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Lavaille Lavette
ID: 16289
Видавництво: Rizzoli

In 1945, Ebony's legendary founder John H. Johnson set out to create a magazine for Black America much like that of the trailblazing Life Magazine, and that he did.

For the African American community, Ebony has been a breath of fresh air, speaking on issues and events from the Black perspective, celebrating Black standards of beauty and elevating heroes of Black America -- athletes, entertainers, activists, elected officials, or some combination thereof. Ebony: Covering Black America, by Lavaille Lavette, is a celebration of the treasure trove of the magazine's rich history, glamorous covers, groundbreaking cultural impact, and authentic coverage of Black American life from the magazine's inception to the present. "Ebony was Black America's social media long before the birth of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram", says Lavette.

Curated by Lavette, this all-out feast of a book is packed with exclusive contributions by a host of celebrities, influencers, and cultural icons, including Common, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Sean Combs, Kimora Lee Simmons, Ciara, and Venus Williams. The book also includes more than 600 covers and photographs featuring political forces such as Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle and President Barack Obama, and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan; entertainers such as Diana Ross, Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Oprah Winfrey, and Prince; as well as sports heroes like Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, Russell Westbrook, and Simone Biles. Lavette has chosen select articles, features, and reportage of note, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s advice column, and Ebony Fashion Fair photo shoots, divided into categories found within the magazine, including Civil Rights & Social Justice, Love & Family, Ebony Men, Ebony Women, and Ebony Music.

Unique in the quality of its photographs and contributors and chronicling everything from fashion and food to politics and social change, to sports and entertainment, Ebony: Covering Black America is a monumental milestone in African-American history and culture, and will be a treasured volume for the magazine's legion of loyal readers.

About the Author:

Lavaille Lavette is a best-selling author, educator, producer, social entrepreneur and the president and publisher of One Street Books and Ebony Magazine's imprint Ebony Publishing. With a master's in education, Lavaille is a former school district administrator, speechwriter, marketing executive, and she served as special advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education, Dr. Rod Page (2001 -2005). Beyond her work in community engagement, nonprofit and the education spheres with her bestselling series, The Adventures of Roopster Roux, Lavette is co-founder of Every Child an Author, (ECAA) Class-by-Class, School by School. ECAA is on a mission to make every child in America a published author, one grade level at a time.


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Ціна: 2800 грн
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Daisy Dent, Christian Ziegler
ID: 12207
Видавництво: teNeues

A comprehensive look at the world’s most diverse tropical rain forests. Equally visual and informative, this book features both stunning photography and detailed texts

With their breathtaking range of flora and fauna, rainforests are veritable treasures in the world of wildlife. Photographed by the award-winning photojournalist and conservationist, Christian Ziegler, Jungle Spirits is an ode to the tropical splendor of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems, while also a call to action to protect tropical rain forests worldwide. Images captured across 20 countries and on four continents present a fascinating look at the globe’s most celebrated jungles in all their lush glory. Through Ziegler’s vibrant photography, readers journey through pristine landscapes, discover captivating creatures — including bonobos, chameleons, bats, and more — and forge an appreciation for rare plants. Informative texts penned by Ziegler’s partner and fellow conservationist, Daisy Dent, complete the book.

Christian Ziegler is an award-winning, Panama-based photojournalist specializing in natural history and science-related topics. His work has been published in GEO and National Geographic, among others. A tropical ecologist by training, Ziegler served as Associate for Communication at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama.

Daisy Dent is an ecologist who has worked in tropical forests for over 15 years. She works in Panama, Brazil, and Malaysia, where she conducted her PhD research. Dent is a lecturer at the University of Stirling, U.K., and a Research Associate at STRI, Panama.

A meaningful gift for anyone with an interest in nature, animals, travel, and more 

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Author Luis Venegas, Foreword by Jefferson Hack
ID: 16264
Видавництво: Rizzoli

A celebration of the transversal community from the iconic magazine.

The Candy Book of Transversal Creativity showcases the best content from the groundbreaking style magazine's twelve issues, with photography by icons such as Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Jack Pierson, and Ellen von Unwerth; such muses as Hari Nef, Divine, and Laverne Cox; and thoughtful and insightful writing by influential cultural trans figures such as Amos Mac and Geena Rocero.

Founded a decade ago by Luis Venegas, C*NDY is the first and only style magazine to focus on the transversal community, or transgender and gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people, transvestism, cross-dressing, drag, and androgyny. C*NDY has a devoted fan base and respect from industry leaders for showcasing the most creative and important names and talent in transversal fashion, art, and culture. This book brings together for readers the most timeless, inspirational, and aspirational pages of fashion, art, culture, makeup, glamour, icons, amazing transformations, and fun.

This is an inspiring celebration of the many levels of transversal creativity and people, all facing an exciting future.

About the Author:

Luis Venegas is the creative director, editor, and publisher of Fanzine137EY! MagateenC*ndyThe Printed Dog, and EY! Boy Collection. Since 2004, he has pursued publishing his personal editorial projects full-time. As an independent self-published editor, his magazines -- released as limited editions -- are available in select shops, boutiques, and bookstores around the world. Based in Spain, Venegas splits his time between Madrid and Barcelona. Jefferson Hack is the editorial director and cofounder of Dazed Media.


