Powder: Snowsports in the Sublime Mountain World

gestalten & Benevento
книга Powder: Snowsports in the Sublime Mountain World, автор:  gestalten & Benevento

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Powder: Snowsports in the Sublime Mountain World

gestalten & Benevento
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Видавництво: Gestalten
Палітурка: Hardcover, 30 x 27 cm
Кількість сторінок: 256
Рік видання: 2023
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9783967041156

Created in collaboration with Red Bull, this visually stunning book takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, from iconic locations to hidden gems, and reveals the pure, contemplative beauty of snowcapped mountains. 

With a mix of action-packed images featuring celebrated snow athletes and contemplative nature shots, Powder captures the exhilarating marriage between space and sport. Explore the Alps, Scandinavia, North America, and Asia through their unique natural wonders, while connecting with top athletes who have conquered the world's most challenging snowfields.

In addition to being a feast for the eyes, Powder is also an inspirational guide, providing practical tips, maps, and travel information to help you plan your ultimate snowy adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time snow sport enthusiast, this book will enthral you with the thrill and beauty of winter sports.

About the Authors:

A resident of Salzburg, Austria, Günter Baumgartner is a content agency owner and (sports) journalist. He has a soft spot for all types of winter sports, ball games, and American sports. In his spare time, he can be found on ski slopes or his mountain bike almost as often as on tennis and squash courts or the soccer field. He also enjoys playing both indoor hockey and ice hockey.

Born in Upper Austria, Marlies Czerny has climbed all 82 four-thousand-meter peaks in the Alps and loves exploring through mountaineering and paragliding and telling stories about her experiences. She works as a freelance Alpine author and lecturer and is a state-certified instructor for high-altitude mountaineering and ski touring. She has written two books: 4000ERLEBEN and Mein nächster Berg about Peter Habeler.

Jonathan Franklin is an author and investigative reporter based in South America. As a correspondent for The Guardian, Washington Post, and Sydney Morning Herald, he has covered the continent's biggest news stories over the past three decades. Born and raised in the mountains of New Hampshire, he started skiing soon after walking and has explored the slopes of the Andes in the best—and worst—conditions. His only advice to newbies south of the equator is to slather on the sunblock—you won't believe how sunny these slopes get. Franklin's books cover extreme survival and include the saga of the trapped Chilean miners (33 Men) and a fisherman lost at sea for 14 months (438 Days).

Sam Haddad is a freelance journalist specializing in action sports (especially snowboarding and surfing), responsible travel, and the environment, with bylines in The Guardian, 1843, Raconteur, and Huck Magazine, among others. Based in Brighton, U.K., with her husband and two sons, Haddad lived in Chamonix, France for two winters about 20 years ago. She edits the newsletter Climate & Board Sports.

After falling in love with skiing at the age of three, Gabriella Le Breton has skied in over 130 resorts across the globe. Her passion for mountains blossomed while living in the Alps as a child and further flourished while traveling extensively through the Rockies, Himalayas, and Arctic Circle later in life. Over the past two decades, Le Breton has written The Ultimate Ski Book and The Stylish Life: Skiing and is a regular winter sports correspondent for the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, and Condé Nast Traveller. Le Breton lives in a rural village in Kent, England, with her ski-mad husband and two small daughters, who share their love for the mountains.

Chamonix-based mountain athlete and photographer, Aaron Rolph is on a mission to inspire human-powered adventures all over the world. Rolph spends his winters skiing big mountains in the Alps and summers mountain biking, running, or paddling. He dreams big with regular endurance challenges, and his camera usually comes along for the ride.

Born in Vienna, Florian Scheimpflug has traveled the world in search of the best rock formations. However, he is just as fond of the snow. To be close to the mountains, the director and author (Dem Genuss auf der Spur: 50 Skitouren in den österreichischen Alpen) has lived in Hallein since 2017.

Rachel Taylor is an experienced media and communications professional exploring the practice of regenerative storytelling. She shapes and supports projects seeding regenerative narratives, disrupting degenerative paradigms, and leveraging storytelling that’s joyful, hopeful, and celebratory. In her writing, she mostly explores topics related to ecology, joyful activism, and our planetary interbeing.