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Lorna Scobie
ID: 11893
Видавництво: Hardie Grant Books

365 Days of Art is an inspiring journal designed to help readers and budding artists nurture their creativity and explore their feelings through the medium of art. Featuring an activity for every day of the year, from simple tasks like drawing shapes and lines to more considered tutorials such as calligraphy writing and shading, each task is designed to expand your creative skills and spark the artist within.

With helpful hints and tips as well as more considered tasks to help build your creative confidence, 365 Days of Art is a beautiful keepsake as well as well as a powerful tool for positive change.

About the Author:

Lorna Scobie is a London-based illustrator and designer of cheeky characters and critters.

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Lorna Scobie
ID: 13462
Видавництво: Hardie Grant Books

365 Days of Creativity is a thoughtful and inspiring book designed to help you carve out moments of self-expression and unlock your creative potential. Lorna Scobie shows you how to experiment, explore and let go of your artistic inhibitions, encouraging you to look for creative inspiration wherever you go.
Featuring creative daily exercises and goal-setting as well as plenty of supportive prompts and tips, this fun and inspiring book will stir your imagination to put a little creativity into every day.

About the Author:

Lorna Scobie is a London-based illustrator and designer of cheeky characters and critters.

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ID: 15267
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Bring characters to life on your iPad® with creativity and ease, using Procreate™ to conceptualize, sketch, and paint directly onto the screen.

Master the basics, from setting up your first canvas to using a selection of tools such as Brushes, Layers, and Adjustments to add depth and energy to your creations. To achieve details such as hair, skin, and garments, you are guided through tools and techniques for character-specific results.

Whether you draw characters from reality, or dream up new, fantastical beings, this book unlocks your design potential with Procreate for next level-results.

Thanks to Procreate, designing characters for the entertainment industry can be done creatively and efficiently on the iPad. In this book for newcomers to the software, several renowned and experienced designers demonstrate how they do it, sharing not only their professional tips and tricks, but also how the traditional character design process translates to Procreate. Whether you sketch or paint, draw from reality, or dream up new concepts, you will become fluent in using Procreate for all stages of character design.

Take the opportunity to observe and practice the techniques as part of a real-world workflow, as professional character designers demonstrate in seven step-by-step projects how to use Procreate’s tools to successfully evolve a character from initial thumbnails to final hero pose.

Whether or not you have used Procreate before, the Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate: Characters ensures your character ideas and concepts become fully realized creations on the iPad screen. Expert artist-authors include: ANTONIO STAPPAERTS, AMAGOIA AGIRRE, KORY LYNN HUBBELL, PATRYCJA WÓJCIK, JORDI LAFEBRE, OLGA “ASUROCKS” ANDRIYENKO, and FATEMEH HAGHNEJAD “BLUEBIRDY”

- Begins with an easy-to-follow introduction to Procreate’s essential tools and techniques 
- Explores rendering skin, hair, garments, and other character-specific elements
- 6 fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorials reveal your iPad’s potential, from thumbnails to final pose
- The gallery breaks down further workflows, showing key stages of an expert design process
- Techniques, tutorials, and artwork specially written and painted by industry-leading character designers


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Cordelia Craigie
ID: 13523
Видавництво: Gestalten

Provides graphic designers and advertisers with photographic templates for the true-to-life and convincing presentation of their designs.

Blank Slate provides graphic designers and advertisers with 1,000 photographic templates of everyday objects for the true-to-life and convincing presentation of their designs — from shopping bags and bottles to brochures and a variety of other products.

Because all of the templates shown in the book are also available as digital files on a free included DVD, any creative can easily use them to present his or her work in the way that gives clients the most concrete grasp of how their corporate designs will function in the real world.

About the Author:

Currently design director at the DMC Group in Düsseldorf, Cordelia Craigie has spent many years creating a wealth of projects for clients including Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Maurice Lacroix, Allianz, and REWE. In doing such work, she came to the realization that she sorely missed a toolbox such as Blank Slate. Luckily for us, she took the initiative to create the book to help herself and everyone else simplify the process involved in presenting designs to a client.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Bruce Mau
ID: 13845
Видавництво: Phaidon

24 global, generous, and galvanizing principles to overhaul the way we think and to inspire massive change

Bruce Mau has long applied the power of design to transforming the world. Developed over the past three decades, this remarkable book is organized by 24 values that are at the core of Mau's philosophy. MC24 features essays, observations, project documentation, and design work by Mau and other high-profile architects, designers, artists, scientists, environmentalists, and thinkers of our time. Practical, playful, and critical, it equips readers with a tool kit and empowers them to make an impact and engender change on all scales.

