50 of the World's Best Apartments

книга 50 of the World's Best Apartments, автор:

50 of the World's Best Apartments

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ID: 254
Видавництво: Images
Палітурка: Hardcover, 28 x 28 cm
Кількість сторінок: 344
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781920744496
ISBN: 1920744495

Is apartment living the way of the future? According to some, it's the only way to live. For most apartment- dwellers, beautiful views, functional floor plans, low maintenance and convenient, inner-city locations far outweigh the attributes of the traditional quarter-acre suburban block. This book presents, through text, superb photographs and floor plans, 50 of the best apartments from around the world.

Focusing on fabulous interiors, this book is a digest of the myriad ways to fit out spaces that often begin as concrete shells, but are transformed, through the talents of the best interior architects and designers, into luxurious penthouses, funky lofts, hip apartments, sleek bachelor pads and sumptuous family homes. An inspiring sourcebook for all lovers of beautiful interiors.

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