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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 14225
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Tap into the world of Procreate, the groundbreaking app for the iPad that brings unbounded creativity into the hands of digital artists of all levels!

In this invaluable beginner’s guide, professional artists show you how to draw, paint, and sketch digitally, at home or on the go. Packed full of expert tips, diverse projects, and inspirational artwork, it unlocks the secrets of this affordable, versatile, and highly intuitive software. Exploring the creative potential of layer masks, blend modes, and how to create your own custom brushes, leading artists from across the concept art and illustration industries share eye-opening step-by-step tutorials to enable you to confidently create your own digital masterpieces. The engaging and accessible chapters take you right back to basics. From creating your first canvas to exporting your final artwork, Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate shows beginners and experienced creators alike how to get the most from this digital art game-changer.


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Stefan Riekeles
ID: 14969
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

The definitive visual guide to the cityscapes and buildings of the most celebrated and influential anime movies

The influence of anime, one of Japan’s most successful cultural exports, has been felt across cinema, literature, comic books and videogames for decades, yet the artwork behind the genre remains somewhat enigmatic, particularly in the pre-digital period before the early 2000s. A genuine behind-the-scenes journey into the original background paintings, storyboards and early drafts of the industry’s most revered directors and illustrators, Anime Architecture presents the otherworldly buildings and megacities of these visionaries as celebrations of – and lessons for – the near future.

Includes exclusive material from:

AKIRA, 1988
Patlabor: The Movie, 1989
Patlabor 2: The Movie, 1993
Ghost in the Shell, 1995
Metropolis, 2001
Innocence, 2004
Tekkonkinkreet, 2006
Rebuild of Evangelion, 2007, 2009

Contents List:

Introduction • 1. The Multilayered Landscape • 2. Tokyo Scale: The Endless Megacity • 3. Special Effect City • Biographical Information

About the Author:

Stefan Riekeles is a curator based in Berlin. He has been the Artistic Director of the Japan Media Arts Festival Dortmund, and curated the 2011 exhibition ‘Proto Anime Cut’. He served as the Programme Director of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2010 and curated exhibitions for transmediale festival for art and digital culture Berlin. He holds an MA in Culture Studies and Audio Communication Science from the Humboldt University and the Technical University in Berlin.

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Marcos Mateu-Mestre
ID: 14460
Видавництво: Design Studio Press

Framed Ink – The ultimate guide to visual storytelling! How to make the audience “feel” the story while they are “reading” the story. Using his experiences from working in the comic book industry, movie studios and teaching, Marcos introduces the reader to a step‑by‑step system that will create the most successful storyboards and graphics for the best visual communication. After a brief discussion on narrative art, Marcos introduces us to drawing and composing a single image, to composing steady shots to drawing to compose for continuity between all the shots. These lessons are then applied to three diverse storylines ‑ a train accident, a cowboy tale and bikers approaching a mysterious house. In addition to setting up the shots, he also explains and illustrates visual character development, emotive stances and expressions along with development of the environmental setting to fully develop the visual narrative.

About the Author:

Born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Marcos Mateu-Mestre is a lead animation designer and graphic novel artist with three decades of experience in feature animation. Some of his film credits include Balto, The Prince of Egypt, Asterix and The Vikings, Surf's Up, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. His work in film, primarily for DreamWorks Animation, Netflix Animation and Sony Pictures Animation, has focused on the design and cinematic aspects of frame composition, lighting, and visual continuity, experience he shared in his international best-sellers, Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers, Framed Ink Vol 2: Frame Format, Energy, and Composition for Visual StorytellersFramed Perspective Vol.1, Framed Perspective Vol. 2, and Framed Drawing Techniques. In addition to his work in film, he has taught drawing, illustration, and visual storytelling techniques for more than a decade. Mateu-Mestre currently lives in Los Angeles and is a production designer at Netflix.

