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Дизайн выставок и ивентов

Книги по дизайну выставок и ивентов

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Wang Shaoqiang
ID: 11766
Видавництво: Promopress

An exhibition is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items that usually takes place in a museum, gallery or exhibition hall.

Exhibitions may range from an extraordinarily large event such as a world’s fair to small one-artist solo shows. Architects, exhibition designers, graphic designers and other designers are usually needed to shape the exhibition space and give form to the editorial content.

Exhibition Art: Graphics and Space Design collects almost one hundred of the most creative exhibition designs, including fascinating space designs and sophisticated graphic designs. It will surely serve as a significant guide for exhibition designers, graphic designers, curators and event organizers.

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ID: 14852
Видавництво: SendPoints

Intended for promoters, designers, organizers and brand managers, On Spot chronicles over 100 site-specific gatherings that vary in scope from tiny arts festivals to a NATO summit. On Spot demonstrates how successful events design their campaigns utilizing tools such as posters and banners, installations and interactive smartphone apps, websites and wearables. With striking photography that places these tools within their target environments, each example suggests how best to blend traditional promotional materials with new media to achieve maximum visibility.

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Written by Stephanie Booth Shafran, Photographed by Gemma Ingalls and Andrew Ingalls
ID: 13258
Видавництво: Rizzoli

In her first book, noted hostess Stephanie Booth Shafran shares her secrets for planning and giving brilliantly executed parties at home.

Taking at-home entertaining to an entirely new level, sophisticated L.A. hostess Stephanie Booth Shafran--recently named by the Salonniere as one of the top hostesses in Los Angeles -- has a gift for celebration. From the table settings to the decor to the color-coordinated menus, every party she hosts showcases a myriad of inspired elements. In her first book, she shows readers how to set the stage for eight parties, from an elegant housewarming in her Jeffrey Bilhuber-decorated home to a classic California pool party to a festive Christmas brunch. She also shares advice on palette creation--blue and white for a ladies' charity luncheon, and deep burgundies for a gentleman's wine and cigar party. Each chapter ends with tips for that theme, whether it is entertaining alfresco or having parties for a charitable purpose. Shafran also includes a guide to her party essentials: inspiration, invitations, flowers, tablescape, linens, seating, the bar, and select recipes.

About the Authors:

Stephanie Booth Shafran is a fifth-generation Angeleno and is one of Los Angeles's preeminent hostesses. She serves on the board of UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital and is a member of the Colleagues, support group of CII, Children's Institute Inc. She and her family divide their time between Los Angeles, New York City, and Sun Valley, Idaho. Preeminent American decorator 

Jeffrey Bilhuber is the author of four books, including Everyday Decorating. Celebrated photographers Gemma and Andrew Ingalls are the authors of In Full Flower.


Пролистать книгу You're Invited: Classic, Elegant Entertaining

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Evan Jehl and Ana Martins
ID: 11690
Видавництво: Frame Publishers

A testament to the breadth and variety of stand design and a must-have reference tool for interior designers, architects and branding experts

The sixth edition of one of Frame’s most successful series, Grand Stand, sees a fresh editorial approach that guides readers through a dynamic and inspirational exploration of 111 projects.

Grand Stand 6 is divided into five chapters, each of which tackles a different trend in the design of stands and temporary spaces. Interviews with the likes of Ben van Berkel, principal of UNStudio, and D’art Design Gruppe’s managing director Guido Mamczur add context to each chapter.

Inside, discover stands that put the visitor experience centre stage as well as new renditions of the tried-and-tested formula. See how designers build strong narratives for brands, products and concepts; use grand architectural gestures to make bold statements; and push products to their limits to demonstrate their full potential.

A testament to the breadth and variety of the field, Grand Stand 6 makes one thing clear: as digital technologies become increasingly important in temporary spaces, nothing can replace an immersive physical experience.


 - This 400-page reference book is the successor of one of Frame’s most successful series, Grand Stand.
 - It is filled with a total of 111 low-budget and high-end stands presented at trade fairs, exhibitions and other international events all over the world.
 - The book is divided into five chapters that tackle different trends in the industry, from user-centric spaces to stands built from the very products being exhibited.
 - Each chapter is contextualised through an introductory interview with a representative of one of the featured studios.
 - Featured projects are accompanied by descriptive text and stunning photography.

