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Cas Holmes
ID: 13648
Видавництво: Batsford

The events of your life, from local walks to exotic trips, can provide endless inspiration for textile art. This inspiring book shows you how to record your experiences, using sketchbooks, journals and photography, to create personal narratives that can form a starting point for more finished stitched-textile pieces.

Acclaimed textile artist and teacher Cas Holmes, whose work is often inspired by her life and the journeys she makes, helps you find inspiration through your own life and explains how to record what you see in sketchbooks and journals, which can often become beautiful objects in themselves. She explains how you can use photography, both as documentation and as inspiration, and sometimes incorporate it into the work itself, along with found objects and ephemera.

Throughout the book are useful techniques that can be harnessed to add extra interest to your work, such as methods for making layered collages, how to 'sketch' with stitch, and advice on design and colour. If you want to create beautiful, unique work inspired by your life and travels, this is the perfect book for you.

About the Author:

Cas Holmes is one of UK’s most renowned textile artists. She exhibits widely and runs courses at West Dean College in West Sussex. She is the author of Textile Landscape, Stitch Stories, The Found Object in Textile Art and Connected Cloth, also published by Batsford. She has also written for magazines and websites including Embroidery, The Quilter and TextileArtist and for The Festival of Quilts. She lives in Maidstone, Kent.

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Anne Kelly
ID: 14717
Видавництво: Batsford

An evocative exploration of how travel – local and far away – can inform, inspire and enhance textile art.

Travel has always featured heavily in textile art, from artists’ ‘travelling sketchbooks’ to large-scale installations mapping coastal erosion or the effects of climate change. In this book, renowned textile artist Anne Kelly shows how to capture your travels, past and present, in stitch, with practical techniques sitting alongside inspiring images.

She begins the book by discussing maps in textile art, including their iconography as well as incorporating actual maps into textile work. She then goes on to explore the influence of different cultures from across the globe on textile art.

From India and Peru to Scotland and Scandinavia, the book shows how to harness traditional techniques, fabrics, motifs and colours for use in your own work. The chapter ‘Stopping Places’ captures the moments in time on a journey that can be distilled, remembered and documented to create stitched postcards, sketchbooks and other pieces. The final chapter, ‘Space and the Imagination’, explores the possibilities of space travel as a source of inspiration, and covers inner space too, with artists mapping their own emotional journeys.

Including a wealth of practical tricks and techniques as well as exquisite photography of both Anne’s own work and that of other leading textile artists, this fascinating book will inspire all textile artists, embroiderers and makers to use past travels to influence their work.

About the Author:

Anne Kelly is a textile artist and tutor. She trained in Canada and the UK and now teaches and speaks to guilds and groups. Her work is exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions, including private collections in the UK and abroad, the Vatican Collection in Rome and at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto. She was recently artist-in-residence at Sussex Prairies Garden in West Sussex and exhibited at the international World of Threads Festival and the Prague Patchwork Meeting. She is the co-author of Connected Cloth, also published by Batsford.


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ID: 13395
Видавництво: Fashionary

The Ultimate Textile Bible

Textilepedia is an extensive textile dictionary that covers all essential fabric knowledge – from deciphering different types of materials to understanding your finishing options. A balance between text and imagery; it acts as a quick easy-to-navigate guide – simplifying complicated fabric and fiber information using comparisons and relatable stories.

An Easy Guide for Fabric

Textilepedia​ helps to provide answers for your fabric selection:

- Light or heavyweight?
- Rough or soft texture?
- Breathable or not?
- Easy to drape?

The book is here to answer all those questions – and then some.

- Why do fabrics have different widths?
- What makes a fiber or fabric elastic?
- Which fabrics are best for printing?
- Are all-natural fibers sustainable?

Packed with need-to-know information about textiles, Textilepedia is a benefit to an array of levels and roles within the fashion industry.

A Portable Textile Library

Textilepedia brings a comprehensive knowledge of textile applications to you. From how to choose fibers, the formation of yarns, the characteristics of common fabrics, and the effects of textile finishing, the book serves as an all-in-one textile information hub.

Visual Oriented - So Easy to Read

When it comes to understanding textiles, information can be tricky to digest – even for designers who work with materials and fabrics every day. That’s why we made sure Textilepedia is presented in a highly-visual, and easy-to-understand way. By incorporating clear and attractive images, illustrations, diagrams and icons, information is a breeze to read, understand, and remember.

