Gregory Crewdson: Eveningside 2012-2022

Gregory Crewdson, Jean-Charles Vergne
книга Gregory Crewdson: Eveningside 2012-2022, автор: Gregory Crewdson, Jean-Charles Vergne

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Gregory Crewdson: Eveningside 2012-2022

Gregory Crewdson, Jean-Charles Vergne
Ціна: 3000 грн
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ID: 15215
Видавництво: Skira
Палітурка: Hardcover, 32.7 x 24.2 cm
Кількість сторінок: 240
Рік видання: 2023
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9788857248424

Crewdson's epic photographic trilogy -- a portrait of America a decade in the making

Over the past three decades, Gregory Crewdson has been fleshing out a portrait of middle America, an America gazing wide-eyed at the glimmers of a fading dream.

His cinematographically staged photos have pieced together the fragments of a twilight world tinged with numbness.

This book brings togetherthree bodies of work made between 2012 and 2022. Envisaged as a trilogy, they previde unique insight into a decade of creation and offer a comprehensive view of the universe that hasposited Gregory Crewdson as one ofthe major figures of photography.

This trilogy isintroduced by Fireflies, a pivotal series if one is to grasp the intimate undercurrents in Gregory Crewdson's artwork.


Considered one of the greatest exponents of staged photography, Gregory Crewdson has drawn a portrait of middle America, enclosed in the intermediate spaces of modest-sized cities, an America with eyes wide open towards the lights of a dream in exhaustion, already exhausted, already dilapidated. His photographs, staged with the devices of the cinema, have assembled the fragments of a twilight world, populated by the neutral faces of its protagonists, frozen like ruins that ignore themselves in a present cracked by the oracular manifestations of imperceptible decompositions.

This book brings together for the first time the trilogy conceived between 2012 and 2022. It unfolds an unprecedented vision of a decade of creation and reveals the intimate and political sides of the universe that has established Gregory Crewdson as one of photography’s major figures. Cathedral of the Pines and An Eclipse of Moths vibrate with an intimacy crystallized by places deeply connected to the life of the photographer, his partner and collaborator Juliane Hiam and their children. At the same time, these two series shift towards a political dimension which finds its most subtle expression in the black and white photographs of Eveningside which close the trilogy in 2022. To this trilogy is added the Fireflies series, produced in 1996, which is essential for capturing the intimate movements that operate in his art.