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Elissa Auther, Mx. Justin Vivian, David Román, Taylor Mac and madison moore
ID: 16097
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Machine Dazzle, to my mind, [is] a true theatrical genius who has created some of the most inventive costumes and sets I have ever seen. — Hilton Als, The New Yorker

Machine Dazzle is the much-in-demand designer and artist behind popular cabaret, drag, and performance stars such as Taylor Mac and transgender icon Mx. Justin Vivian Bond. For the first time, his over-the-top stage creations, made for himself and others, are collected here alongside stage environments, ephemera, and photos from his career.

In Machine Dazzle’s world, costumes are transformative objects with world-making capacity. The artist’s “queer maximalism” encapsulates a more-is-better attitude to making and creating, which looks to counter elitist notions that spectacle and extravagance are vapid. For him, these associations are embraced as queer for their affirmation of hybridity and the rejection of hierarchies of every kind.

On the occasion of a major exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, curator Elissa Auther brings together an expansive collection of essays and reminiscences from fellow performers, historians, and cultural critics that consider every aspect of Machine Dazzle’s rich body of work.

About the Authors:

Elissa Auther is deputy director of curatorial affairs and William and Mildred Lasdon Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design. Mx. Justin Vivian Bond is a transgender singer, writer, performance artist, and activist. Mike Albo is a writer, comedian, and performance artist. madison moore is a cultural critic, DJ, and professor of queer studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. David Román is professor of English and American studies at the University of Southern California. Taylor Mac is a theater artist. Sally Gray is an independent scholar. Kalle Westerling is a theater and performance PhD candidate.

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ID: 14895
Видавництво: Beta-Plus

The International Interior Design Exhibition (iide) came to Brussels with heritage.  First launched in London by Fleur Rossdale as The British Interior Design Exhibition (BIDE) during the 1980's and 1990's, the event was highly acclaimed as a ground breaking showcase for the design industry.  With 30,000 international visitors to each, the exhibition helped propel interior design into the limelight, receiving worldwide press coverage and an insatiable demographic of private clients, hoteliers, designers and developers.  Fleur says ‘Good design has a vital role to play in our everyday lives.  It can improve how we live and function, be it at home, in the workplace, in education or on holiday.  Interiors set a mood, portraying an identity that should feel enhancing and harmonious.’  Fleur, an active interior designer herself, chose Brussels for the re-launch due to the cultural heritage, not least as founders of the Art Nouveau movement. 'Decoration is all about bringing together skilled workmanship, colour, texture and fine art to create a melodious interior to enhance our everyday lives', she says.  

Fleur received much fan mail from visitors in the early days, in particular praising how they found a particular design style they related to, previously unknown to them.  

IIDE follows the ethos of past experience.  Showcasing Belgian and international designers, presenting their interior design vision which inspired private and trade visitors in November 2018 and in September 2019 at Tour & Taxis Brussels:

Michel Penneman, Christophe Remy, J. Phine with Kaye McGarva, Erik Dhont, Christophe Gollut, Gert Voorjans, Carter Tyberghein, Jessie Lecomte, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Olivier Lapidus, Luxus, Vanessa Bruffaerts with Pol Quadens, Diego Fortunato with Dedar, Fleur Rossdale, A.Dem Interiors, Dominique Rigo, Designers Guild, Gerald Watelet, Guimar Urbina Interiors with Kinetura and Technogym, Johan Van Mullem, Benedetti Interieur with Evolution21, LDécoration Internationale with Catherine Nyssen, Houlès, Jean Duruisseau and Coup-de-Foudre, Maria Westerberg with Johan Patricny, Isabelle Thiltgès, Casamance, Masureel and Aristide.

But the book also pays homage to the previous exhibitions held in London, with a selection of press coverage of these exhibitions :

BIDE 1982: Fox Linton Associates; John Siddeley International, Simon Playle

Limited, George Cooper as Samuel & Cooper, Charles Hammond, George Spencer Decorations, Bill Bennette Design, Herbert Nevile, Dargie Lewis Designs, Siddeley Landscapes, Galleria Monte Carlo with catering by The Admirable Crichton.

