Hankie Couture: Handcrafted Fashions від Vintage Handkerchiefs (Featuring New Patterns!)

Marsha Greenberg

Hankie Couture: Handcrafted Fashions від Vintage Handkerchiefs (Featuring New Patterns!)

Marsha Greenberg
Ціна: 900 грн
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ID: 16712
Видавництво: Running Press
Палітурка: Paperback, 21.91 x 21.59 cm
Кількість сторінок: 224
Рік видання: 2019
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9780762494569

Unleash your imagination and transform colorful handkerchiefs into more one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles!

Hankie Couture is back in this newly revised edition with even more stunning and original doll-sized fashions meticulously crafted from vintage handkerchiefs. With a gallery of 125 unique mix-and-match outfits and accessories, and accented with witty lifestyle advice from the Hankie Couture girl, this book showcases a limitless variety of doll-sized fashions for every occasion.

Complete with a how-to and materials guide, this book is the perfect companion for crafters looking to transform treasured heirlooms or colorful flea-market finds into one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles — whether an eye-catching color blocked dress, sophisticated great coat, or a go-everywhere purse and hat. With its beautiful design and unique, kitschy lifestyle advice, Hankie Couture makes a great gift for crafters, doll-enthusiasts, and vintage lovers alike.

About the Author:

Marsha Greenberg began sewing her own fashions at the age of eleven. Her love of fabrics, colors, and patterns continued throughout the years, and in 1978 she founded a women's sportswear company called Marsha, Inc. Later, she formed her own custom-design clothing business for private clients. In the summer of 2002, after discovering a treasure trove of vintage handkerchiefs in a Pennsylvania antiques shop, Marsha made her first Hankie Couture dress-and hasn't stopped since. Her unique creations can be found on eBay and on her website, www.hankiecouture.com. Marsha lives in Encino, California.


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