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William F Powell
ID: 15118
Видавництво: Walter Foster Publishing

1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor is the definitive color-mixing resource for oil, acrylic, and watercolor artists. This user-friendly spiral-bound book is tabbed for quick and easy reference and includes two removable color-mixing grids -- one for oil or acrylic, and one for watercolor.

Follow these four simple steps to mix more than 1,500 color combinations:

1. Look in the Color Guidance Index for the subject you want to paint--for example, "Broccoli."
2. Find the Color Recipe with the subject's recipe number ("81") and a photo of the actual paint mixture.
3. Use the Color Mixing Grid to measure each paint color.
4. Mix the color.

It's that easy! You'll also learn about color theory, color value mixing, graying color naturally, mixing flesh and portrait colors, and rendering skies and clouds.

Also available from Walter Foster's best-selling Color Mixing Recipes series: Color Mixing Recipes for Oil & AcrylicColor Mixing Recipes for Portraits, and Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes.

About the Author:

William F. Powell was an internationally recognized artist and one of America’s foremost colorists. A native of Huntington, West Virginia, Bill studied at the Art Student’s Career School in New York; Harrow Technical College in Harrow, England; and the Louvre Free School of Art in Paris, France. He was professionally involved in fine art, commercial art, and technical illustrations for more than 45 years. His experience as an art instructor included oil, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, and pastel — with subjects ranging from landscapes to portraits and wildlife. He also authored a number of art instruction books, including several popular Walter Foster titles. As a renowned master of color, Bill conducted numerous “Color Mixing and Theory” workshops in various cities throughout the U.S. His expertise in color theory also led him to author and illustrate several articles and an educational series of 11 articles entitled “Color in Perspective” for a national art magazine. Additionally, he performed as an art consultant for national space programs and for several artist’s paint manufacturers. Bill’s work also included the creation of background sets for films, model making, animated cartoons, and animated films for computer mockup programs. He produced instructional painting, color mixing, and drawing art videos.


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Lorna Scobie
ID: 13463
Видавництво: Hardie Grant Books

In 365 Days of Art in Nature, Lorna Scobie, invites the reader to take a closer look at the natural world - whether that’s outside on location, or inside their own home - reminding us all that regardless of whether we live in the city or the countryside, wildlife is just on our doorstep.

Observe the slow, constant pace of the nature that surrounds you every day, and use it to inspire you in your art and creativity. Activities may include visiting a particular tree, four times in the year and drawing it. How has it changed? Study the colours you find in autumn leaves. Explore drawing them in different materials.

Featuring nature-inspired quotes, breakaway activities to get you outdoors and plenty of supportive prompts and tips, this book will spark your imagination and help you to open your eyes and appreciate the natural beauty in our world.

About the Author:

Lorna Scobie is a London-based illustrator and designer of cheeky characters and critters.

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Lorna Scobie
ID: 13462
Видавництво: Hardie Grant Books

365 Days of Creativity is a thoughtful and inspiring book designed to help you carve out moments of self-expression and unlock your creative potential. Lorna Scobie shows you how to experiment, explore and let go of your artistic inhibitions, encouraging you to look for creative inspiration wherever you go.
Featuring creative daily exercises and goal-setting as well as plenty of supportive prompts and tips, this fun and inspiring book will stir your imagination to put a little creativity into every day.

About the Author:

Lorna Scobie is a London-based illustrator and designer of cheeky characters and critters.

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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 16907
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Unleash the creative power of Procreate to bring outdoor scenes to life on your iPad, from thumbnail designs to final images. With an introduction by BAFTA-award-winning art director, Mike McCain.

In this book for newcomers to the software as well as more accomplished users, several renowned and experienced designers demonstrate plein air painting, sharing not only their professional tips and tricks, but also how the traditional painting process translates to Procreate.

You will become fluent in using Procreate for all stages of outdoor painting - capturing the spirit and essence of a landscape, subject, or building by incorporating natural light, color, and movement into your works. The thorough Getting Started section spotlights the specific Procreate tools, such as Brushes, Layers, and Adjustments, that bring your paintings to life. Perfecting color and nuance of sky, land, and human subjects outdoors is vital, and the Quick Tips section lets you quickly locate and manipulate the tools you need.