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Elena Ochoa
ID: 5462
Видавництво: Ivory Press

C PHOTO MAKING MOVIES presents a visual outline of two related, yet unmistakably different media: cinema and photography. By including artists from both media, C PHOTO MAKING MOVIES attempts to convey the influence that the motion picture has had on photography on conceptual and aesthetic levels, as well as the way photography has continued to resonate through cinema.

Collector: A selection from the private collection of English collector and gallery owner Michael Hoppen: Araki, Nobuyoshi / Bourke-White, Margaret / Brandt, Bill / Breitenbach, Joseph / Jones, Colin / Lartigue, Jacques-Henri / Moon, Sarah / Moriyama, Daido / Papageorge, Tod / Sander, August / Szabo, Joseph / Tomatsu, Shomei / Walker, Tim / Winogrand, Garry

Norman McLaren: A series of images from the animator and film director Norman McLaren, who, during the middle decades of the twentieth century, produced an extensive body of work and made many innovations in the medium, among them his novel technique of drawing both sound and pictures on film.

Archive: A series of cinema-related images from Magnum Photos, reflecting the agency’s long-standing relationship with the film industry. Photographers include: Arnold, Eve / Barbey, Bruno / Burri, Rene / Capa, Robert / Davidson, Bruce / Glinn, Burt / Smith, William Eugene / Seymour, David / Stock Dennis.

Scope / Portfolio: Altman, Robert / Cassavetes, John / Coen, Joël / De Palma, Brian / Dreyer, Carl Theodor / Doyle, Christopher / Ferrara, Abel / Fleming, Victor / Gilliam, Terry / Glen, John / Korine, Harmony / Kubrick, Stanley / Lasseter, John / Lee, Spike / Lynch, David / Mekas, Jonas / Mills, Mike / Polanski, Roman / Scorsese, Martin / Smight, Jack / Sugimoto, Hiroshi / Van Sant, Gus / Wall, Jeff

C Action: The grants for Issue 10 were awarded to Alfonso Zubiaga and Alexander Gronsky.

Vintage: C PHOTO devotes a retrospective portfolio to a series of stills from Swiss collector and photography enthusiast Christoph Schifferli. These unpublished images reveal the technical sophistication and artistic value of early Hollywood film still photography.

Guest features the work of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar who has established himself as one of the leading filmmakers of his generation. He shares a mixture of personal photography, self-portraits and images from both his early short films and later features.

Interviews and Essays: Campany, David / Hoppen, Michael / Mekas, Jonas / Self, Will / Sen, Aveek.

Elena Ochoa
ID: 5463
Видавництво: Ivory Press

The ninth edition of C International Photo Magazine explores the role of women in photography. There is no ‘photography made by women’ that can be stylistically distinguished from ‘photography made by men’. But even as photography cannot be defined by gender, women are a timeless and recurring motif and their role and representation are the subject of much debate. The work of nearly thirty artists in this issue, both in front of and behind the camera, and independently of their varying perceptions and approaches to this medium, help us redefine the representation of women in the past, present, and future.

Collector: A selection from the private collection of Spanish curator Lola Garrido: Abbott, Berenice / Arbus, Diane / Beaton, Cecil / Billy & Hells / Cameron, Julia Margaret / Cartier-Bresson, Henri / Cheney Johnston, Alfred / García-Alix, Alberto / Goldin, Nan / Kortner, Bernd / Lange, Dorothea / Miller, Lee / Morath, Inge / Model, Lisette / Munkácsi, Martin / Steichen, Edward / Winogrand, Garry

Victoria and Albert Museum: A selection of photographs which reflect the museum´s longstanding commitment to the medium: Bruguière, Francis / Clay, Langdon / diCorcia, Philip-Lorca / Fenton, Roger / McCaw, Chris / Pickering, Sarah / Price, William Lake / Ray-Jones, Tony / Simon, Taryn / Southam, Jem / Stieglitz, Alfred / Sutkus, Antanas / Thompson, Charles Thurston / Walker, Tim

Archive: Professor Jindrich Toman shares covers from his private collection of early twentieth-century magazines such as the German AIZ and Figaro, the Czech World of Labour, and the French Voilà, which gave a mass audience images of the New Woman.

Scope / Portfolio: Barak, Yair / Beasley, Juliana / Burson, Nancy / Dimmock, Jessica / Faust, Sarah / Hardy, Emma / Kahana, Vardi / Kantor, Dariusz / Kay, Barry / Leibovitz, Annie / Mofokeng, Santu / Phillips, Cara / Pinzón, Dulce / Scheynius, Lina / Sherman, Cindy / Strauss, Zoe / van Meene, Hellen / Yeo, Jonathan

C Action: The grants for Issue NINE were awarded to Jordi Gual and Veru Iché.

Vintage: C PHOTO devotes a retrospective portfolio to the twentieth-century photographer Ilse Bing, known as the ‘Queen of the Leica’, whose photographs from both Europe and the United States reflect the beauty of shape and simplicity.

Guest: New York-based mixed media artist Ugo Rondinone shares a photographic experiment in which he presents a series of images of his right and left hand created at twelve distinct planes.

Interviews and Essays: Bühler, Kathleen / Forna, Aminatta / Garrido, Lola / Phillips, Cara / Toman, Jindrich

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