way its message is understood — and yet so many designers miscommunicate without even realizing it.

Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, Universal Principles of Typographypairs clear explanations of each principle with visual examples of it applied in practice. By considering these concepts and examples, you can learn to make more informed, and ultimately better, typography decisions.

Building upon tried-and-tested principles from the world of print through to the very latest advances in browser technology, this book will equip you with everything you need to make the most informed typographic decisions in your design work today.

Featured principles are as diverse as:
- Characters & Glyphs
- Font v. Typeface
- Hierarchy
- Inclusivity
- OpenType
- Pairing type
- Rhythm
- Web fonts

Each principle is presented in a two-page format. The left-hand page contains a succinct definition, a full description of the principle, examples of its use, and guidelines for use. Sidenotes appear to the right of the text, and provide elaborations and references. The right-hand page contains visual examples and related graphics to support a deeper understanding of the principle.

With Universal Principles of Typography, gain a deep understanding of the universal principles of typography and learn how to apply them across any work you do with type, from the simplest of documents to the most complex of cross-platform design systems.

The titles in the Rockport Universal series offer comprehensive and authoritative information and edifying and inspiring visual examples on multidisciplinary subjects for designers, architects, engineers, students, and anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their design knowledge.

About the Authors:

Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer and musician, based just outside Bristol, UK. After founding the typography magazine 8 Faces in 2010, Elliot joined Typekit (now known as Adobe Fonts) as Creative Director, and helped lead the service’s transition into desktop fonts and the Creative Cloud ecosystem. He then went on to take several Creative Director roles, all while co-running the lifestyle magazine Lagom with his wife. In 2021, Elliot collaborated with Google to launch the typography education resource Google Fonts Knowledge.

Over his nearly two-decade career as a designer, Elliot’s work has been profiled in publications such as Communication Arts, Creative Review, Computer Arts, and Page, and he has long been a familiar face at design and tech conferences around the world. Past highlights include TYPO, An Event Apart, South by Southwest, and The Type Directors Club NYC.

Today, Elliot focuses exclusively on typographic projects, as well as publishing the newsletter Typographic & Sporadic, and hosting the podcast Hello, Type Friends! He also makes electronic music as Other Form, and releases on several independent labels across Europe.

Ellen Lupton is a writer, curator, educator, and designer. She is Senior Curator of Contemporary Design at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. New projects include the books Health Design Thinking and Extra Bold, a feminist career guide for designers. Lupton is founding director of the Graphic Design MFA Program at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore, where she has authored numerous books on design processes, including Thinking with Type, Graphic Design Thinking, Graphic Design: The New Basics, and Type on Screen. Her book Design Is Storytelling was published by Cooper Hewitt in 2017. She received the AIGA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in 2007. Recent exhibitions include Face Values: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Herbert Bayer: Bauhaus Master. The Senses: Design Beyond Vision, Beauty — Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, How Posters Work, and Beautiful Users. She was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2019.


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John Kane
ID: 15289
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

A bestselling practical introduction to typography, this book analyzes the basic principles and applications of type. In this revised and expanded edition, the author includes more on digital type, as well as new material on setting of type, choosing an appropriate typeface, and the use of color to reinforce typographic hierarchy. The section on grid systems has been strengthened with the addition of new explanatory diagrams. The book also includes a brief history of typography, numerous examples to illustrate the points raised, and a series of useful exercises to help readers put basic principles into practice. John Kane has set up an accompanying website with further information and exercises to be used in conjunction with the book. Engagingly written, this is an invaluable resource for all students of graphic design and typography.

About the Author:

John Kane teaches typography and graphic design at Northeastern University. He has been a practising graphic designer and teacher for the past thirty years.

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ID: 14602
Видавництво: Promopress

Graffiti writing was born in the streets of Philadelphia in the late 1960s. But it was in New York in the early 1970s that it became a full-fledged urban art. Passionate about graffiti for 25 years, Woshe tells the reader, in the first section of this book, the incredible story of the birth of this culture. He then invites us to a detailed examination of the 26 letters of the alphabet, their structure and the evolutions contributed by the graffiti writers. Finally, 10 of the most talented creators on the international scene answer to Woshe’s questions about their practice, their relationship to letters, their culture references, and so on. Alphabeatz is both a writing manual, an inspiring ideas box, and a beautiful book on the world of graffiti.

