Classic Chic: The Little Black Dress of Interior Design

Suzanne Trocmé
книга Classic Chic: The Little Black Dress of Interior Design, автор: Suzanne Trocmé

Classic Chic: The Little Black Dress of Interior Design

Suzanne Trocmé
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ID: 1190
Видавництво: Jacqui Small
Палітурка: Hardcover, 24.1 x 28.6 cm
Кількість сторінок: 192
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781903221105

‘I admire Suzanne Trocmé’s attitudes, words and ideas. I respect and admire that she can see so many things clearly that apparently contradict each other, but which are for me the keys of today’s and tomorrow’s sensitivity.’ – Andrée Putman

Classic chic
is timeless, the interior-design equivalent of the ‘little black dress’. And just like the LBD, sophisticated accessories can add drama, whilst natural lines and classic beauty shine through when a space is unadorned. However it’s presented, classic chic exudes a sense of quality and durability, unaffected by fashion and fads. Classic chic is a class act. So what distinguishes it, and how can it be created?

Suzanne Trocmé’s fascinating exploration of these questions weaves together analyses of design principles and their practical applications, as well as profiling a selection of exemplary interiors – each a hymn to order, elegance, comfort restraint or drama – from some of the worlds best designers and architects.

Classic Chic discusses the principles of such design in depth, examining architecture and space, shape, colour and texture, and investigating the specific elements of the style, including furniture fabric, details and ornaments. Drawing on inspiration both modern and historical, as well as her own creative understanding, the author distils the very essence of chic.

Featuring more than 300 specially commissioned photographs, and a directory of resources and designers, Classic Chic is an essential read for hopeful homeowners, armchair enthusiasts and, of course, hands on designers.