Chapter 1 - Fiber

1. How to classify different types of fibers
2. The history, characteristics, and maintenance of individual fibers
3. Fiber shortcodes
4. Alternative substitutions for fibers
5. Common types of blended fibers
6. How to distinguish different fibers
7. Sustainable options for particular fibers

Chapter 2 - Yarns

1. Different yarn-spinning types and their pros and cons
2. How to calculate the yarn count in different yarn systems
3. Different types of ply and yarn twists
4. Common types of complex and textured yarns

Chapter 3 - Weaves

1. How to distinguish between different types of weaves
2. The thread count system
3. Principles of the weaving machines
4. Common woven fabric properties, applications, and variations
5. The stories of different woven fabrics
6. Common and alternative choices for particular fabrics

Chapter 4 - Knits

1. Types of stitches, wales, and courses
2. Yarn count choices for knitting fabrics
3. Different cutting types for knitted fabrics
4. The principles of knitting machines
5. The characteristics, common applications and a knitting diagram of the most common knitted fabric

Chapter 5 - Lace & Netting

1. Common types of laces
2. The lacing machine and the timeline of lace
3. The most common types of netting

Chapter 6 - Non-woven

1. Different production processes and the formation of non-woven fabrics
2. Common allocations for non-woven and felting fabrics

Chapter 7 - Hides

1. How to grade different types of leather
2. Classifications of different leathers
3. Characteristics of common leather types and their common applications

Chapter 8 - Finishings

1. Different dying processes and their properties
2. Different printing methods and how to choose the right one
3. Functional and aesthetic finishings for fabric enhancement

Chapter 9 - Pattern & color

1. Names of common patterns
2. Name suggestions for different fabric colors

Practicality comes first

We focus on presenting information using the most practical mindset possible, making knowledge easy to digest and apply. Skip the lengthy theory, and get straight to the information you need to know.

Textile Knowledge is the Foundation of Fashion Design

Fashion design is a combination of three important factors: imagination, fabrication, and execution. To ensure a strong fabrication foundation, knowledge of textiles is key. Not only is it the functional base of all your designs, but the stronger your understanding of textiles, the more you will be able to push the boundaries of creativity. Textilepedia will give you a head start in understanding textiles – and give you an edge in your fashion career.

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Thomas Murray, Virginia Soenksen
ID: 15385
Видавництво: Prestel

From rugged Japanese firemen’s ceremonial robes and austere rural workwear to colourful, delicately-patterned cotton kimonos, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Japan’s rich tradition of textiles.

Textiles are an eloquent form of cultural expression and of great importance in the daily life of a people, as well as in their rituals and ceremonies. The traditional clothing and fabrics featured in this book were made and used in the islands of the Japanese archipelago between the late 18th and the mid-20th century. The Thomas Murray collection featured in this book includes daily dress, workwear, and festival garb and follows the Arts and Crafts philosophy of the Mingei Movement, which saw that modernization would leave behind traditional art forms such as the hand-made textiles used by country people, farmers, and fisherman. It presents subtly patterned cotton fabrics, often indigo dyed from the main islands of Honshu and Kyushu, along with garments of the more remote islands: the graphic bark cloth, nettle fiber, and fish skin robes of the aboriginal Ainu in Hokkaido and Sakhalin to the north, and the brilliantly coloured cotton kimonos of Okinawa to the far south. Numerous examples of these fabrics, photographed in exquisite detail, offer insight into Japan’s complex textile history as well as inspiration for today’s designers and artists. This volume explores the range and artistry of the country’s tradition of fiber arts and is an essential resource for anyone captivated by the Japanese aesthetic.

About the Authors:

Thomas Murray is a dealer of Asian and tribal art and has an extensive personal collection of Japanese and Indonesian textiles. He is a past president of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association (ATADA), and served on President Obama's Cultural Property Advisory Committee at the Department of State in Washington, DC. Virginia Soenksen is Associate Director of the Madison Art Collection at James Madison University in Virginia. Anna Jackson is Keeper of the Asian Department at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where she is responsible for the museum's collection of Japanese textiles and dresses.


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Mandy Pattullo
ID: 14718
Видавництво: Batsford

A guide to transforming found and cherished textiles.

Textile artist Mandy Pattullo shows how to source, refashion and repurpose vintage textiles to create beautiful collages and other unique textile objects. There are ideas for embellishment, stitch and appliqué as well as tips for transforming material into impressive quilts, bags, books, tablecloths, tapestry panels and wall hangings and much more.

Following the make-do-and-mend and folk art traditions of previous generations, Mandy provides simple instructions for working with a variety of vintage textiles and precious fragments. There are projects for working with quilts, patchworks, linen, lace, wool and even deconstructing pre-loved garments.