BIDE 1988: Parish-Hadley Associates, Parke Interiors, Machin Designs, David Hicks International, Borland Interiors, Blasé Design, Bennison, Rory Ramsden, Woodstock Designs, Spencer-Churchill Designs, Gordon Lindsay, Mercier - London, Anna Tatham, Thorp & May, Anthony Paine, Wiltshire Interiors, Alidad Limited, Beckett & Graham with David Linley, Jonathan Hudson Interior Decorations, Indiaworks by Robin Guild, Sudeley Design, Joanna Trading, Christopher Nevile Design Partnership, Simon Playle Limited, Rossie Designs, Ian G. Shaw and The Chelsea Gardener.

BIDE 1989: Bonetti & Garouste, Designers Guild, Blasé Designs, Rory Ramsden, George Spencer Designs, Scarisbrick & Bate, Nicholas Glover Associates, Fox Lindon Associates, Beaudesert, David Hicks International, Mercier - London, Jameson Designs, Meltons, Pawson Silvestrin, Rosemary O de C Hamilton, Morrow Reis Designs, Robina Cayzer, Alidad Limited, MC Squared, Parke Interiors, Broosk Interior Design, The Royal College of Art, Ian G. Shaw, Christopher Nevile Design Partnership and Helen Cooper Associates and Pimlico Print Rooms.

BIDE 1990: David Hicks International, Harrods with David Linley for Harrods, Joanna Trading, Christopher Nevile Design Partnership, Nicolas Glover Associates, MM Design, Anthony Paine Limited, Christophe Gollut, Nick Allen Consultancy, Kensington Designs, Charles Rutherfoord & Nobby Clarke, Broosk Interior Designs, Miriam Cobrin Designs, Derek Frost Associates, Jenny Armit Interiors, Pavillion Designs, Melissa Wyndham Limited, Smallbone & CO of Devizes, Suddeley Castle Furniture and Paula Durante Interiors.

BIDE 1997: Sybyl Colefax & John Fowler, Woodstock Designs with Ian Walton Associates, Victoria Waymouth Interiors, Clifton Interiors, Lecchini Way Architects, Joanna Trading, Peter Wadley Architects, Atrium Limited, KLC School of Interior Design, Clarke & Thomas Interior Design, Ashton Products with Peter Wadley Architects, Charles Chesshire Landscape & Garden Design, Charles Rutherfoord with Brian Everest, G.A. Design International, Dargie Lewis Designs, Christophe Gollut, Baker Nevile Design Partnership, Jenny Armit Interiors, Omega Interiors, Stephen Ryan Design & Decoration, Alidad, Graça Viterbo, Tessa Kennedy Design, Charles Bateson at IDC, Jane Wolley Dod Garden Design with Lloyd Christie. 

This luxury coffee table book is a tribute to both new Brussels exhibitions, with a short history of all previous exhibitions in London.

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Bronson van Wyck
ID: 12727
Видавництво: Phaidon

The internationally acclaimed event producer shows his ideas and inspiration for ultimate and intimate celebrations

What defines a truly great party? Most of all: generosity of spirit. In his first book, Bronson van Wyck, the man Vogue called 'The Wizard of Oz of New York party planning,' distills the essential pillars of the art of celebration into one volume, with examples drawn from his many successes - and, admittedly, a few entertaining failures. Lusciously illustrated with images from van Wyck's most spectacular events, this is the perfect primer on throwing parties that are as much fun to give as they are to attend.

About the Author

Bronson van Wyck began his career as a protocol aide to Ambassador Pamela Harriman in Paris, where he was responsible for nightly diplomatic receptions at the American Embassy. In 1999, he founded Van Wyck & Van Wyck, an event firm that produces celebrations ranging from weddings and dinner parties to international destination experiences and not-for-profit galas. He is a founding member and trustee of the Friends of the High Line.

