150 Vineyards You Need to Visit Before You Die

Shana Clarke

150 Vineyards You Need to Visit Before You Die

Shana Clarke
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The most beautiful vineyards of the world, collected in a handy list

After 150 Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Houses, Gardens and Golf Courses, there is now also 150 Vineyards you need to visit before you die. For lovers of wine, both professional and hobbyists, and of nature, vineyards are real must-see places.

These vineyards can often be found in the most scenic regions in the world, where you can wander for hours, or, unexpectedly, right in the middle of the city.

A selection of the most unique and worth-visiting vineyards in the world, from Japan to Argentina and from South Africa to France. Discover in this guide how to visit the vineyards, the many exceptional stories and - of course - where to taste wine.

About the Author:

Shana Clarke is a NYC-based freelance journalist, content writer, and copy editor specializing in wine, sake, and travel. She writes for Fortune, CNN Travel, Wine Enthusiast, Departures, NPR, Hemispheres and VinePair Pro, among others. She was shortlisted for the 2020 ‘Louis Roederer International Wine Writer Award’.


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