Each project beautifully demonstrates how fabrics and textiles can find a new and repurposed life and will inspire textile artists to incorporate these past beauties into their own work.

About the Author:

Mandy Patullo trained as a surface pattern and textile designer and now is a textile artist, exhibiting her own work around the UK and also running textile workshops. Her work is based on collage techniques and she makes a conscious effort not to buy new fabric but repurpose the range of beautiful existing pieces that can be found everywhere. 


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Jay Calderin, Laura Volpintesta
ID: 10567
Видавництво: Rockport

An essential primer for students and first-stop reference for professionals, The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book takes the fashion designer through the entire design process, from conceiving a garment to marketing it.

This valuable handbook contains the information and ideas essential to planning and executing fashion projects of every scale and distills them in an easy-to-use format that is compact enough to slip into a tote. Linking six central phases in the cycle of fashion — research, editing, design, construction, connection, and evolution —The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book helps designers develop effective strategies for building a cohesive collection and communicating their vision.

About the Authors:

Jay Calderin teaches a wide variety of fashion and professional development courses at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA, where he is also the Director of Creative Marketing. He founded and serves as Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week. Calderin’s designs have appeared in the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines.

Laura Volpintesta teaches fashion illustration, presentation and concept development at Parson's New School of Design. She resides in New York City.


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Kristi O'Meara
ID: 13977
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

Packed with over 550 designs organized thematically – a visual feast

The Pattern Base presents textile and surface design by some of the most exciting up-and-coming designers worldwide and points to the way ahead for this vibrant field

The future possibilities of print, pattern and clothing are endless and this book leads the way into that future – it is a wonderful sourcebook for all students, professionals and enthusiasts of textile and fashion design.

The Pattern Base includes illustrative, abstract, geometric, floral, representational and digital designs; and knitted, woven, hand-dyed and digitally printed fabrics, all drawn from the author’s online archive and blog, which she co-founded with Audrey Victoria Keiffer.

In tandem with the rise of exciting new technologies is a renewed appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and the handmade; of the tactility and construction of fabrics of all kinds. Illustrated biographies profile thirteen of the most significant textiles designers working today, who share new ways to communicate, experiment and become inspired.

Contents List:

Introduction • 1: Geometric • 2: Florals • 3: Representational • 4: Digital • 5: Abstract • 6: Illustrative • 7: Fabric Swatches • 8: Featured Artists (Lorenzo Nanni, Charlotte Linton, Hannah Truran, Senyor Pablo, Dan Riley + Jeannine Han, Kayla Mattes, Sabine Ducasse, Anna-Marie Leppisaari, Anita Hirlekar, Jonah Jacobs, Adrià Colorado, String Theory, Abby Thomas)

About the Author:

Kristi O’Meara is a designer, illustrator and co-founder of www.thepatternbase.com, an online archive and blog dedicated to profiling the latest, most exciting work in textile and surface design around the world.

List of Contributors:

Audrey Victoria Keiffer, Lorenzo Nanni, Charlotte Linton, Hannah Truran, Senyor Pablo, Dan Riley, Jeannine Han, Kayla Mattes, Sabine Ducasse, Anna-Mari Leppisaari, Anita Hirkelar, Jonah Jacobs, Adrià Colorado, String Theory, Abby Thomas

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Drusilla Cole
ID: 8854
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

This stunning picture book chronicles one hundred years of classic patterns, featuring designs in a wide variety of styles, art movements and countries of origin to give an overview of surface design from the beginning of the last century to the present day.

The book is full of original patterns from textiles, wallpaper, furniture and ceramics and other decorative designs, drawn from a wide range of sources, including the rarely seen archives of leading manufacturers and private collections. Images are arranged by colour and retro and contemporary images come together so that exciting and unexpected juxtapositions occur.

Featuring stunning patterns from celebrated artists, such as Henry Moore and Eduardo Paolozzi, to contemporary practitioners, such as Eley Kishimoto and Rob Ryan, this rich visual history of patterns will be a source of inspiration to designers everywhere.

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Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain
ID: 17041
Видавництво: Yale University Press

The first publication devoted to the textile designs of one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists, showcasing a rarely discussed aspect of the Pop Art superstar’s career

Andy Warhol (1928–1987), a giant of twentieth century art, is known to most people for his iconic images of soup cans, Coke bottles, and Marilyn Monroe. Before his meteoric rise to fame in the early 1960s as a Pop Art superstar, Warhol was a highly successful commercial artist in New York.