- Features chapters on weddings, birthdays, holiday entertaining, fundraisers, dinner parties, masquerade bashes, and so much more
- With tips on topics such as invitations, lighting, and dress codes as well as anecdotes about some of history's most memorable parties
- Stunning images of glamorous, over-the-top parties from all around the world
- Van Wyck and his firm Van Wyck & Van Wyck are regularly featured in fashion and interior design publications including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Architectural Digest, and Food & Wine
- His client list includes Hillary and Bill Clinton, Madonna, Sting, Beyoncé, Elton John, Tory Burch, Richard Meier, and corporations including Hearst, Chanel, Burberry, and Mercedes-Benz

Martin M. Pegler
ID: 2981
Видавництво: Visual Reference

Commercial and trade show exhibits are more than merchandise showcases. A trade show exhibit must do more than provide an environment for the products’s presentation. The total design has to sell the brand and image of the exhibiting firm. Contemporary Exhibit Design No. 2 showcases over 80 different exhibits and 250+ color photos - the work of top exhibit designers from trade show venues across the U.S. Featured exhibits range is size from 300 sq. ft. to 45,000 sq. ft. The exhibits are representative of a plethora of industries. The reader will learn how these specialized designers have used signage, color, lights, animation and props to make their exhibits “show and sell.”

Jacobo Krauel
ID: 5547
Видавництво: Links

Exciting corporate events…planned by architects and designers! Creative Events explores new opportunities for design professionals. Dozens of projects, complete with commentary, full-color photos, and plans. Renowned architects, artists and designers convey their ideas by way of new techniques and approaches and previously unexplored materials. Their strength lies in the imagination of their designers, which blurs the borders of what can and can’t be done. These projects demonstrate how ephemeral architecture can reach out and surprise us. They draw attention to the role creativity plays in events and introduce elements that may become a source of inspiration for professional of the future.

ID: 9771
Видавництво: Birkhauser

Every two years the bilingual 'Designer Profile' has enabled designers from industrial, exhibition, graphic and multimedia design to present their ideas, concepts and successes. It provides a useful resource for managers and agencies who need targeted information on the spectrum of activity in these fields.

Designer Profile ist seit 1998 das zweisprachige Standardwerk der Design-Szene in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Alle zwei Jahre präsentieren Designer aus den Bereichen Industrie, Messe- und Ausstellungen, Grafik und Multimedia ihre Arbeitsideen und Erfolge. Das Buch ist ein unverzichtbares Nachschlagewerk für Entscheider im Management sowie für Agenturen, die sich schnell und zielgerichtet über das Leistungsspektrum potentieller Design-Dienstleister informieren möchten

ID: 9775
Видавництво: Birkhauser

Since 1998 the bilingual Designer Profile has been the authoritative work on the design scene and present a selection of the best Design offices from the fields of industrial, exhibition, graphic and multimedia design. In this year: new layout, interviews and essays with renowned designers and entrepreneurs

Designer Profile ist seit 1998 das zweisprachige Standardwerk der Design-Szene in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Alle zwei Jahre präsentieren Designer aus den Bereichen Industrie, Messe- und Ausstellungen, Grafik und Multimedia ihre neusten Arbeitsideen und Erfolge. Das Buch ist ein unverzichtbares Nachschlagewerk für Entscheider im Management sowie für Agenturen, die sich schnell und zielgerichtet über das Leistungsspektrum potentieller Design-Dienstleister informieren möchten. Für Auftraggeber wie für Designer bietet es einen schnellen Überblick und kompakte Informationen, nicht nur mit schicken Bildseiten, sondern vor allem mit kompletten Adressen und tabellarischen Angaben zum Vergleichen, Finden und Archivieren. Ein nützliches Werk also.

ID: 2343
Видавництво: Daab

The starting point of an event is usually the desire to create something remarkable for a special occasion.

Different disciplines like architecture, light and sound are brought into continually new areas of experience, which makes every event an one-of-a-kind happening. Also the requirements for decor and furniture for such events rise and the creative potential is huge. Nowadays big companies improve their corporate identity by celebrating marketing events and parties. Those events have become a major aspect of business communication: they create customer loyalty and strengthen the "we-feeling" of the company's team. 