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Schin Loong
ID: 14288
Видавництво: Rockport

Masters of penmanship in the past advertised their copperplate skills by shaping their calligraphy and flourishing it into elaborate pictorial designs. Now the art of the flourish is back. Calligraphic Drawing, written and illustrated by Schin Loong, is a hands-on guide to modern penmanship art, ranging from animals to people, to fantasy subjects and works that combine pictures with writing. The text and how-tos move from the simplest to the most challenging designs, with steps to take you through them and examples to inspire you.

- Create stunning drawings of a pigeon, swan, crane, rooster, jellyfish
- Each exercise includes a photo of the animal
- Their calligraphy and flourishes into elaborate pictorial designs
- With her fresh approach to this age-old art form
- The basic steps for the strokes are simple


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Yana Vekshyna
ID: 15273
Видавництво: niggli Verlag

Cyrillic is a script applied by more than 250 million people across Europe and Asia using more than 100 languages. Within the last 15 years it has become increasingly more visible, popular, and utilized in the West.

The Ukrainian author reflects on the relevance of Cyrillic in today’s world, looks at its history and current design trends, provides an overview of the typographic rules and offers practical advice on designing with Cyrillic type. The book also includes interviews with graphic and type design professionals.

In our globalized world, in which multiscripturalism is increasingly important, Cyrillize it! offers designers a method for professionally and successfully handling a different script system. Featuring a playful and esthetically appealing design, and a number of outstanding examples of contemporary graphic design, the publication is also of interest to everybody generally curious about Cyrillic design and related cultures.

_How to design in a script without being able to read it
_Thematizing relevance of Cyrillic today
_Perspective from both native and non-native speakers
_Includes interviews with professionals

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Damien Gautier, Claire Gautier
ID: 12381
Видавництво: niggli Verlag

Why does a newspaper look different than a magazine or a book? What effect does using a certain typeface or a specific grid have? And why do some layouts just seem right, and others seem simply wrong?

This comprehensive handbook and reference volume elaborates by means of sketches and explanations on the basics and terminology that are indispensable for the design and production of print media. From the initial layout and the correct use of colour and typefaces to the right column width and line spacing: "Design, Typography, etc." covers all aspects of good design for books, posters and advertising.

_ Comprehensive handbook
_ Considering all aspects of print media 
_ Practical explanations and illustrative application examples
_ Including extensive glossary

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Chris Campe, Ulrike Rausch
ID: 15296
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

Learn the basics of type design, from sketched letters to finished font, in this uncomplicated but thorough introduction to type design

Type design is often presented in either such detail-obsessed complexity that it is not welcoming to beginners, or it is so simplified with the help of apps and web services that the resulting fonts are virtually useless. This book is different. It will show you how to design professional fonts without having to uncover all of type design’s secrets first.

With easy-to-follow instructions, many examples and professional tips, the book teaches you how to design unique typefaces tailor-made for your own projects or customer orders. Designing Fonts has two parts. Part 1 explains the theoretical, creative and technical basics of type design and font production. Six chapters then cover everything from alphabet to font, showing you how to find and develop typeface ideas, design matching letters, produce fonts and expand them with special functions. Part 2 comprises eight workshops that explore how to design and implement different kinds of typefaces, from decorative interlocking display fonts with alternative letters to well-developed headline fonts with multiple cuts and OpenType features.

Contents List:

Introduction • Type Design Basics: What are Fonts?; A Professional Font in 9 Steps • Designing Type: Letterform Anatomy; Tools and Letterforms; Developing Type Ideas; Formal Relationships; Optical Corrections • Creating Fonts: Getting to Know the Software; Analog –> Digital • Producing Fonts: Expanding Fonts; Setting the Side-Bearings; Exporting Fonts • Programming Fonts: OpenType Features; Writing Code; Instructions for OpenType Features • Workshops

About the Authors:

Chris Campe's Hamburg design studio 'All Things Letters' specializes in typographic ideas and hand-designed typefaces. Chris's work has been widely used by publishers, packagers, websites and retailers. Ulrike Rausch
is a Berlin-based type designer. Since founding her font label 'LiebeFonts' in 2009, her high-quality, handwritten fonts have been used around the world in publications, advertisements and on websites.

