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Alfons Kaiser
ID: 17365
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A Financial Times Book of the Year: the definitive story of fashion's most enigmatic icon.

Karl Lagerfeld lived a very public life. He shaped the Chanel and Fendi brands for decades, and his wit and wisdom amused and informed the world. Yet despite a massively public persona, his hinterland remained unknown. What is the truth behind this larger-than-life but enigmatic figure?

The journalist and fashion specialist Alfons Kaiser met Lagerfeld on numerous occasions. He has now written the first authoritative biography on this fascinating character, whose life has always been marked by elements of secrecy. From his parents' links with the Nazi regime to Lagerfeld's last days in the company of only his closest friends, this book - the result of unprecedented archival and field work - divulges all the facets of a passionate artist and workaholic: the precocious boy who preferred to draw in the attic rather than play with his peers; the son who quarrelled with his parents but never got away from them; the competitor of Yves Saint Laurent, whom he outshone in the end; the brother, uncle, friend; and finally, the partner of Jacques de Bascher, the great love of his life.

About the Author:

Alfons Kaiser is an editor at German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and is responsible for the section "Germany and the World" as well as for the monthly Frankfurter Allgemeine magazine. He prefers to write about fashion.

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Andrew Bolton
ID: 15986
Видавництво: Yale University Press

This first complete investigation into Karl Lagerfeld’s (1933–2019) artistry explores his extraordinary 65-year career, from the designs for Chloé and Fendi in the 1960s and 1970s to his celebrated leadership in the 1980s and beyond at Chanel and with his own label. Inspired by the “line of beauty” theorized by eighteenth-century English painter William Hogarth, this dazzling publication pursues the straight and serpentine “lines” and their intersections in Lagerfeld’s work as a means of understanding his unique creative process.

The book’s elegant parchment and cloth cover, emulating an artist’s portfolio, opens onto a pageant of stunning new photography by Julia Hetta of Lagerfeld’s fashion alongside the designer’s original sketches. The juxtaposition of drawings with finished pieces offers a window into Lagerfeld’s creative brilliance. Texts include personal reflections from Lagerfeld’s premières d’ateliers — the seamstresses behind his extraordinary creations — as well as Anna Wintour, Patrick Hourcade, Amanda Harlech, and Tadao Ando. Not only a lavish objet but also an important resource on Lagerfeld, the book concludes with an illustrated timeline of the designer’s long and illustrious career.

About the Author:

Andrew Bolton is the Curator in Charge of the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


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Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty invites the public into Karl’s world and reveals the dualities within his work.”—FENDI

“This catalogue is a guide to the man and his work, a guide that Karl—even Karl—would have loved.”—Anna Wintour

“The intersection of a serpentine line with a straight line . . . cross, overlap, and crush against each other, creating tension and expansion . . . offering a glimpse into the introspective world of Karl Lagerfeld.”—Tadao Ando

“[Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty] sheds light on the work of a designer of genius who marked the history of fashion . . . forever.”—CHANEL

Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Jean-Christophe Napias, Sandrine Gulbenkian
ID: 13639
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

Karl Lagerfeld’s legendary maxims in a fashionable gift format

Karl Lagerfeld is a modern master of couture. He is also famously outspoken: his wise, surprising statements pop up like offbeat news flashes. This compact collection of quotations pays homage to the legendary éminence grise of the fashion world. Lagerfeld’s pronouncements – on fashion, women, art, politics, love, and life high and low – are famously oracular, seized upon by fashionistas, acolytes and sages around the world.

Created with the full approval of the designer himself, this cornucopia of Lagerfeld’s maxims is required reading for us all today as we negotiate the trickiest curves of modern life. Cultivated, unpredictable, provocative, and sometimes shocking, Lagerfeld’s ‘bons mots’ are always impossible to ignore.

About the Authors:

Jean-Christophe Napias is an author, translator and editor of books on dandies, dance music and camp culture.
Sandrine Gulbenkian is director of Parigramme, a Parisian publishing house.

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Patrick Mauriès, Karl Lagerfeld
ID: 12167
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

The definitive book on Karl Lagerfeld’s pioneering and irreverent campaigns for Chanel, as photographed by the designer himself

When Karl Lagerfeld was named at the helm of the fashion house in 1983, he set out to radically shake up and update its image – not only through bold collections but also, from 1987 onwards, by choosing to shoot the house’s campaigns himself, a move that was unprecedented for a fashion designer.