About the author:

Bruce Mau is chief design officer of Freeman, one of the world's largest brand-experience companies, and co-founder/CEO of Massive Change Network (MCN), a Chicago-based global design consultancy. Mau has been a visiting scholar at institutions globally, and lectures widely. He became an international figure with the publication of landmark volume S,M,L,XL and authored Life StyleSpectacle and Massive Change,

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ID: 12459
Видавництво: SendPoints

People like to share their creativity and preference on any platforms nowadays. Handbag is definitely a canvas to display personal interests and taste. 

Creative Bags presents a collection of the most originally created handbags around the globe that are diverse in the use of materials, forms, colors and techniques. 

The book is a must-have for anyone seeking news ways to realize their design ideas. Each copy comes with a multifunctional cloth shopping bag tailored to the size of the book.

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Erik Kessels
ID: 13848
Видавництво: Phaidon

A fun and fabulous take on the art of making mistakes. Erik Kessels celebrates imperfection and failure and shows why they are an essential part of the creative process.

Failed it! celebrates the power of mistakes and shows how they can enrich the creative process. This is part photobook and part guide to loosening up and making mistakes to take the fear out of failure and encourage experimentation.

It showcases the best and most hilarious examples of imperfection and failure across a broad range of creative forms, including art, design, photography, architecture and product design, to inspire and encourage creatives to embrace and celebrate their mistakes.

We live in an era when everyone is striving for perfection and we have become afraid of failure, which limits our potential. Mistakes help us find new ways of thinking and innovative solutions, and failures can change our perceptions and open up new ways of looking things. This book transforms mistakes from something to be embarrassed about into a cause for celebration.

It includes over 150 visual examples drawn from Kessels personal collection of artworks and found photographs, along with tips, quotes, anecdotes and wisdom for celebrating with failure. To quote Kessels: "the ubiquity of Apple + Z, means that we can literally undo any mistake before it has had time to breathe, be considered and — perhaps — evolve into something else: a fascinating, strange, provocative or even original piece of work. This book asks readers to embrace their fuck-ups, learn from them and celebrate their tawdry glory".

About the Author:

Erik Kessels is Creative Director and Co-Founder of KesselsKramer, an independent, communications agency with offices in Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles. As an artist and photography collector Kessels has published several books of his found photography: Missing Links (1999), In Almost Every Picture vol.1–15 (2001–2015) and Wonder (2006). He writes regularly for numerous international magazines and he is editor of the alternative photography magazine Useful Photography. In 2012 he lectured at the D&AD Presidents Lecture and has given talks at several international design conferences, including Singapore, Goa, New York, Toronto and Bangkok. He has taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, where he also curated a celebration of amateurism. In 2010 Kessels was awarded with the Amsterdam Prize of the Arts and in 2012 he was named the most influential creative of The Netherlands.

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Jon Dowling
ID: 16983
Видавництво: Counter-Print

From Italy is a celebration of creativity from Italy, compiled and published by Counter-Print.

Featuring 18 creatives & their work including: Parco Studio, CRSL, Matteo Vandelli, Maxim Dosca, BRH+, Cabaret Typographie, La Tigre, Happycentro, Multi Form, Atto, CamuffoLab, Olimpia Zagnoli, Tassinari/Vetta, Federico Barbon, Mauro Bubbico, Multiplo, Eremo & Camilla Falsini.

About the Author:

Counter-Print is an independent publisher and online store specialising in design and visual culture. They produce and curate a unique selection of books from around the world.

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ID: 15265
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

Every monster, alien, and fantasy beast seen on screen and in games emerges from the imaginations of talented concept artists. This book unlocks that world to reveal the must-have skills behind creating compelling creatures. From applying knowledge of anatomy and evolution, to establishing clever workflows, everything you need is in this comprehensive creature-design toolkit.

Creating engaging and believable creature designs is an exciting yet challenging feat. The monsters, aliens, and fantasy beasts that grace our TV and cinema screens represent the hard work and dedication of a team of incredibly talented concept artists and designers.