The late Matt Wrbican, former chief archivist of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, once said “there are very few stories left to tell about Warhol, but textiles is one of them”. This is the first book devoted to the commercial textile designs of this leading figure in the history of art. With stunning new photography throughout, including unpublished images of newly discovered textiles, the book sheds new light on a previously undocumented but important aspect of Warhol’s oeuvre.

Featuring over 30 different textiles, from ice cream sundaes to acrobatic clowns, Warhol: The Textiles offers a unique record of the beginnings of one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists.

About the Author:

Geoffrey Rayner and Richard Chamberlain are independent gallery owners, researchers, curators, and authors. 

Ціна: 2000 грн
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Linda Parry
ID: 9486
Видавництво: V&A Victoria Albert Museum

William Morris Textiles was the first comprehensive survey of the many hundreds of original, colourful textiles produced by William Morris and the two commercial companies he founded and managed. To this day it remains the authority in the field, and this revised edition has been completely rewritten and expanded with beautiful new photography. Linda Parry provides new insight into the embroideries, printed and woven textiles, carpets and tapestries produced by Morris & Co., giving in-depth information about their design and manufacture. The varied, often highly specialized processes involved are discussed in detail, as are Morris's working methods.

Ціна: 2000 грн
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J.J. Martin
ID: 17189
Видавництво: Vendome Press

Embrace female empowerment with J. J. Martin, founder of world–renowned Milanese lifestyle brand LaDoubleJ, in the ultimate insider’s guide to Italy and her magic.

After moving from Manhattan to Milan 20 years ago, with no job, no friends, and no patience for the Italian way of life, J. J. Martin realized she had no option but to surrender to the vibrant but slow-paced lifestyle. In so doing, she discovered more joy (and success) than she could ever have imagined. In this uplifting volume, Martin invites us to jump on board and join her on her journey – an outsider’s evolution through life, love, loss, creativity, and magic – to today’s beloved ‘Milano’. Dive into the delights of Italian fashion, food, and good living; meet some of Italy’s leading female tastemakers (the ‘LaDoubleJ Babes’); tap into Martin’s spiritual secrets for unleashing inner creativity and wisdom; and more – all with a dash of LaDoubleJ vintage chic and oodles of Italian style. This feel-good book is a celebration and a creation story – both of a brand and of becoming your own woman, the Italian way.

Each copy is bound in one of three LaDoubleJ fabrics. Orders will be fulfilled with one of the fabrics available, selected at random.

About the Author:

J.J. Martin is a Los Angeles–born editor turned entrepreneur and founder of the hugely successful Milanese lifestyle brand La DoubleJ — now a global phenomenon. Having spent years scoping out the very best of Italian fashion and design as a contributing editor for publications including Harper’s Bazaar and Wallpaper*, Martin launched La DoubleJ in 2015 as a shoppable magazine selling vintage clothing and jewelry. The brand soon expanded into a full lifestyle label offering new fashion made with archival prints, cool home design, and rare vintage — all distilled through a lens of pure joy and eye-popping print — and championing Italian talent. With collections sold in more than 200 stores worldwide, La DoubleJ’s first flagship store opened in Milan’s high-end fashion district in 2021, complete with a dedicated floor offering a spiritual haven for shoppers and venue for female empowerment workshops. Martin lives in Milan.

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Patrick Frey, Alain Stella, Mattia Aquila
ID: 16951
Видавництво: Flammarion

Pierre Frey, the leading French producer of furniture textiles and wallcoverings, seamlessly combines artisanal craftsmanship with modernity.

Enchanting brocades and damasks, luminous hand-woven silken velvets, traditional woodblock printed fabrics, striking contemporary patterns made into works of art: Pierre Frey, a family business founded in 1935, is famous for the variety and boldness of its inspired designs, and has asserted itself in the luxury market as the uncontested global leader in soft furnishing textiles and wallpapers. Having acquired the venerable houses Braquenié and Le Manach, Pierre Frey possesses one of the most important private textile heritages in the world. Pierre Frey has worked with the Louvre and the château de Versailles, decorated castle interiors, and provides the fabrics and wallpapers of elegant private homes around the world ― from Paris to Hong Kong to New York. Drawing from their archives of more than 25,000 documents, which date from the sixteenth century to the present, this indispensable volume will serve as a reference and a basis for contemporary inspiration to professional and amateur designers.

About the Authors:

Patrick Frey, artistic director at Pierre Frey, joined the family business in 1970. Here he shares the legacy he is passing on to his three sons, the beauty and variety of his current and past collections, and the secrets of the firm’s extraordinary success.
Alain Stella has written many books, including Jacques Garcia: A Sicilian Dream-Villa Elena, Jacques Garcia: Twenty Years of Passion – Château du Champ de Bataille; and Historic Houses of Paris.
Mattia Aquila is a photographer specialized in interior design and architecture. His work appears regularly in magazines including AD Italia and Archiplan, and his photographs were featured in Venice: A Private Invitation (Flammarion, 2022).


