Landscape Architecture: An Introduction

Robert Holden, Jamie Liversedge

Landscape Architecture: An Introduction

Robert Holden, Jamie Liversedge
Ціна: 1350 грн
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ID: 15476
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing
Палітурка: Paperback, 21.5 x 25.6 cm
Кількість сторінок: 208
Рік видання: 2014
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781780672700

Aimed at prospective and new students, this book gives a comprehensive introduction to the nature and practice of landscape architecture, the professional skills required and the latest developments.

After discussing the history of the profession, the book explains the design process through principles such as hierarchy, human scale, unity, harmony, asymmetry, colour, form and texture. It looks at how design is represented through both drawing and modelling, and through digital techniques such as CAD and the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is followed by an examination of project management and landscape management techniques. Finally, the book explores educational and employment opportunities and the future of the profession in the context of climate change and sustainability.

Illustrated with international examples of completed projects, Landscape Architecture provides an invaluable, one-stop resource for anyone considering studying or a career in this field.

About the Authors:

Robert Holden and Jamie Liversedge are both landscape architects and have lectured at and taught landscape architecture and garden design at the University of Greenwich, London and other European universities. They are co-authors of Construction for Landscape Architecture (2010).


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