The Art of Feefal

Linnea Kikuchi
книга The Art of Feefal, автор: Linnea Kikuchi

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The Art of Feefal

Linnea Kikuchi
Ціна: 1800 грн
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ID: 16906
Видавництво: 3DTotal Publishing
Палітурка: Hardcover, 21.5 x 26 cm
Кількість сторінок: 152
Рік видання: 2022
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781912843503

This book features an exclusive bookplate signed by Feefal, and a free mini print.

The Art of Feefal is the first published collection of work by Swedish artist Linnea Kikuchi, known as Feefal to her fans and fellow artists. Feefal guides you through this fascinating book as she explores her extraordinary world of playful characters in settings infused with curious dream-like and macabre qualities. She reveals personal thoughts around her creative process alongside the techniques she uses to bring these ideas to life.

In this book Feefal shares the early influences and insights that set her on the path to becoming the artist she is today, with a worldwide fan base including over one-million Instagram followers. She also takes time to elaborate on her attraction to the occult, just one of the otherworldly themes that feature in her work.

In this beautifully produced book, Feefal’s artwork and words are printed on high-quality paper, offering the reader a richly colored and aesthetically captivating experience throughout. Working with art book experts 3dtotal Publishing has allowed Feefal to not only tell the story of her artistic motivations and unique creativity, but to also share the practical techniques, tips, and tricks she has learned along the way.

With galleries of curated classics and brand new art intertwined throughout her story, tutorials, and advice, The Art of Feefal is as intriguing as it is spellbinding.

About the Author:

Feefal aka Linnea Kikuchi is a Swedish-Japanese artist based in Stockholm, where she lives with her Sphynx cat called Tofu (who features occasionally in her work!). Well-known on Instagram as @feefal, she has amassed over 870K followers. This is where she shares her art on a regular basis and interacts with her fans who love her stylized characters, created and painted in Procreate or more traditional mediums such as gouache. Feefal also draws using graphite, meaning her portfolio is filled with examples of different media used to create her much loved style, described by a mix of cute and spooky.