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Karen Cheng
ID: 13557
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

The lack of a specific and comprehensive guide to type design has long been a frustration for typographers, graphic designers and students. 

Designing Type finally addresses this important need – and brings new depth and insight to the art and process of developing a typeface. 

Copiously illustrated with type specimens and diagrams demonstrating visual principles and letter construction, the book discusses structure, optical compensation and legibility, with emphasis on the often overlooked systematic relationships between letters and shapes in a font. A wide range of classic and contemporary typefaces are analysed, and examples of student work, progress sketches and final type designs are used to demonstrate core issues. 

In light of the rapidly broadening market for original and custom typefaces, Designing Type is a valuable reference for both experienced professionals and novice designers.

Designing Type is a comprehensive guide to type design is hailed as a ‘must-have’ for typographers, graphic designers and students and has been fully refreshed and updated with the introduction of more contemporary typefaces, more explanatory diagrams and a closer connection between text and corresponding image.

The new edition of Designing Type also features more in-depth discussion of the processes behind developing typefaces and the basic issues that need to be taken into consideration such as visual principles and letter construction, optical compensation and legibility, and the relationships between letters and shapes in a font. This is a valuable reference for both experienced professionals and novice designers.

About the Author:

Karen Cheng is professor in the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she teaches type design and typography. An active practitioner, her design work has been published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Communication Arts, Print, Critique and ID Magazine.

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Francisco Maia
ID: 11496
Видавництво: Promopress

Typography is a fundamental element in contemporary design. Beyond their purely aesthetic function, the font serves to reflect an idea, mood or simply define the identity or personality behind a product or a piece, making a vital difference to the visual language. In today's world of instant visual communication, fonts have become an invaluable design resource and a means of conveying a definite message or a statement. The font is the ultimate creative design tool for the graphic designer and this remarkable visual source book offers hundreds of free fonts, to stimulate their creative process. From the graphic, experimental and industrial to the retro and romantic, this visual reference book provides a vast selection of directional font inspirations and ideas. This must-have book is replete with real-life examples of fonts used by leading designers for high-profile campaigns and projects. "Fontology" is an excellent source of inspiration and direct support for all graphic designers.

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ID: 15578
Видавництво: Victionary

When it comes to building a brand, logo design is often one of the first few important steps in the creative journey. In addition to encapsulating what the business stands for and making an impactful first impression upon launch, it has to be instantly recognisable and stand out amid other similar offerings in an often saturated market. With so much more competition to contend with today, how can designers help start-ups and evolving brands put their best foot forward visually?

A key branding element used by many of the biggest companies around the world, a logotype revolves around a company’s name or initials and features typography as the main design approach. Often the starting point before it is further refined into a purely symbolic image or icon, it combines two distinct design disciplines to differentiate brands from one another – a process that takes acumen, skill and empathy. From Type to Logo details some of these processes in a compelling book of case studies that make an inspiring reference point for budding and working branding professionals alike.

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Josef Mülller-Brockmann
ID: 11813
Видавництво: niggli Verlag

This book is suitable for those who work with automated text and image design. It shows examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. Exact directions for using all of the grid systems presented (8 to 32 grid fields) are given to the user. These can be used for the most varied of projects. The three-dimensional grid is treated as well. Put simply: a guidebook from the profession for the profession.

The development of organisational systems in visual communication was the service and the accomplishment of the representatives of simple and functional typography and graphic design. In the 1920s in Europe, works already arose in the areas of typography, graphic design and photography with objectified conception and rigid composition. In 1961 a brief presentation of the grid with text and illustrations appeared for the first time in an earlier book by the author. Articles published mainly in trade journals then followed.

This book now attempts to close a gap by giving examples and exact directions to the professional concerning all grid problems that can occur.

The author, a world-renowned professional, thus offers his colleagues the tools to solve problems more easily.

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ID: 15375
Видавництво: Blue Star Press

Improve your penmanship and learn modern calligraphy with this comprehensive step-by-step hand lettering workbook for beginners.

