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ID: 5526
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020   daily BROWN
048   Charcoal BBQ 3692
068   On the 6(six)
092   Dumare


110   Megabox, Dongdaemun
120   JEFE Club
134   CGV, Mullae
150   Cinus Cinema, Daejeon
158   Water Joy
170   Legrand Funbeach
180   Muscle Factory Gym
194   Saint Western CC


230   Hwaseong Museum
242   Seoul Arts Center, Opera Theater
252   KCMC, Bundang
262   Doosan Art-Square
276   New main building of the Hanyang University

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ID: 5525
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006 Beijing Donald House
020 Sinsamho Apartment
034 As if the rabbit lived in the moon...


088 VaxDoroci
106 Jeju Haevichi Hotel
116 Sah chun ae


134 B2y office
152 Alpha Ville 44
166 Hana Bank in Incheon International Airport
174 Hana Bank Instore Branch Manual
182 Ticket Link Office


198 VS Plastic Surgery
208 Samsung Line Plastic Surgery
224 Chungdamhyun Skin Clinic
240 MS Plant Asia dental clinic & MS lounge
254 Ppuri Oriental Clinic
270 Kim Ki-joon Oriental

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Bernard Daude
ID: 7135
Видавництво: Vial

Ce livre est un ouvrage d’apprentissage et d’initiation. Pour un bon apprentissage du métier d’ébéniste, l’auteur insiste sur la nécessité d’assimiler les bons gestes et les bonnes attitudes. Les nombreux schémas et photographies contenus dans l’ouvrage appuient le propos pédagogique. Ce manuel est un support destiné aux débutants pour l’exécution des travaux en ébénisterie.

Sommaire :
Les bases du dessin. Les assemblages. Les techniques de placage. Les usinages à la toupie. Le montage. L’ajustage. La finition. L’affûtage. La sécurité. Glossaire. Bibliographie.

ID: 8512
Видавництво: Monsa

Eco Remodeling Green Architecure features a typological variety of projects and architectural styles, all clearly contemporary but inevitably influenced by the project pre-existences who must, in one way or another, adapt. We also discover different types of renovations, rehabilitations or additions that staged the very heterogeneous and varied ideas of the concept of rehabilitation.

Adam Mornement
ID: 3265
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

The vast majority of architects cut their teeth designing small-scale additions to private homes. Extensions can be added to roofs, gardens and underneath buildings or can even be strapped on to the sides.

Following a brief introduction, the book is divided into chapters featuring 40 projects that extend spaces up, down, to the rear, to the side, on the roof, internally and outdoors. Each case study explains how the architects faced design challenges while at the same time meeting their clients needs. Details covered include choice of materials, planning issues, time and cost.

The book also raises issues that clients ought to consider when commissioning an architect to design an extension, from developing a brief to the finished product. At the end of the book there is practical advice for anyone thinking about extending their own property.

Thomas Herzog, Roland Krippner, Werner Lang
ID: 7392
Видавництво: Birkhauser

Facades - they are the first feature of a building to be noticed, they determine its distinctive appearance and are often the subject of controversial debate. This new first edition of the Facade Construction Manual provides a systematic survey of contemporary expertise in the application of new materials and energy- efficient technologies in facade design, and represents an invaluable addition to our series of Construction Manuals. It surveys the facade design requirements made by various types of buildings, as well as the most important materials, from natural stone through to synthetics, and documents a diversity of construction forms for a wide range of building types. Over 100 international case-studies in large-scale, detailed drawings are presented in the comprehensive project section.

Jo Pauwels, Jean-Luc Laloux
ID: 1698
Видавництво: Beta-Plus

Historical farmhouses, quadrangular farms and castle farms form an important part of the heritage of the Low Countries.

More and more interior designers, architects, restorers and private individuals with a passion for old buildings are realising that this heritage must not be lost.

Now that there is a constant decrease in the number of active farms, more ancient farmhouses are finding new owners. They are being restored to make contemporary residential farms, with all modern comforts and luxury, but with the authentic character and the surrounding natural landscape as additional bonuses.

This book is a plea for a reassessment of this rich, rural architectural history. Whether it’s a seventeenth-century convent farm, a nineteenth-century long-fronted farmhouse, or the stylistically faithful reproduction of an authentic eighteenth-century farm complex, these unique creations all combine the past and the present, the house and its rural surroundings in a stunning way.

Klaus Sedlbauer
ID: 7394
Видавництво: Birkhauser

Often described as the « fifth façade », the flat roof is extremely popular with architects. Its essential task is to shelter the space beneathit from the elements. Beyond this, the use of flat roofs may be optimized by integrating them as green roofs, roof terraces, circulationareas, and even productive solar roofs.In practice, however, their correct and professional realization is a highly exacting task : in addition to providing the planner with basicrules of construction and design, the Flat Roof Manual also supplies an overview of the use and construction types as well as the standardassemblies for flat roofs. Together with the most important standards and bodies of regulations, construction drawings of the principalconnection points round out the volume.

