Villas and Gardens of the Renaissance

Text by Lucia Impelluso, Photographs by Dario Fusaro

Villas and Gardens of the Renaissance

Text by Lucia Impelluso, Photographs by Dario Fusaro
Ціна: 1500 грн
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ID: 16605
Видавництво: Rizzoli
Палітурка: Hardcover, 24.5 x 30.5 cm
Кількість сторінок: 176
Рік видання: 2021
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9780789339928

A stunning collection of photographs celebrating the excellence of the Italian Renaissance period through palaces and gardens built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The book illustrates nine locations of extraordinary artistic and architectural interest, conceived by prominent Italian families and dynasties as urban villas or country houses centered around the pursuit of entertainment and leisure. These lavishly decorated and frescoed palaces are adorned with handcrafted furniture and works of art and surrounded by gardens that retain their original layout to this day -- a very rare feature.

An historical text introduces each property, giving an overview of its origins. The villas have been specially photographed for this book by Dario Fusaro, with views of both the palace interiors and their grounds, as well as the gardens, glimpses of the halls, details of the furnishings, and a focus on the frescoes, where still preserved. Explanatory text offers insights on the most interesting frescoes, such as those of Veronese at Villa Barbaro. For the first time, Fusaro also employs a drone with the purpose of capturing the architectural structure and elements of each Italian Renaissance garden, from above and as a whole.

This all-access volume is essential for fans and readers interested in Italian art, for those who love to travel through Italy in search of places of artistic interest, and for those seeking out green tourist destinations.

About the Authors:

Lucia Impelluso is an historian of architecture and an expert in the study of historical gardens. Her publications on gardens have been translated into multiple languages and awarded important prizes both in Italy and France. Dario Fusaro is one of the most important photographers of gardens in Italy.


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