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Elizabeth Atkins-Hood , Elizabeth Joy Bell
ID: 8132
Видавництво: A&C Black
Mosaics: Outside the Box is both a practical and inspirational guide to making mosaics. Including instructions for designing and making your own creations, this highly illustrated and interesting text covers a range of techniques for both the novice ...
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Drusilla Cole
ID: 1941
Видавництво: A&C Black
1000 illustrations. A comprehensive look at 1000 key designs from ancient Egypt through to the end of the 20th Century. The book is arranged by period and style so that the reader can see at a glance the typical patterns used in a range of periods a...
Gordon Lang (Editor)
ID: 1942
Видавництво: A&C Black
This book will be a companion volume to the successful 1000 Patterns book which we previously bought-in from the Ivy Press. Like the previous book, it will be an historical/geographical survey of the subject, jam-packed with beautiful, full colour...
Adrian Heath, Ditte Heath, Aage Lund Jensen
ID: 1943
Видавництво: A&C Black
This is a pictorial overview of the development of design and materials in the past 300 years, which have produced a wealth of innovative industrial design. Items such as the garden trug and bicycles, the Wedgwood teapot and milk bottles were all dev...
Aneta Genova
ID: 8356
Видавництво: A&C Black
This comprehensive introduction to accessory design gives the aspiring designer an overview of the history of fashion accessories, including a look at important contributions by brands both classic and contemporary. It presents a model for accessory ...
Kristin Knox
ID: 8123
Видавництво: A&C Black
Packed with breathtaking photographs, this tribute to Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) celebrates the incredible creations of an iconic, imaginative, and inspirational fashion designer whose work turned heads and hearts all over the world. He was a majo...
Mark Rawlinson
ID: 8357
Видавництво: A&C Black
Visual culture - art, advertising, architecture, cinema, television, cartography, video, the internet, and images of science - has shaped American national identity more than that of any other country. Covering the period from the late nineteenth cen...
Amanda Doughty
ID: 8031
Видавництво: A&C Black
The bulk of this handbook is step-by-step case studies, comprehensively explained and illustrated with photographs. Each chapter demonstrates and guides the reader through procedures for making a bangle or bracelet using a particular technique, appro...
Robert Clay
ID: 8358
Видавництво: A&C Black
Beautiful Thing presents a broad introduction to design theory and practice. Historical, contextual, philosophical, technical, visual, and practical approaches to Design are often presented separately. But each approach impacts on others and together...
Linda Bloomfield
ID: 8127
Видавництво: A&C Black
A complete guide to achieving a fantastic spectrum of colourful glazes for the studio potter, Colour in Glazes looks at all the methods of acheiving colour in glazes, focusing on colouring oxides in detail, including the newly available rare earth ox...
Deidre Clancy
ID: 1945
Видавництво: A&C Black
The post-war years saw an upheaval in social, personal and professional life that resulted in a large variety of fashions in a comparatively short period. From the austerity of the utility years to the recent seventies revival, this book aims to capt...
Hazel Clark, David Brody
ID: 8360
Видавництво: A&C Black
Design Studies: A Reader is the ideal entry point for any student who wants to understand the many complex roles of design - as process, product, function, symbol, and use. Reflecting the diverse range of perspectives on design, the reader brings tog...
Christina Brodie
ID: 1946
Видавництво: A&C Black
This is a botanically based (as opposed to free-form drawing) practical manual on how to paint a vast range of plants in watercolour and other media. Drawing on her experience as a botanical art teacher, Christina Brodie takes a holistic approach ...
Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor
ID: 8028
Видавництво: A&C Black
Dyeing and Screen-Printing on Textiles is a clear, easy-to-follow guide for students as well as accomplished artists and designers who wish to expand their knowledge of a range of fascinating techniques. Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor covers all the key pro...
Susan Kelly
ID: 8402
Видавництво: A&C Black
This book brings together a collection of photographs and commentary celebrating Elizabeth Taylor's timeless sense of style, both on-screen and off, which ran the gamut from her high glamour Hollywood gowns and jewelry to her extraordinary earthy bea...
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