This book unlocks their world and introduces the fundamental skills behind creating movie- and videogame-quality designs. Covering key topics such as animal anatomy, functionality, color, and shape language, as well as ideation and research techniques for developing unique, compelling, and authentic designs, this expansive book is a comprehensive, timeless volume packed full of advice from some of the most impressive and renowned artists working in this field today.

Contributors include concept artists who have worked on the Marvel films and for the highly revered Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings film trilogy) and Aaron Sims Company (Stranger Things).

• Begin your workflow with targeted research and ideation, guided by industry professionals
• Understand the functionality of real-world anatomy and its role in creating truly believable new species
• Discover how the fascinating processes of evolution and biological adaptation are the key to authentic results
• Breathe life into your creatures by establishing their unique mix of habitat, social behavior, diet, and even life cycle
• Apply key design principles such as contrast, scale, and shape language to infuse your creations with dynamic impact
• Eight detailed case studies featuring step-by-step artwork and industry advice by professional concept artists

Contributing artists and topics covered:

Gathering research
Imaginative design
Biodiversity: the variety of life
Evolutionary biology
Why is anatomy important?
Blending anatomies
Exaggerating anatomies
Human anatomy
Primate anatomy
Feline anatomy
Canine anatomy
Equine anatomy
Cetacean anatomy
Lizard anatomy
Avian anatomy
Fish anatomy
Arthropod anatomy
An artist’s blueprint
Scale & perspective
Shape language
Designing for execution & budget
Creatures that are characters
Designing for genre
Designing for clients
Tackling briefs
Arboreal reptile
Ungulate herbivore
Cetacean hunter
Carrion scavenger
Alien megafauna
Post-apocalyptic swamp fish
Alien crustacean
Tundra werebear


Посмотреть видео о книге Fundamentals of Creature Design: How to Create Successful Concepts Using Functionality, Anatomy, Color, Shape & Scale

Ціна: 2000 грн
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John Hegarty
ID: 17337
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

John Hegarty takes 50 themes that lie at the heart of creative thinking and promotes the benefits of simplifying, thinking boldly and being undaunted by creative challenges

Creativity isn’t an occupation, it’s a preoccupation. It is at the very core of what makes us human. It’s also a fundamental challenge that everyone faces in the modern world, be they in business, in education or a struggling artist or musician. Being creative and innovative and communicating our ideas effectively and persuading others is vital. Who could be better able to demystify and set out some useful, generous advice on how to improve, sustain and nurture creativity than one of the world’s greatest advertising creatives and founder of an advertising agency renowned worldwide for its excellence? In this book, John Hegarty takes 50 provocations and themes that lie at the heart of creative thinking. These range from those with complex depths that lie beyond deceptively simple titles such as ‘Idea’, ‘Ego’, ‘Money’ and ‘Technology’, to others that look at the complexities of modern life, such as dealing with cynics in the workplace, or the best way of getting angry. Hegarty’s message is always crystal clear and promotes the benefits of simplifying, thinking boldly and being undaunted by challenges. With this book, when a challenge confronts them, readers will find that one of the great minds in advertising is there to guide them.

About the Author:

John Hegarty is one of the world's most famous advertising creatives. Founding Creative Partner of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), he has received, among other awards, the D&AD President's Award for outstanding achievement and the International Clio Award. He is a member of The One Club of the New York Creative Hall of Fame.

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gestalten & Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi
ID: 13076
Видавництво: Gestalten

Discover how weed has grown into a good-looking business

The cannabis industry has become a thriving activity. Consuming the plant and using its derivatives have become legal in several countries and paved the way for a new generation of design-savvy and diverse consumers and entrepreneurs.

High on Design showcases the new brands, designs, and creators behind this revolution. Meet the creative minds behind Gossamer, a biannual print magazine for casual weed smokers and curious mind. Learn everything you need to know about pot and weed as a medium for cultural understanding with Mia Park and Dae Lim, creators of Sundae School. Expand your culinary horizon with Michelin-Starred chef, Claus Henriksen who will give you an insight into his haute cannabis cuisine and gourmet herbs. Have a look inside Broccoli, a female-run magazine about cannabis culture and discover the most exciting cannabis businesses around the world from High Road, an award-winning dispensary design studio to Tokyo Smoke, a Canadian cannabis retailer.

