Lucian Freud

Martin Gayford, edited by David Dawson and Mark Holborn
книга Lucian Freud, автор: Martin Gayford, edited by David Dawson and Mark Holborn

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Lucian Freud

Martin Gayford, edited by David Dawson and Mark Holborn
Ціна: 6500 грн
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ID: 15953
Видавництво: Phaidon
Палітурка: Hardcover, 27.3 x 35.3 cm
Кількість сторінок: 624; illustrations: 487
Рік видання: 2022
Мова: English
ISBN-13: 9781838665692

A sumptuous single-volume edition of Phaidon's acclaimed overview of one of the greatest painters of our time

Larger-than-life British artist Lucian Freud enjoyed a career lasting over seven decades. He worked almost until the day he died, when he left a portrait of friend and studio assistant David Dawson unfinished.

Now available for the first time in one elegantly combined edition, this acclaimed celebration of Freud's work from the 1930s to his death in 2011 includes hundreds of paintings, drawings, sketches, and etchings - even personal photographs and illustrated private letters.

A comprehensive overview of his life and work in one luxurious volume, this book is a gorgeous addition to the shelves of art lovers everywhere. Created in collaboration with the Lucian Freud Archive and David Dawson, Director of the Archive, and edited by Mark Holborn.

About the Authors:

Martin Gayford is a writer and art critic for The Spectator magazine. He sat for a portrait by Freud, an experience recounted in Man with a Blue Scarf (2010).

Painter David Dawson is represented by Marlborough Fine Art, London. Freud's assistant from 1991 until his death, he was a frequent model for his paintings.

Mark Holborn is an editor, designer, and writer who has worked with many leading artists over the last 30 years.