Chalkfulloflove brings her popular Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy workshop right to you with this comprehensive how-to-hand lettering workbook! Created for both beginners and experienced artists, you will learn the basics of alphabets (both lowercase and uppercase) and numbers in many different styles. This workbook includes detailed instructions for nine different hand-lettered projects so you can learn to create your own style into beautiful pieces of art. This gold, spiral-bound workbook lays flat and provides plenty of opportunities for practice. 

- Hardcover, gold spiral-binding and gold corner protectors 
- Step-by-step instructions for how to create various fonts and designs 
- Thick premium paper, perfect for lettering (no bleed through)
- Simple, easy to follow instructions
- 8 unique lettering styles including uppercase, lowercase and numbers
- Cursive, Hand writing, block lettering style
- Brush pen recomendations 
- 9 hand-lettered projects

About the Author:

Sarah is an Instagram-ing, wine-drinking semi-hoarder who loves anyone who can make her laugh. A day in her life looks like taking a crazy number of photos, dancing in the garage while packaging up orders, and cuddling with her pups. She is the sassy lady behind Chalkfulloflove, a hand-lettered goods shop started in 2013, and the founder of The Creative Counsel Conference. She went to a school for graphic design and is a self-taught hand letterer. Everything she creates is hand lettered by her in Austin, Texas. You can find more about her and her work at chalkfulloflove.com.

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ID: 15376
Видавництво: Blue Star Press

Are you ready for even more letter love?!

Practice is the key to beautiful lettering, and this gold spiral-bound book lays flat and provides plenty of space for practice. Bestselling author, Instagram sensation, and lettering extraordinaire Chalkfulloflove presents Hand Lettering 201, diving deeper into the fine points of creating exquisite hand lettering:

• New alphabets styles
• Advanced color and design techniques
• A series of six projects to hone your skills
• Tips and tricks to take your lettering to the next level

Pssst! Christmas is right around the corner, and this makes a perfect gift!

About the Author:

Sarah is an Instagram-ing, wine-drinking semi-hoarder who loves anyone who can make her laugh. A day in her life looks like taking a crazy number of photos, dancing in the garage while packaging up orders, and cuddling with her pups. She is the sassy lady behind Chalkfulloflove, a hand-lettered goods shop started in 2013, and the founder of The Creative Counsel Conference. She went to a school for graphic design and is a self-taught hand letterer. Everything she creates is hand lettered by her in Austin, Texas. You can find more about her and her work at chalkfulloflove.com.

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Abbey Sy
ID: 15438
Видавництво: Rockport

Practice Makes Perfect!

Created by Abbey Sy, lettering expert and author of Hand Lettering A to Z, this must-have companion volume is a super-sized collection of drills, exemplars, and practice sheets for a variety of modern lettering styles, flourishes and other decorative elements, and motivational and inspirational quotes.

--Find essential how-tos for lettering with graphite and colored pencils, brush pens, fineline markers, and more
--Use the guided worksheets to try your hand at several modern styles, from simple to elaborate
--Progress to lettering beautiful and inspiring quotes (in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages) that feature a mix of styles and tools
--Worksheet pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove and work on

Get a worksheet workout and learn, improve, or expand your lettering skills with Hand Lettering A to Z Workbook!

About the Author:

Abbey Sy is an artist, author, and designer who loves art and traveling extensively as part of her inspiration-hunting process. She loves documenting her trips through her travel journals, frequently posting her colorful and imaginative journal pages on Instagram. Her curiosity for the world keeps her on her feet, whether it’s studying abroad, taking up an art residency, or traveling for vacation. She is constantly restless and looking forward to the next adventure, and her mantra is Always Be Creating.

Her passion for hand lettering and design is inspired by retro advertising, desaturated hues, and vintage labels. She is the author of The Complete Photo Guide to Hand Lettering and Calligraphy (Quarry), Hand Lettering A to Z (Rockport Publishers), and Hand Lettering A to Z Workbook (Rockport Publishers). Abbey is also the founder and creative director of ABC Magazine, a publication for artists, crafters, and makers. Her popular social media platforms include three Instagram accounts and a YouTube channel. She produces her own merchandise and teaches art and hand lettering classes. Abbey lives in Berlin, Germany.