While reflecting on the novel aesthetics and trends of contemporary cannabis culture, High on Design also gives a profound view of the phenomenon regarding politics, history, legalization, and society. This is your guide to the best brands, the most stylish dispensaries, the slickest products, and the most creative entrepreneurs.

About the Author:

Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi is a writer and creative director. He has lived in Milan, Bogotá, London, New York, Miami, and Berlin, working for platforms such as Monocle and companies like Parley for the Oceans. His latest endeavor is RamaRama, a reforestation project in Colombia.


From prehistoric China and ancient India to Parisian cafés and the plains of the New World, cannabis has a storied and complex history that spans continents and millennia. It has been used in religious ceremonies by Shinto priests and Rastafarians, and it has influenced creative movements, including American jazz music, the Beat Generation, the counterculture hippies, and hip-hop. 

Weed has grown into a good-looking business. Consuming the plant and using its derivatives have become legal in several countries and paved the way for a new generation of design-savvy and diverse consumers and entrepreneurs. 

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Austin Kleon
ID: 14678
Видавництво: Workman Publishing

Keep Working. Keep Playing. Keep Creating.

In his previous books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!, both New York Times bestsellers, Austin Kleon gave readers the keys to unlock their creativity and showed them how to become known. Now he offers his most inspiring work yet, with ten simple rules for how to stay creative, focused, and true to yourself — for life.

The creative life is not a linear journey to a finish line, it’s a loop — so find a daily routine, because today is the only day that matters. Disconnect from the world to connect with yourself — sometimes you just have to switch into airplane mode. Keep Going celebrates getting outdoors and taking a walk (as director Ingmar Bergman told his daughter, ”The demons hate fresh air”). Pay attention, and especially pay attention to what you pay attention to. Worry less about getting things done, and more about the worth of what you’re doing. Instead of focusing on making your mark, work to leave things better than you found them.

Keep Going and its timeless, practical, and ethical principles are for anyone trying to sustain a meaningful and productive life.

About the Author:

Austin Kleon is a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas. He's the author of two bestselling books: Steal Like an Artist, a manifesto for creativity in the digital age, and Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poetry made by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker. He speaks about creativity for organizations such as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist. Visit him online at www.austinkleon.com.


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Steven Heller, Mirko Ilic, Beth Kleber
ID: 17010
Видавництво: Monacelli Press

An overview of the work of illustrator and designer Milton Glaser during the 1960s and 70s

From 1954, when he co-founded the legendary Push Pin Studios, to the late ’70s, Milton Glaser was one of the most celebrated graphic designers of his day, whose work graced countless book and album covers, posters, magazine covers, and advertisements, both famous and little-known. Glaser largely defined the international visual style for illustration, advertising, and typeface design and interest in his legacy continues unabated, with modern creatives acknowledging his influence; for example, in 2014 Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner enlisted Glaser to design the ad campaign and branding for the show’s final season.

His renowned work garnered solo exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Creator of the iconic 'I ♥ NY' logo and cofounder of New York magazine, Glaser received numerous accolades and lifetime achievement awards. Across thousands of works across all print media, he invented a graphic language of bright, flat color, drawing and collage, imbued with wit. This collection of work from Glaser’s Pop period features hundreds of examples of his design that have not been seen since their original publication, demonstrating the graphic revolution that transformed design and popular culture.

About the Authors:

Steven Heller is cofounder of the MFA Design / Designer as Entrepreneur at School of Visual Arts, the program where Milton Glaser taught his Design and Intentions course for over ten years. He is also the author or coauthor of more than two hundred books on design and popular culture, most recently his memoir Growing Up Underground: A Memoir of Counterculture New York (2022). He has written for The New York TimesThe Atlantic online, and Wired, among many other publications.

Mirko Ilić is a designer, illustrator, and activist based in New York. He organizes and curates shows and lectures around the world, including most recently the Tolerance Poster Show, which has traveled to more than 150 locations in more than forty countries worldwide. He is the coauthor of more than ten books, including The Design of Dissent with Milton Glaser. Not only did he and Milton collaborate on many projects together, but their studios were adjacent to each other for decades.

