2012 Architecture Competition Annual 7

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2012 Architecture Competition Annual 7

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ID: 9211
Видавництво: Archiworld
Палітурка: Softcover, 22 x 30 cm
Кількість сторінок: 304
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9788957703700

Culture & Exhibition Facility

10 Comic & Animation Museum

16 Sihwa Unification Culture Center 1st

22 Sihwa Unification Culture Center 3rd

28 Gyeongju Convention Center Competition

34 Ulju Folk Museum

40 Dooly Culture Center

46 The Presidential Archive in the Multifunctional Administrative City‘A Leisurely Walk in the Archive"

54 Floating Observatories

60 Daegu Citizen Hall Renovation

66 ROCKmagneten

72 Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center International Competition


84 Pulsen Community Center

90 Cultural and Spiritual Russian Orthodox Center

96 Guro Media Art Center

102 Grenn Growth Experience Museum

108 Green Growth Experience Museum 108 Deajeon Urban Culture Center for Important Intangible Cultural Properties ‘Ryu Center"

114 The Wine Culture and Tourism Center

120 Beton Hala Waterfront Center

126 ‘A Mosque for All" New Mosque, Islamic Cultural Center & Museum of Religious Harmony 

130 The Patriotic Martyrdom Park of Yi Sun-shin

136 Chang Ucchin Museum

142 New Taipei City Museum of Art Conceptual Design International Competition

148 Design Incubator

154 Greenland National Gallery of Art

Education & Research Facility

162 Chungju National University Education Center

168 Digital Culture Center & International Exchange Hall of Sunchon National University

174 Military Chidren Boarding High Schoo

180 Campus Park(Bucheon University 2nd Campus)

186 Vilhelmsro Primary School

192 Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

196 Chungcheongnam-do Office of Education & Education Research and Information Institute

202 Daegu University Arts and Design Center

208 Gak-ri 2 Elementary School

214 Primary School & Sport Hall

220 School Campus Knokke-Heist

226 Kyungin Women" s College the 20th Anniversary Memorial Hall

232 Wanju-gun Central Library

Dwelling & Urban planning

240 Namyeong-dong Urban Environmental Improvement Project 

246 Hwasun Agriculture Newtown

254 International Competition for Osong Bio Valley Masterplan

260 New Holland Island

266 Songpa Wirye A2-4BL Apartment 1st

272 Song-pa Wirye New City A2-4BL Apartment Participation

278 Songdo RC4 Apartment

286 Weave Urban Housing

290 Skien Brygge New Urban Community

296 Sustainable Urban Development in Oslo Suburb

300 Faaborg Harbour Bath & Blue Base