This book shows a selection of outstanding projects which can be perceived as a unified whole and have been consistently realized in their form and content. An index with contact information of the respective event agencies is enclosed.
ID: 2344
Видавництво: Daab

To showcase your corporate identity effectively at exhibitions and shows is an essential key to success. This book presents impressive constructions and customized solutions for that unmistakable appearance in public.

Philip Hughes
ID: 8341
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Exhibition Design offers a thorough grounding in the principles of designing for exhibitions. It describes the skills needed to become an exhibition designer, including:

• developing a brief and working with clients
• design principles for graphics, circulation, lighting and accessibility
• presenting ideas to clients
• the practicalities of production

Visual material includes photographs of completed exhibitions by world-renowned designers, concept drawings, computer renderings, charts and tables of information - all for a wide range of exhibitions around the world, permanent and temporary, including museums and galleries, visitor centres, brand experiences, festivals and trade fairs. The book will inform and inspire, as well as equip students and new exhibition designers with a valuable guide to the profession.

ID: 7546
Видавництво: Design Media Publishing

Designing exhibition space is a challenge for designers to ensure that they create a work in a limited time and space. The stand design needs to be innovative and visual, but must also serve as a back-drop to the products and services that it has to promote. This book, which is aimed at designers, exhibition professionals and design students, is a collection of 50 innovative stand designs, all involving different styles, techniques and ideas from the simply, yet classy to the high-tech and experimental designs. The book highlights designs from around the world and is divided into two sections : Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

Посмотреть избранные развороты книги Exhibitions and Showrooms

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на сторінці

Ивент-дизайн является полным заимствованием английского event design. Этим термином обозначают работу по профессиональному оформлению различных массовых мероприятий: от показов мод и ярмарок до научных конференций. Цель работы одна – создать яркий, гармоничный и неповторимый образ и максимально комфортные условия для всех участников ивента.

Как это сделать, вы можете узнать из множества различных книг, представленных в каталоге DesignBook.UA. Чтобы купить нужное издание и заказать его доставку, используйте форму на сайте. Благодаря отлаженной логистике, доставка обойдется недорого, а общая цена заказа, включающая стоимость выбранных книг, вырастет незначительно.

Какие есть книги о дизайне выставок и ивентов

Современный подход к массовому мероприятию как к продукту позволяет применить к нему дизайнерские концепты, схожие по своим принципам с визуальным конструированием объектов и пространств.

В итоге получается микс культуры, искусства, маркетинга, технологий, психологии и многих других дисциплин. Хорошим подспорьем станут знания в области архитектуры и литературы, современного изобразительного искусства, музыки и театра.

В сжатом виде получить прикладные знания из этих областей вы можете благодаря специально подобранной литературе в тематическом каталоге DesignBook.UA:

  • “On Spot International Event Design” — издание для промоутеров, дизайнеров, организаторов и бренд-менеджеров, показывающее лучшие практики из более чем 100 мероприятий разного масштаба: от небольших фестивалей искусств до саммитов НАТО.
  • “Contemporary Exhibit Design No. 2” — акцентирует внимание на экспонатах коммерческих и торговых выставок, изучая опыт дизайнеров всего мира по использованию вывесок, цвета, освещения, анимации и реквизита.
  • “Exhibitions and Showrooms” — эта книга для дизайнеров, специалистов по выставкам и студентов представляет собой коллекцию из 50 инновационных дизайнов стендов, каждый из которых включает в себя различные стили, техники и идеи: от простых до высокотехнологичных и экспериментальных. В книге представлены проекты со всего мира, она разделена на два раздела: “Выставки” и “Ярмарки”.

Эти и десятки других книг по выставочным технологиям и проведению ивентов используются дизайнерами для расширения своего кругозора и в качестве источника творческого вдохновения для реализации собственных проектов.

Где купить книги о дизайне выставок и ивентов

Подберите подходящую книгу в нашем интернет-магазине, узнайте, сколько стоит издание и его аналоги, купите нужную вам литературу в несколько кликов. Сразу на сайте вы можете заказать и доставку. Ее цена зависит от стоимости услуг почтового оператора.

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