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Liz Kohler Brown
ID: 14618
Видавництво: Rocky Nook

Hand Lettering on the iPad with Procreate is the ultimate guide to every step of the digital hand lettering process. Using the versatile and intuitive iPad drawing and design app Procreate, author and noted lettering instructor Liz Brown composes a series of fun and easy lettering projects that will build confidence by giving all the necessary tools to create gorgeous compositions from the ground up. Each project comes with its own Procreate brush downloads so users can follow along to create their own unique hand-lettered quotes, words, and phrases.

Featuring step-by-step lessons including:

-Finding inspiration with color palettes and letterforms for unique styles
-Using Procreate tools for creating and decorating letters
-Tips and tricks for adding textures, layers, shading, and depth to lettering projects
-Creative ideas for jazzing up space around letters

And much, much more! Whether you’re a beginner interested in learning a fun new skill, or an experienced letterer ready to start creating on your iPad, this book will give you everything you need to take the next step in your iPad hand lettering journey.

About the Author:

Liz Kohler Brown is an artist and designer who creates unique lettering projects, surface designs, and illustrations. She studied art and design at Appalachian State University, Penland School of Craft, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University in 2013, she followed her passion of teaching workshops and classes around the world, online and in person. Liz is a Top Teacher on Skillshare, a designation for the top 1% of teachers. She has created 40+ Skillshare classes on iPad Art & Design, and cultivated an online community of artists and designers from every background and skill level who share their work, provide feedback, and offer support to help each other improve and advance their creative goals. You can connect with Liz on Instagram @LizKohlerBrown and get loads of resources for iPad art and design at LizKohlerBrown.com.


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на сторінці

Типографика, каллиграфия и леттеринг занимают особое место в мире дизайна. Они позволяют создавать уникальные шрифты и красивые текстовые композиции, которые могут улучшить визуальное восприятие любого проекта. Ближе познакомиться с искусством составления оригинальных надписей помогут книги, собранные в данном разделе интернет-магазина DesignBook.UA.

Из нашего электронного каталога можно недорого заказать издания с доставкой по всей стране. Книги охватывают широкий спектр направлений дизайна. Большая часть написана на английском языке и имеет красочные иллюстрации. Цена каждого издания указана в описании, на странице товара есть также аннотация и информация об авторах. Сколько стоит отправить заказ по нужному адресу, определяется тарифами “Новой почты”. 

Как выбрать литературу о дизайне текста

Для того чтобы пройти путь от начинающего до профессионального дизайнера, вам потребуется специализированная литература. Различные учебники и пособия, пошаговые руководства и справочные издания станут вашими помощниками в деле постижения основ леттеринга, каллиграфии и типографики. Они расскажут о существующих шрифтах и их подборе для соответствия общему стилю проекта, о правилах оформления текста, способах стилизации букв и о многом другом. 

Но прежде чем заказать какую-либо книгу, нужно знать не только ее стоимость. Важно понимать, насколько то или иное издание будет полезно именно вам. Так что для начала следует определиться с понятийным аппаратом. 

  • Леттеринг — это искусство создания декоративных букв и надписей, которые используются для оформления конкретного проекта и создаются вручную либо в 3D-редакторе. Это уникальный дизайн, который нужен для большей выразительности. 
  • Каллиграфия применяется для создания красивых рукописных шрифтов. При этом, в отличие от леттеринга, не используются декоративные элементы, а сам шрифт может находить применение не единожды. 
  • Типографика — более широкое понятие, которое подразумевает комплексное оформление текста: выбор шрифта, его размера и цвета, соотношение с другими элементами дизайна для создания эстетической и информативной композиции печатной продукции. 

Дизайнеру необходимо учитывать свою сферу деятельности, чтобы выбрать те учебники и пособия, которые будут соответствовать его интересам. 

Как купить книги на DesignBook.UA 

Отправляйте понравившуюся книгу в корзину или оформляйте заказ на странице товара. В каталоге представлены актуальные цены, а доставка по Украине обойдется недорого. Ее стоимость рассчитывается исходя из того, сколько стоит экспедиторская услуга у компании-перевозчика “Новой почты”.