Beth Kleber is the founding archivist of the Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives at School of Visual Arts Archives in New York City. Prior to opening the Archives to the public, Beth spent two years selecting and preparing the collection with Milton Glaser at his studio on 32nd Street. In her role as Head of Archives, she lectures on design history and research and assists visiting researchers. She is curator and cocurator of several design exhibitions, and her essays have appeared in design anthologies and PRINT magazine, as well as contributing to the Container List blog.

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Michael Johnson
ID: 12492
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

With 233 (to be exact) hints, tips and pieces of advice, Now Try Something Weirder shows those in the creative industry how to have great ideas (every day).

Internationally award-winning graphic designer Michael Johnson draws on over thirty years’ experience (his CV clocks up eight creative posts, three dismissals and the launch of his own business) to share his ultimate secrets to enviable success … who said you should keep your secrets closely guarded?

Looking to improve the way you work with clients, understand and question design briefs, deliver knockout presentations – and generally gain covetable creative confidence? Sometimes the solution is staring you in the face.

‘Michael Johnson offers the most generous kind of professional advice: insightful but full of enthusiasm. Designers need cunning as well as inspiration’.

 — Deyan Sudjic OBE, Director of the Design Museum

‘Want better ideas, start reading better books. Or even something Weirder’.

 — Sir John Hegarty, founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty

‘I’ve always wanted to be a little bit weird. Now a prince of weirdosity has come up with the perfect short guide to the creative life’.

— Robert McCrum, bestselling author and former editor at Faber and Faber and The Observer

‘Don’t try harder; try weirder. Michael Johnson’s new book is chock-a-block with home truths about graphic design. One of the first is also one of the best: Work out who you want to work for BEFORE you graduate. Worth the price of an education, right there’.

 — Marty Neumeier, branding guru and author of ‘The Brand Gap’ and ‘Scrambled’

‘I particularly liked pages   ,    ,    and   .’

 — Bob Gill, illustration and design legend and author of Forget All the Rules You Ever Learned About Graphic Design, Including the Ones in this Book

‘Michael Johnson is an amazing storyteller with a rich visual sensibility and an uncanny ability to grasp the weird and wonderful. He’s also learned a thing or two about life in his years as a graphic designer: you will become not only smarter but wiser from this insightful book. And every page will delight you.’
 — Jacqueline Novogratz, serial TED-talk speaker, pioneer of ethical investing (Acumen) and best-selling author

‘One cannot be in the design business for the time that Michael has without coming across the issues discussed in this book. As I read, I found myself nodding and smiling and saying to myself, “Yep, I know that one …. and that one.” The only way of knowing this information is to have lived it, or to work beside someone exceptional. Sadly, very few of us have that opportunity. So how brilliant then, that rather than keeping these gems to himself, Michael got off his backside and wrote it down in a witty little book.’
 — Martin Lambie-Nairn, founder of Lambie-Nairn and world-renowned television branding expert

About the Author:

Michael Johnson is a writer, designer and thinker, and founder of world-renowned brand consultancy, Johnson Banks. He has won many sought-after prizes, including seven yellow and one ‘black’ pencil from D&AD. He received its lifetime achievement award in 2017. His books include Problem Solved and Branding.

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3dtotal Publishing
ID: 16910
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing

The magical powers of a storybook cannot be denied, but what if within those pages awaited not traditionally-written fairy tales from all times and places, but those same tales re-told by some of the world’s most talented and respected artists! 

Professional illustrators and concept artists are experts at pushing their art to a higher level and finding exciting new ways to approach classic subjects. In this book, they reveal their creative secrets. Being able to think outside the box, intrigue the viewer, and bring nuance to a simple story are just some of the essential skills presented inside, and the familiar world of fairy tales provides a wealth of iconic characters and storylines to play with.

Discover multiple renditions of five well-known tales, from research and sketches to rendering and revisions. Informative step-by-step tutorials reveal techniques and tips that will help push your illustration skills to new heights. Learn what makes an effective fantasy illustration and compare different artists’ visions side by side.

Reimagine five classic tales:

• Little Red Riding Hood
• Jack and the Beanstalk
• The Pied Piper of Hamelin
• Goldilocks and the Three Bears
• Hansel and Gretel

About the Author:

3dtotal Publishing is a small independent publisher specializing in high-quality art books dedicated to bringing invaluable training to beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Our titles proudly feature top industry professionals who share their experience in skillfully written step-by-step tutorials and quick tip guides placed alongside stunning artwork to offer creative insight, expert advice, and essential motivation.