Jin-Ho Park
ID: 9523
Видавництво: Images

Graft in architecture refers to any designs added to existing or neglected structures, reinvigorating tired spaces with new life. Instead of dismissing these spaces as simply ‘functional’, graft in architecture values them for their potential and shows how we can turn negative spaces into opportunities to breathe new life into architecture.

Along with the Design Research & Innovation Laboratory (D-Lab), Professor Jin-Ho Park highlights four projects and the process involved in grafting, from conception to fabrication, along with plans, drawings, and photographs detailing every aspect and consideration.

Using inventive ideas and experimental approaches, Professor Park demonstrates the benefits graft in architecture can bring to any space.

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HRH The Prince of Wales
ID: 5772
Видавництво: Rizzoli

"Green" architecture is not only beautiful but imperative, making this volume indispensable for anyone interested in sustainable design.

This book is the most thorough overview to be published on environmentally sound building and planning practices and includes project descriptions, photographs, and detailed drawings that demonstrate that sustainability is not just good for the planet, but also offers new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Beginning with a survey of evolving strategies to step more lightly on the earth, like "graywater" recovery, green roofs, contextual design, and human-scale architecture, the book features essays by such noted experts as Andres Duany, Victor Deupi, Bruce King, Stephen A. Mouzon, and Norman Crowe.

Creative Homeowner
ID: 8914
Видавництво: Creative Homeowner

A collection of well-designed, affordable single-family home plans, multi-family home plans, or small office plans created specifically for building contractors

  • Full-color throughout-240 pages
  • 175 designs ready to be built using in stock materials from Lowe’s
  • 34 full-color pages of design ideas and advice for the builder
  • Construction blueprints available for every single-family home, multi-family home, and small office
  • ALL-NEW and EXCLUSIVE plans--will not be found them in any other book.
  • Plans DESIGNED to be easy to build using a single plate height and standard dimensional lumber; all of the lumber available from Lowe’s; no special orders needed
  • Three foundations included to suit just about any lot and local site condition: slab on grade; crawlspace, and full basement
  • Complete Material Take-off ($345.00 value) included at no additional cost with all plans--exclusive to this book and plan program
  • $345.00 rebate from Lowe’s for all plan purchases
  • Quick-and-easy ordering by phone or online
  • CAD files available
Joachim Achtziger, Guenter Pfeifer, Rolf Ramcke
ID: 762
Видавництво: Birkhauser

The Masonry Construction Manual examines the wide range of possibilities stone and brickwork offer in building. It documents in great detail the technical principles and methods of building with these materials, examines their properties, the sizes and forms of bricks and stones, the bonds, and the behaviour of stone and brickwork under stress. In addition, full information is provided on the requirements with respect to heat, damp, sound-proofing and fire protection, and the most recent standards and norms are listed. Finally, a large number of built examples are presented, complete with plans and details, all of which illustrate the many applications of stone and brickwork in contemporary construction. All plans have been drawn at equal scale especially for this book to ensure best legibility and easy comparison. The construction manuals from Edition Detail have set new standards in the field of specialist literature, becoming an indispensable part of any architect's library.

George M. Beylerian, Andrew Dent
ID: 763
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

This is a book that connects material to designer. For all interior, product, graphic and fashion designers, for anyone connected with packaging, design, architecture or the environment, and for artists and sculptors Material ConneXion will be essential – and inspiring – reading. The high-tech industries of today are unleashing hitherto undreamt-of creative possibilities. This brilliantly illustrated volume identifies the key trends in the field, looking to the future and highlighting materials with the most potential for development. The authors define substances according to their base compositions rather than their current uses, which leads the reader to a clearer understanding of each material’s potential and applications. metals - glass - ceramics - polymers - natural and naturally derived materials - carbon-based materials - cement-based materials -

P. Chueca
ID: 274
Видавництво: Links
Functionality and aesthetics come together beautifully in this volume, featuring a wide-ranging selection of outstanding renovations and additions carried out by internationally-renowned architects. The designing architects themselves share their expertise by directly contributing their own commentary on each project, making this the most highly-informed guide to innovations in renovating available.
ID: 317
Видавництво: Links
The lack of space in big cities and the desire to preserve old architecture of great value help to explain the continuing desire to retrieve spaces of the past as locations for new dwellings. The adaptation of the conditions of the old building to present-day living needs demands delicate technical and documentary work by the architect. This volume explores a variety of ideas for reconditioning historical spaces for domestic use, complete with plans and pictures of the original state, the development of the project and the final result, in which a suggestive, fertile dialogue is struck between past and present. The works shown here are by well-known architects from different European countries as John Pawson, Simon Conder, Beat Consoni, Richard Rogers and Vincent van Duysen.
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