Take the opportunity to observe and practice the techniques as part of a real-world workflow, as professional artists demonstrate in seven step-by-step Projects how to use Procreate’s tools to successfully evolve a plein-air painting from initial idea to final masterpiece. Whether or not you have used Procreate before, A Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate: Landscapes & Plein Air ensures your passion for outdoor painting can be fully realized on the iPad screen.

• Contains 10 in-depth step-by-step projects to follow from rough sketch to final painting
• Written and illustrated by professional artists with a passion for environments, landscapes, and plein-air painting
• Explores the sophisticated Procreate features and useful techniques that every aspiring environment artists needs to know
• Easy to follow for developing artists and anyone trying to build up their Procreate or landscape-painting skills
• Downloadable resources include reference images to import onto your iPad

This book features an introduction by BAFTA award-winning Art Director (The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse) Mike McCain, fresh from working on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023).


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Contents and contributors:

Eric Elwell
Karin Brandenberg
Momo Sugimoto
Trevor Clare
JoJo Lu
Jennifer Wang
Nevena Nikolcheva
Ayan Nag
Gillian Galang
Sarah Buchholz
Mike McCain

How to use this book
   Houghton Autumn
   Rocky Beach
   Sydney Street Corner
   Nova Scotia Docks
   Studio City At Night
   Malibu Sunset
   English Model Village
   Morning Fog in Pushkar
   Evening in Baguio
   Motel with a View
Downloadable Resources
Tool Directory

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Daisy Seal, David Jones
ID: 16917
Видавництво: Flame Tree Publishing

The delightful and stylish imagery produced by Arthur Rackham and John Tenniel bring the story of Alice in Wonderland to life in this beautiful new book. Printed on high quality paper, there are 45 classic illustrations for you to colour, with suggestions too on how to start the colouring. This book will give you many hours of pleasure and calm, taking you on an enjoyable journey where the satisfaction of creating stunning artworks is mixed with rediscovering the joy of colouring. You can use a wide variety of pens: from gel and pencil, to pigment and crayons, from ballpoint and rollerball to highlighters, although it’s best to avoid the heavy felt pens. Each page is perforated near the spine of the book, so you can tear out and frame or simply place your wonderful creation on the walls of your home, perhaps even send them as a gift to your loved ones. Bring the Ink to life!

About the Author:

Daisy Seal is a talented, thoughtful writer of gift, celebration and puzzle books. She has long observed the intimate connections between the natural world around us and our search for the enduring spirit of humankind. Previous publications include "Inspirations", "Reflections", "Be Calm," and "Friendship".

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Joanna Ebenstein
ID: 13602
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Anatomica discusses how for centuries, humankind has sought to know itself through an understanding of the body, in sickness and in health, inside and out. This fascination left in its wake a rich body of artworks that demonstrate not only the facts of the human body, but also the ways in which our ideas about the body and its proper representation have changed over time. At times both beautiful and repulsive, illustrated anatomy continues to hold our interest today, and is frequently referenced in popular culture. Anatomica brings together some of the most striking, fascinating and bizarre artworks from the 16th through to the 20th century, exploring human anatomy in one beautiful volume. 

About the Author:

Joanna Ebenstein is an internationally recognised expert in the art of anatomy and creator of the Morbid Anatomy blog, library and event series. Her books include Death: A Graveside Companion and The Anatomical Venus both for Thames and Hudson.

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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 14343
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Even more expert advice, key techniques, and illuminating artwork upgrades 3dtotal’s bestselling Art Fundamentals, the cornerstone of every artist’s bookshelf.

Whether you work in a traditional or digital medium, understanding the foundations of art itself is essential for engaging and confident results. Real-world rules make concept art so much more believable, while a clear comprehension of time-honored principles can elevate a classic subject to new levels of accomplishment.

