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Jian Yi
ID: 5945
Видавництво: Ilex

With One Million Tattoos: Designs to Create and Colour you can print out unique combinations of original tattoo designs from the CD-ROM to colour and incorporate into your own artwork, or adapt and create your own designs to take to a tattooist. Over a million combinations are possible! There are classic Sailor Jerry-style banners, anchors, hearts, and birds, along with popular tribal designs, motifs and animals, that can be mixed-and-matched. The book explains how to colour the tattoos using professional techniques and how to insert them into existing art, while also acting as a visual catalogue of the tattoo designs that are on the disc.

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Danzig Baldaev, Sergei Vasiliev
ID: 14025
Видавництво: Fuel

This is the final volume of drawings and photographs from Danzig Baldaev and Sergei Vasiliev, which completes the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia trilogy. 

Danzig Baldaev documented over three thousand tattoos during a lifetime working as a prison guard. His recording of this esoteric world was reported to the KGB who unexpectedly supported him, realising the importance of being able to establish facts about convicts by reading the images on their bodies. The motifs depicted represent the uncensored lives of the criminal classes, ranging from violence and pornography to politics and alcohol. The illustrated criminals of Russia tell the tale of their closed society.

With an introduction by historian Alexander Sidorov, exploring the origin of Russian criminal tattoos and their meaning today.

Arkady Bronnikov, Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell
ID: 12182
Видавництво: Fuel

A unique insight into the design of hand-made Soviet prison playing cards and their link to the Russian criminal underworld.

This book reveals the importance of playing cards in Russian criminal culture. The hand-made decks are beautiful works of art in their own right. Prohibited by the prison authorities, they are constructed from innocuous materials procured from the everyday routine of prison life. During construction, both the cards and their designs are adroitly manipulated so they can be ‘read’. Once complete the ‘virtuoso’ player prowls the prison, searching for a suitable victim. This complete process is described here for the first time. Extensive diagrams show how the cards are made, while decks of actual prison cards are reproduced in facsimile. 

The book also features a further 180 photographs from the Arkady Bronnikov collection. The texts and captions accompanying these images reveal the connection between the criminal hierarchy, tattoos and playing cards. The respect commanded by any criminal was directly related to his ability to play, and win, at cards. The game was viewed as a means to demonstrate cunning and bravado. Failure to pay a gambling debt could result in a forcibly applied pornographic tattoo, lowering their bearer’s status. The loser would also be made to pay the ‘pricker’ (tattooist). Fingers, ears, even eyes, might be lost – cut off in the presence of other prisoners as witnesses.

Al Moran, Justin Theroux, Richard Pric
ID: 8470
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Adored by celebrity patrons and admired by his peers in the industry, Scott Campbell is known not only for his amazing technique and vision as a tattoo artist, but also as a respected fine artist on the contemporary scene. Both Campbell’s artwork and tattoo work are informed by timeless trends of “new antiquarian” style, nineteenth-century hand-lettering, kitsch, and classic tattoo “flash.”

Campbell is considered the tattoo artist of both the trendsetter and the daring celebrity. However, though Campbell has tattooed celebrities from the late Heath Ledger to visionaries like Marc Jacobs, it is through his distinctive aesthetic that he has become a celebrity in his own right.

Campbell renders fleeting trends into timeless masterpieces not only on canvas and in sculpture, but also on skin. This book captures both, exemplifying how his tattoo work informs his artwork and vice versa.

Michael "Kaves" McLeer, Billy Burke
ID: 9532
Видавництво: Prestel

This groundbreaking book gets up close and personal to show how two urban styles have melded together.

Graffiti and tattoos are now firmly entrenched as mainstream art forms. Over the past few decades, these raw products of street culture have converged in a unique visual aesthetic definitively documented for the first time in this compelling and inspirational book. Famed graffiti tattoo artist Kaves and tattoo documentarian Billy Burke introduce, one by one, the masters of graffiti tattoo art, their personal stories, and their diverse handiwork. Each chapter contains an in-depth profile, a personal statement, and fascinating photos of studios and clients. Readers will learn about the “skin graffiti” process, view brilliant “flash” drawings (design sketches for patrons to choose from), and come away with a new understanding of and appreciation for an art form that transforms the human body into the ultimate canvas for self-expression.

