Maximalism: Creating Sensual Appeal Through Graphic Design

Charlotte Rivers
книга Maximalism: Creating Sensual Appeal Through Graphic Design, автор: Charlotte Rivers

Maximalism: Creating Sensual Appeal Through Graphic Design

Charlotte Rivers
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ID: 348
Видавництво: Rockport
Палітурка: твердый, 228 x 260 мм
Кількість сторінок: 160
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9782880467944
ISBN: 2880467942

250 color images

A sumptuously extravagant book which examines design that appeals to the senses through luxury, profusion and excess

After a decade in which minimalism has held sway over the design industry, many designers are now rejecting the limitations of pared-down modernism in favor of a more rich and vibrant “maximal” aesthetic.

This book celebrates the qualities of maximalism, or “enriched modernism” -- its role in creating fantasy, a sense of luxury, the multi-sensory appeal -- and teaches designers how to apply it by bringing together a selection of projects from around the world that typify maximalism in graphic design -- whether through use of materials, print processes, layout and composition or sheer extravagance of purpose.

The book is not just about expensive projects for luxury brands (although of course these feature): it is about examples of print that appeal to any one of the senses in a powerful and unusual way. These include packaging, magazines, brochures, books, identity jobs and other forms of print work.

An essential resource for designers, delivering the newest trend and the means to create the style.