This must-have, updated edition of Art Fundamentals is written and illustrated by experts from a range of creative backgrounds. It demystifies the crucial elements of art, while specially selected artwork details how the fundamentals have been cleverly applied to the canvas by incredible professional artists.

Art Fundamentals 2nd Edition is a fully revised and updated back-to-basics title, packed with the fundamental concepts, conventions, and theory you need to create successful work.

This essential book is written by industry experts who thoroughly address key basics including color and light, composition, anatomy, perspective, and depth, in a series of insightful and visually demonstrative chapters. As well as being the perfect introduction for newcomers, Art Fundamentals 2nd Edition also offers experienced artists the chance to brush up on theory and discover new tricks and techniques to advance even further.

Richly illustrated throughout for optimal learning, each section of the book is specifically designed to guide you through the essential yet often challenging elements that make up the foundations of art, no matter which medium or technique you use. As fascinating and illuminating as it is practical and essential, Art Fundamentals 2nd Edition contains the foundations of art, presented, taught, and completely demystified for today’s artist.

- Keep this high-quality resource by your side, whether you are a beginner looking for a one-stop shop, or an experienced artist brushing up on your theory and techniques
- Learn from some of the most talented professional artists working in the art and entertainment industries, who share advice, insights, and methods from their areas of expertise
- See the principles in action, with works in progress, specially commissioned diagrams, and insightful “Fundamentals Applied...” case studies


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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 14905
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Learn how to critique your own art — focus on the fundamentals, identify problems, then fix them — for results that advance your technique to the next level. Richly annotated images, in-depth tutorials, and striking before-and-after results show how the fundamentals can elevate your art from good to great.

Unlike being in class or in an enthusiasts’ group, creating alone means critiquing alone. There is so much information available demonstrating where you might be going wrong, yet assessing your own work still feels overwhelming. This follow-up title to the bestselling Art Fundamentals (2nd edition) provides the knowledge, framework, and solutions needed to critique and improve your own work.

Experts reveal how the fundamentals can go wrong and how to spot problems in one’s own work. They not only explain how to improve an image, but also how to assess if the revised version is successful. To improve beyond the fundamentals and make truly memorable images, subjects such as infusing your work with emotion, mood, and storytelling are also explored. Learn about the self-improvement journeys of professional artists as they critique their own work and remake old portfolio pieces in in-depth tutorial case studies.

This is a book to keep by your side while drawing and painting, allowing you to continually critique, fix, and improve your skills and take your art to the next level.


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Hashim Akib, Colin Allbrook, Marie Antoniou, Grahame Booth, John Chisnall, Graham Webber
ID: 14736
Видавництво: Dorling Kindersley

Whether you're trying your hand at painting for the first time or honing your artistic ability, Artist's Painting Techniques is the handiest guide to teach you how to paint.

Starting with the basics such as observational skills and learning how to draw, Artist's Painting Techniques will guide you into working with watercolours, acrylics, and oil paints. Discover everything you need to know about tone, colour, pattern, brushwork, and composition to create your own masterpieces with confidence. Learn a range of key watercolour, acryllic, and oil painting techniques, including laying a flat wash, painting fur, and creating impasto sculptural effects. Embark on exciting artistic exercises and projects to discover your style and grow as an artist.

Follow the fully illustrated step-by-step guides and get inspiring advice and encouragement from practising artists. Kickstart your creativity and develop your own style with Artist's Painting Techniques.


Пролистать книгу Artist's Painting Techniques: Explore Watercolours, Acrylics, and Oils на Google Books.

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Greg Rutkowski, Devin Elle Kurtz, Nathan Fowkes, Joshua Clare, Dom Lay
ID: 15387
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike, this comprehensive title dissects the theory and practice of using composition and narrative to advance your art. Artists from across the traditional and digital worlds share a deeper mastery of the subjects through theory chapters, extensive tutorials, inspirational gallery artwork, and expert tips, providing a single, in-depth reference at your fingertips.

Following the huge success of Artists’ Master Series: Color & Light, follow-up title Artists’ Master Series: Composition & Narrative features experts from both the traditional and digital worlds. Drawing from a wealth of experience, they fully dissect the theory and practice of using composition and narrative to progress your art.