Lucille Clerc
ID: 11693
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Adorn your skin with these beautiful tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom

With over 100 designs, from birds, beetles and butterflies to seahorses and ladybirds, Tatouage: Wild also includes 21 art-print keepsakes.

A mix of colourful designs in a variety of sizes and shapes, makes these tattoos suitable for different parts of the body. There is also a book of quality art prints to use for animal identification, as art-print keepsakes, or as flash sheets to inspire further tattoos.

Each tattoo is non-toxic and transfers easily, leaving a vibrant design that will last a few days. When it begins to fade, it can be removed easily with baby oil.

Dale Durfee
ID: 2105
Видавництво: Aurum Press Ltd
Tattooing - once thought of as barbaric and the preserve of sailors - is now mainstream. Tattoos are worn today not only by celebrities and sports stars but also an increasing number of people in the street. Be it a Celtic armband, a delicate ankle butterfly, or an Eastern swirl peaking above a pair of jeans, tattoos are high fashion. "Tattoo" contains over 65 superb colour and black-and-white photographs specially taken for this book. Award-winning photographer Dale Durfee has persuaded a variety of people from every walk of life to show their tattoos. Here, she presents the very best examples, some in high-detail close-up and other covering the whole body in spectacular style. With amazing designs, remarkable people and some practical guidance on getting your first design, "Tattoo" is an inspiring and entertaining collection of body art - the ultimate celebration of one of the world's oldest forms of body celebration.
Anne & Julien
ID: 11700
Видавництво: Actes Sud

This book explores the artistic nature of tattooing and celebrates its living, creative, changing essence

Alongside the omniscience of tattooing throughout the world for thousands of years, presented through rare artefacts, the book pays tribute to the pioneers of the modern era, those responsible for its great transformation into the mainstream. Tattooing has become one of the most dynamic artistic currents of our era and is ever-evolving, despite the great revolutions the art has undergone.

This book looks to its foremost representatives, the tattoo artists themselves, the guardians of the temple. With this in mind, two types of contemporary workshop creations have been produced. The first one presents thirteen silicone models, thirteen extracts of the body, prints modelled from actual people, used by tattoo artists in the exercise of their art, machine worked or using traditional tools, depending on their daily practice. In search of a mise en abyme, blank canvases were offered to other artists, in the classic application known as a body suit.

The artists featured in the book are world recognized. All active continents are represented: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. All practitioners are respected by their peers for their contribution to the art.

Finally, there is a series of photos presenting the two most recent currents in modern tattooing, a locker room of aesthetic graphics that firmly root tattooing in the third millennium.


Victionary (Editor)
ID: 2251
Видавництво: Rizzoli

Tattoos are sexy, fashionable, and creative. This compendium features over 480 designs by the world's leading young graphic artists for tattoos that are new, different, and edgy.Little has appeared that explores fresh designs for tattoos by contemporary graphic artists and designers.

Tattoo Art & Design corrects this with designs by over 60 of today's up-and-coming designers. They draw inspiration from diverse cultures and media, and bridge the highly graphic world of skin art and the exploding creativity in graphic design communities worldwide. Among the featured designers are Kinpro, Klaus Haapaniemi, Marcus Oakley, Rex Koo, Rinzen, Musa Collective, and Stapelberg & Fritz.

The designs featured here shatter the conventional notion of the tattoo. Gone are hearts inscribed with names, anchors, Celtic harps, or tribal bands. Instead, the tattoo designs are based on Japanese animé characters, abstract art, hip-hop culture, and Day-Glo pop art in a palette of vibrant colors and elaborate shapes. These fun and playful designs will inspire a new breed of tattoo artist as well as the next generation of graphic designers.

Birgit Krols
ID: 8233
Видавництво: Tectum

Tectum's illustrated Bible series gets another welcome addition with this new volume fully dedicated to tattoos. We - men and women - have always tried to enhance our looks: just like jewellery, clothes, accessories, makeA ]up and haircuts, tattoos have been present since time immemorial. Today, tattooing is recognized as a socially acceptable and legitimate art form that attracts men and women of all walks of life. This book contains no text but more than 400 modern and historic images of tattoos and tattooed people from all layers of society and all parts of the world, throughout time. As such, it can both be used for inspiration as well as reference and entertainment.

