Fred: The Sunlight Jeweller

Vincent Meylan, Charles Leung
книга Fred: The Sunlight Jeweller, автор: Vincent Meylan, Charles Leung

Fred: The Sunlight Jeweller

Vincent Meylan, Charles Leung
Ціна: 3000 грн
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ID: 17161
Видавництво: Flammarion
Палітурка: Hardcover: 26.6 x 32 cm
Кількість сторінок: 256
Рік видання: 2022
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9782080287526

The story of Maison FRED is the tale of a truly distinguished gentleman who — as a young man richly endowed with natural talents — believed that, for him, nothing was impossible.

In 1936, Fred Samuel opened his first boutique at 6 Rue Royale in Paris, where he brought a fresh and dynamic spirit to his jewellery designs, reflecting the brilliant sunlight of Argentina, his birthplace and childhood home. From the iconic Force 10 bracelet to the Pretty Woman collection, his heritage has imbued the Maison with a unique personality, setting it apart from all competitors.

Forming part of an ambitious project to shape the legacy of Maison FRED, a distinctively French creator of precious jewellery, this book is a family history, a celebration of extraordinary jewels and, above all, a tribute to Maison FRED’s founder, whose values and spirit continue to inspire contemporary jewellers. Drawing on numerous archival documents, gouache design studies, and splendid examples of precious jewels, this volume depicts the full scope of a rich and living heritage, the embodiment and source of inventiveness for the young generations and the creators of today and tomorrow.

About the Author:

Historian and journalist Vincent Meylan is a renowned specialist in high jewellery. He is the author of several biographies and works devoted to the history of gems.