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Katrin Trautwein
ID: 9756
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Dealing with color is a complex subject: influenced by standards, fashions, and trends, we derive our ideas and concepts from color theories, intuition, and personal preferences. The color swatches and systems for describing color common today are ba...
Helmut Germer, Thomas Neeser
ID: 9757
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Striche sind zeichenbare Gedanken und oft präziser als Worte. Nur zeichenbare Ideen können in einen gestalterischen Entwurf übertragen werden. 1D, die «erste Dimension», ist somit der Ausgangspunkt des Entwurfsprozesses, sei es in der Ausbildung oder...
Wolfgang Christ
ID: 7385
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Access and accessibility are central themes in architecture and urbanism. The goal is to make buildings accessible both horizontally and vertically, as well as to provide them with technical infrastructure. But the aim is also to ensure the access...
Peter Zumthor
ID: 9758
Видавництво: Birkhauser
What "really constitutes an architectural atmosphere,” Peter Zumthor says, is "this singular density and mood, this feeling of presence, well-being, harmony, beauty ... under whose spell I experience what I otherwise would not experie...
Michael Heinrich
ID: 9759
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Architectural photography is an important tool for studying built architecture and documenting students own projects. Basics Architectural Photography provides a practically based explanation of the key technical aspects of photography, image anal...
Bert Bielefeld
ID: 9760
Видавництво: Birkhauser
In a world of tight time frames and highly interdependent processes, scheduling is an indispensable prerequisite for successful project implementation. It is the duty of the architect to manage all the project participants in a goal-oriented manner a...
Jan Krebs
ID: 9761
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Residential Buildings are normally the first design projects encountered by the student in his or her training. The focus at this point is on the different conceptual possibilities that allow one to take the first step toward an actual idea. Theme...
Alexander Schilling
ID: 9762
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Models make it possible to visualize an idea in three dimensions. Designing with models and presenting ideas is an important step in the development of a consciousness of design. Themes: - Levels of abstraction and degrees of detail - Model typo...
Hartmut Klein
ID: 9763
Видавництво: Birkhauser
The main task of the classical architect is project planning, from basic evaluation to design all the way to execution planning, the call for bids, construction management, and completion of the building. This volume explains the individual planning ...
Tanja Brotruck
ID: 9764
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Roof structures are often treated in connection with masonry construction in the student’s first designs. What are the different ways to create a protective canopy for a building, and what are the different forms such a structure may take? Themes:...
Tim Brandt
ID: 9765
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Tendering constitutes the transition from the drawing and planning stage to the construction phase. In addition to its economic and contractual dimension, it is also an essential tool for translating design quality into built quality. This volume pre...
Gerrit Schwalbach
ID: 9766
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Basics Urban Analysis is a new addition to the module on city planning. Building on the elements of cities as described in the volume Basics Urban Building Blocks, it provides techniques for analyzing cities. As a basis for city planning and architec...
Thorsten Burklin
ID: 9767
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Our cities and neighborhoods are composed of Urban Building Blocks and a knowledge of these elementary components is part of the basic equipment of city planning. It is absolutely essential for urban design that one understands their form and structu...
ID: 753
Видавництво: Birkhauser
Any space that involves descending from our typical aboveground environment is a provocation to our sensory perceptions. Such hidden spaces evoke latent mythical images and confront us with the clash between nature and artifice in our built environme...
Theodor Hugues
ID: 9768
Видавництво: Birkhauser
In modern masonry work it is customary to use large size blocks in building. They fulfil all the construction requirements even in singlelayer outside walls. Using two houses as examples all details are presented clearly and comprehensively in a scal...
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