_Master of his craft, Greg Rutkowski explores composition and narrative in great detail in the opening chapters. Using stunning visual artwork and striking examples from the past to illustrate the theory, he provides readers with the tools to advance their art to the next level.
_Respected artists Devin Elle Kurtz, Nathan Fowkes, Joshua Clare, and Dom Lay guide readers through extensive tutorials, specially commissioned to explore their use of composition and narrative.
_Further insight is provided by the gallery artists, also experts in their fields, representing a range of styles, techniques, and mediums.

This unique opportunity to study composition and narrative so extensively offers a deeper mastery of the subjects, and a single, comprehensive reference at your fingertips.


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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 14911
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

For any artist new to portraiture, this beginner’s guide is an essential addition to your tool kit. Expert Steve Forster guides you through essential portraiture concepts and workflows: identifying your own personal style, using photo references, preparing your canvas, and establishing an effective process for striking results. You will learn how to identify your personal style, use photo references, prepare your canvas, and establish an effective workflow for striking results. Must-know portrait-painting techniques and exclusive step-by-step tutorials from expert artists help you put your newfound skills into practice, while gallery pages offer further inspiration and insight into the fascinating art of portraiture.

Unlock the secrets of portraiture with this essential beginner’s guide. Identify your personal style, use photo references, prepare your canvas, and establish an effective workflow for striking results.

Expert Steve Forster guides you through getting started, including why ‘creation cycles’ are the key to success. Especially valuable for beginners, this phased approach provides a clear decision-making route at every stage. Then artist Robyn Leora Lowe demonstrates how to create believable features, no matter your style and medium.

To understand real-life workflow, follow six professional artists step by step through specially commissioned portraits. Discover how concept, style, technique, subject, and experience converge for distinctive results. Galleries of work from these artists, and others, showcase an even wider range of powerful portraiture.

Whether a complete beginner or honing existing skills, you too can develop the approach, confidence, and mastery needed to produce compelling portraits.

The Creation Cycles
Drawing: Proportion • Shape and line
Color Value: Establishing relationships • Diversity • Developing values • Light and form
Edges: The four types • From sharp to lost • Complex edges • Brushstrokes and style • Adding movement • Choosing brushes


The portrait is one of the world’s oldest art forms, but today’s technology and culture mean it’s time to take a fresh look at how today’s portrait artists work outside the realms of realism and elevate their technique. The Instagram-friendly appeal of the portrait means that the modern version can be seen everywhere on social media as digital artists of all skill levels share their captivating characters, focusing on the face. This much-needed book for beginners to digital portraiture goes back to basics (simple anatomy, lighting, color, and perspective) as the starting point for even the most stylized of subjects. Professional artists with recognisable styles, including Loish, Simone Grunwald, and Francisco Garcés, still use these fundamentals. Readers learn from industry professionals how to infuse their subject with believable detail and atmospheric storytelling (especially relevant when working from photographs, as many artists do today). Experts demonstrate step-by-step their digital workflow, sharing techniques for rendering stylized skin tones, hair, and eyes. Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and anthropomorphic portraits are created. Real-world individuals are highly stylized, yet convince the viewer.

This is the essential guide for the next generation of portrait artists who want to create contemporary, stylized work that is compelling, emotive, and memorable.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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3DTotal Publishing
ID: 14345
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Brand new tutorials and artwork reboot 3dtotal’s essential guide as the go-to resource for any aspiring digital painter.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for digital artists, and this book is the newcomer’s indispensable manual for getting started and developing into a versatile digital artist. A definitive update of the bestselling Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting, this second edition is packed with new content using the software’s latest tools. From the basics of brushes and blending modes to the dynamic potential of layer masks and photobashing, professional artists from across the concept art and illustration industries share accessible step-by-step guides. Learn how to create stunning digital paintings with creativity, skill, and confidence.


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Ціна: 2000 грн
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