Danny Fuller
ID: 4985
Видавництво: Ilex

Tattoos have never been more ubiquitous. What was once the preserve of sailors and convicts is now recognised as being one of the cutting edges of youth culture and a constant source of new and surprising visual motifs. Tattoo Clip Art allows you to create your own unique designs, combining any number of elements from the cute (little red devils and tipsy hippos) to the cutting edge (biomechanical images of metal merged with living flesh). The disc contains more than a hundred new and specially created designs, ready for use with any image-manipulation program. The permutations are endless. The tattoos you create can be put to any number of uses beyond skin adornment: skateboards, backpacks, T-shirts - practically anything can be given a fresh twist with this great package.

Aymara Arreaza
ID: 9647
Видавництво: Promopress

Since the dawn of time, people have painted and embellished their skin in a variety of forms, techniques and styles. Today the centuries old art of tattooing has developed into an exciting, creative and powerful mode of self-expression. Not just a skin-deep body decoration, tattoos have become very much a part of popular sub-culture, infiltrating the worlds of fashion, art, music and television. 'Tattoo Magic' explores this extraordinary and antique form of body art and showcases a rigorous selection of the best tattoo designs from all over the world. Bursting with unique photos and illustrations of tattoo art from butterflies, flowers, 50's pin ups and black and white portraits to religious iconography, tribal markings and intricate oriental motifs, Tattoo Magic boasts a superlative array of world class tattoo designs created using a wide range of techniques. The result is a book which is the ultimate reflection of the global tattoo scene and a rich source of inspiration for designers, artists looking for new ideas, trends and images in contemporary body art design.

Henk Schiffmacher, Noel Daniel
ID: 13450
Видавництво: Taschen

A Life in Tattoos. Henk Schiffmacher’s Private Collection of the Art and Its Makers, 1730s–1970s

Legendary tattoo artist and historian Henk Schiffmacher takes us on a personal journey through the history of tattooing from the 1730s to the 1970s in this oversized book of stunning tattoo artifacts and designs. Showcasing over two hundred years of worldwide tattoo history, the book brings together the best of Schiffmacher’s renowned private collection with lively personal commentary by the art’s most beloved raconteur and philosopher.

One part history book, one part art book, and one part fascinating memoir, this book is an overview of more than two centuries of tattoo history intermixed with an intimate look at the lives of tattoo artists, and the personal struggles and triumphs, occupational hazards, and artistic courage that have defined so much of this history.

For the last forty years, Henk Schiffmacher has poured his heart and soul into his collection, amassing tattoo drawings, designs, photographs, and artifacts from around the world. Each of the book’s five chapters features many never-before-seen highlights from this collection and includes lithographs, etchings, tattooing instruments, paintings, photographs, posters, shop signs, original drawings, and tattoo designs known in the business as flash, among them extremely rare vintage flash sheets from major players in early Western tattooing. The vastness and variety of tattooing around the world is chronicled in the book’s 700+ images, including the indigenous tattooing of the Māori and South Pacific islanders, the ancient traditions of Asia, and the origins of old-school Western tattooing in Europe and the United States. The book also features a dozen original illustrations by Schiffmacher in his inimitable style, as well as a personal introduction describing Schiffmacher’s own journey as both an artist and a collector that has shaped his view of the art’s journey from the underground to the mainstream.

Schiffmacher brings a fascinating perspective to tattoo history through his personal reflections and wild tales of adventure. In this book, we learn not only about the history of tattooing, but also about the adventures behind the making of one of the largest tattoo collections in the world, by a self-taught tattoo artist in love with the art and its innovators.

The author:

Amsterdam-based tattoo artist and historian Henk Schiffmacher is a living legend in the tattoo world. Travelling the world since the 1970s, Schiffmacher has amassed one of the largest collections of contemporary and historical tattoo ephemera in the world, known as the Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage. He has tattooed many rock and pop stars, and his tattoo shop attracts countless tattoo pilgrims. A director and writer, he has published over twenty books, including TASCHEN’s 1000 Tattoos, and designed for many brands. In 2017, he was decorated by the king and queen of the Netherlands as an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, a Dutch order of chivalry and the highest recognition given to a civilian.

The editor:

Noel Daniel is a graduate of Princeton University and a former Fulbright Scholar to Berlin. Her TASCHEN publications include Kay Nielsen's A Thousand and One Nights and East of the Sun and West of the Moon, The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Wintertime Tales, Magic, and The Circus.

Mar¡a Keiling
ID: 9320
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Maria Keilig
ID: 9321
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