From traditional art techniques, such as sketching and clay sculpting, to digital art software including Photoshop and Procreate, the vast knowledge offered by multiple contributing artists makes these books an indispensable addition to any artist’s bookshelf. Popular titles such as the Sketching from the Imagination and Beginner’s Guide series, along with our quarterly magazine CDQ, are part of a backlist of over 80 titles, many of which have been translated into several languages. At the heart of the 3dtotal Publishing catalogue, our sought-after “Art of” books showcase the very best content from the very best creators, in stunning and uniquely designed hard-back format. From 2022, we pledge to donate 50% of our net profits to charity, including planting one tree for every book sold.

Contents and contributors:

How to use this book
Introduction by Ognjen Sporin

Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood versus the Wolf – Ahmed Rawi
Little Red and the Hyena – Eilene Cherie Witarsah
The Little Wolf Hunter – Fatemeh “Blue Birdy” Haghnejad

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Goldi the Gangster – Leroy Steinmann
Goldilocks the Greedy Bear – Tony “Eight” Camehl
The Golden Giant – Leo Gómez

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Dark Wizard of Hamelin – Inkognit
The Piper Imprisoned – Joshua Carson
The Vengeful Piper – Yongjae Choi

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Friendly Giant – João Moura
Jack in the Giant’s Palace – Fernando Peque
Jack and the Space Giants – Kory Lynn Hubbell

Hansel and Gretel
A Grimm Arctic Tale – Oliver Ödmark
The Mice and the Owl – Gabriel Gómez Almenzar
The Witch Hunters – Kaining Wang

WISH! – Ron Sanders
Jack and the Beanstalk – Ryan Harrell
Rapunzel – Katie Goldberg
Red Riding Hood – Luc Brunet-Manquat


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показати по:
на сторінці

Креативное мышление — один из критериев, характеризующих хорошего дизайнера. Без творческого подхода сложно реализовать оригинальные проекты, которые будут по достоинству оценены заказчиками и встретят заинтересованность со стороны потребителей. 

Но постоянно генерировать свежие идеи бывает непросто. О нестандартном решении повседневных задач, в том числе и в сфере дизайна, написано немало книг. В одних изданиях вы найдете советы, как развить креативность, в других — реализованные идеи известных дизайнеров, которые послужат в качестве удачных примеров и помогут по-новому взглянуть на стоящую перед вами задачу.

Литература для обучения и творчества есть в каталоге интернет-магазина DesignBook.UA. Для того чтобы почитать о дизайнерском креативе, заказывайте книги онлайн, доставка будет выполнена быстро и недорого. У нас можно купить издания на английском и русском языке по доступным ценам. Уточнить, сколько стоят учебники и другие книги, можно на сайте.

Креативный дизайн: что почитать для развития творческого мышления

Как добавить в работу креатива? Ответ на этот вопрос знают авторы собранных в нашем каталоге книг для дизайнеров и не только. Вдохновиться идеями мастеров и научиться творить самому помогут учебники, руководства, пособия и прочие издания, предлагаемые DesignBook.UA. 

К примеру, из каталога вы можете заказать по разной стоимости: 

  • “365 Days of Creativity: Inspire Your Imagination with Art Every Day”, Lorna Scobie — яркая и вдохновляющая книга, которая поможет раскрыть ваш творческий потенциал. Содержит упражнения на каждый день, советы и подсказки для развития креативности.
  • “Failed it!: How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up”, Erik Kessels — автор уверен, что неудачи являются важной частью творческого процесса. Книга учит не бояться ошибок и использовать их для поиска неожиданных решений. 
  • “Keep Going: 10 Ways To Stay Creative In Good Times And Bad”, Austin Kleon — книга по невысокой стоимости с десятью простыми правилами для ведения осмысленной жизни и творческого подхода к повседневным задачам. 

Эта и другая литература будет полезна не только дизайнерам. Книги станут хорошим подарком для всех, кто занимается творчеством. 

Где купить издания

Магазин DesignBook.UA — это место, где собрана большая коллекция литературы о дизайне. Мы предлагаем заказать книги зарубежных издательств по приемлемым ценам. Недорого будет стоить и доставка по Украине. Сколько стоит заказ целиком, станет понятно при оформлении накладной “Новой почты”.