Sketch. План. Build

Alejandro Bahamon
книга Sketch. План. Build, автор: Alejandro Bahamon

Sketch. План. Build

Alejandro Bahamon
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ID: 1211
Видавництво: Page One
Палітурка: Hardcover, 21 x 23 cm
Кількість сторінок: 500
Мова: English
ISBN: 9812453431

Often the most sophisticated buildings get their start as quick sketches in a moment of sudden inspiration. During the long process of careful refinement, these same sketches take shape and emerge as the buildings we see before us every day. Focusing on the design process of today's most noteworthy architects, Sketch Plan Build explores the reasoning, resources, and influences behind the projects of today's most recognized architects.

This book is a primary tool for understanding the different traits and nuances each architect uses to express their own ideas. With international projects from world-renowned architects such as Tadao Ando, Coop Himmel(b)lau, and Renzo Piano, and with detailed sketches, drawings, and photographs for each project, Sketch Plan Build is sure to provide a comprehensive compendium for all those interested in how an inspired idea makes the journey from projection to construction.

This book brings together the drawings, sketches, and finished photographs of more than thirty prestigious international architects. With its 500 fully-illustrated pages, Sketch Plan Build is a diverse graphic tour that starts with the sketch, extends to drawings, and concludes with finished photographs -- providing the reader with a profound insight into the design process of today’s most respected architects.