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Gail Baugh
ID: 10701
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A revised edition of this essential guide to fabric properties, peculiarities and garment-design potential

Here is the fabric and textile directory that dressmakers and fashion designers everywhere have been waiting for. This book is like having your own personal shopper – able to recommend fabrics to suit the effects you want to achieve, show you how the fabric will perform, and tell you the best ways of using it.

- Organized by function: do you want a fabric for structure, fluidity and movement, added volume, definition or decoration? This book works in such a way that you can view the fabric as the medium from which the garment design can be achieved right from the beginning.
- Each textile in the directory is accompanied by samples of the fabric presented so that its properties come alive, allowing you to really understand how a fabric might behave.
- The chart section at the back of the book includes essential guides to fibre properties, fabric structure and weight, fabric characteristics and end-use.

Contents List:

Introduction • 1. The Landscape of Textile Design: The Language of Textiles Design; The Designer’s Social Responsibility • 2. The Directory: Achieving the Design Concept; Structure; Fluidity; Expansion; Compression; Ornamentation • 3. Terminology and Resources: Easy Reference Field Guides; Glossary; Socially Responsible Materials; General Resources

About the Author:

Gail Baugh has extensive fashion industry experience, particularly in global product development and sourcing for large retail chains. She is currently teaching textiles and merchandising at both San Francisco State University and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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Vanessa Arbuthnott, Gail Abbott
ID: 11916
Видавництво: Ryland Peters & Small / CICO books

50 step-by-step projects, plus practical advice on hanging curtains, choosing fabric, and measuring up

Learn to sew curtains, shades, pillows, and more and make your home truly your own with these 50 beautiful projects. Sewing your own home furnishings will allow you to choose exactly the fabric and style you want, and will make your home unique.

There’s never been a better time to sew for the home, with a huge range of furnishing fabrics available in stores and online. And the money you save by making these items yourself can be put towards buying the loveliest fabrics you can afford, making your home more beautiful still. Designer Vanessa Arbuthnott guides you through 50 projects, each made in one of her own beautiful printed fabrics, and all with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.

The projects range from the simplest of pillow covers for the novice stitcher, through to lined curtains with an array of different headings, shades, bed throws, and table linen. There is also a chapter on accessories, such as a cook’s apron, and table mats, which would all be a great starting point if you want to brush up on your skills before tackling a larger project. Vanessa explains how each of her collections was developed, and what inspired her designs, but if you prefer to choose your own material, there is plenty of advice on selecting fabrics, using color, cutting out, matching pattern repeats, piping, and hand-stitching, as well as a techniques section covering the basic sewing skills you will need.

Guidance on measuring for curtains and shades, and on ways to hang them, as well as instructions for valances and an upholstered cornice, make this a complete introduction to sewing your own window treatments, and more. Previously published as The Home-Sewn Home, this new edition includes four completely new projects and inspirational photography featuring Vanessa’s most recent fabric collections throughout.

About the author

Vanessa Arbuthnott started her own fabric design business ten years ago and was soon featured in Country Living and the Saturday Telegraph. She has never looked back and her enthusiasm for designing fabric is as strong as ever. This is her first book. Vanessa is based in Gloucestershire, UK.

Gail Abbott is a home stylist and writer whose work regularly appears in interiors magazines such as The World of Interiors, Homes & Gardens and Ideal Home. She is the author of nine books, including Shoestring Chic, Living with Light, Decorating with Blue and White, Living with White, and The Newly-Wed’s Guide to Setting up Home, all published by CICO Books. Gail is based in Cambridge, UK.

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Karolyn Kiisel
ID: 15280
Видавництво: Laurence King Publishing

Advanced Creative Draping teaches designers and students how to drape fashion-forward, conceptual designs that use elements of couture construction to elevate the work to the highest level of fashion.

Five methods of draping are explored as well as draping using embellishments or particular surface designs. The final chapter demonstrates how to create a high-quality heirloom garment.

Featuring specially commissioned step-by-step photography, the book includes tips from designers working with draping methods today. Essentially an advanced textbook for the serious fashion student, it also serves as a workroom reference book for professional fashion and costume designers.

About the Author:

Karolyn Kiisel is currently teaching costume at the Theater Academy of Los Angeles City College, and taught at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles for over twenty years. Her fashion designs have been sold internationally, and her costume work has appeared widely on screen and stage.


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