Conceived in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel, this definitive publication opens with an essay by Patrick Mauriès before exploring the campaigns themselves, organized chronologically. A carefully curated selection of images showcases hundreds of spectacular clothes worn by the top fashion models – and personalities – of each era, from Inès de la Fressange, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, to Kirsten Stewart and Lily-Rose Depp, captured in glamorous locations, from Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment to the French Riviera or LA.

Presented in a high-end, slipcased package, Chanel: the Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns offers an unrivalled overview of the house of Chanel as seen through the eyes – and lens – of Karl Lagerfeld himself.

About the Authors:

Patrick Mauriès is a writer and publisher of many notable titles on fashion and design, including Jewelry by Chanel, A Cabinet of Rarities, The World According to Karl and Fashion Quotes to name a few, all published by Thames & Hudson. 

Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer based in Paris.

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Adélia Sabatini, Patrick Mauriès
ID: 11161
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

The definitive overview of Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard's creations for Chanel, now fully updated, featuring over 180 collections presented through original catwalk photography in a beautiful cloth-bound volume

The best-selling Chanel Catwalk was the first book to gather every Chanel collection ever created by Karl Lagerfeld in a single volume. Now fully updated to include Lagerfeld’s final collections for the house and those of his right-hand and successor, Virginie Viard, this revised edition includes twenty-eight new collections.

Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over. For the first time, the key looks of every Chanel collection ever created by Lagerfeld are gathered in a single volume, offering a unique opportunity to chart the development of one of the world’s most influential fashion brands and rediscover rarely seen collections.

This definitive publication features a concise history of Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard’s time at Chanel as well as brief biographical profiles of each designer. The collections (from Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear to Cruise and Métier d’arts) are organized chronologically. Each one is introduced by a short text unveiling its influences and highlights and illustrated with carefully curated catwalk images, showcasing hundreds of spectacular clothes, details, accessories, beauty looks and set designs – and of course the top fashion models who wore them on the runway. A rich reference section, including an extensive index, concludes the book.

Contents List:

Introduction: 'Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal' by Patrick Mauriès
• 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Short Biography' by Patrick Mauriès
• The Karl Lagerfeld Collections 1983–2019
• ‘Virginie Viard: A Short Biography’ by Patrick Mauriès
• The Virginie Viard Collections 2019-2020

About the Authors:

Patrick Mauriès is a writer and publisher of many notable titles on fashion and design, including Jewelry by Chanel, Choupette, A Cabinet of Rarities, The World According to Karl and Fashion Quotes, all published by Thames & Hudson.

Adélia Sabatini is Commissioning Editor for fashion at Thames & Hudson and a former contributor to Glass and Apollo magazines


«Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections» – это полный обзор произведений Карла Лагерфельда – знаменитого главного модельера дома Шанель, со времен его первого показа, в 1983 году. Публикация богата на иллюстрации и фотографии, и станет настоящей сокровищницей для вдохновения, как профессионалов, так и любителей моды и творчества Шанель.

С момента своего первого показа, коллекции Шанель Карла Лагерфельда постоянно попадают на первые полосы и диктуют модные тенденции во всем мире. Впервые, ключевые образы каждой коллекции Chanel, когда-либо созданной Лагерфельдом, собраны в одном томе, предлагая владельцу произведения уникальную возможность – окунуться в историю создания и развития, одного из самых легендарных, модных домов. А также увидеть фотографии редких коллекций.

Книга «Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections» начинается с истории дома Шанель и краткой биографии Карла Лагерфельда. Далее рассматриваются непосредственно сами коллекции, в хронологическом порядке. Краткое описание напротив каждой коллекции раскрывает их суть и оказанное влияние на становление бренда. Тщательно подобранны фотографии с подиумов, на которых запечатлены сотни моделей одежды, аксессуаров и ярких образов. Ну и, конечно, легендарных топ-моделей, которые в разное время демонстрировали одежду Шанель, таких как Клаудиа Шиффер, Кейт Мосс, Линда Евангелиста и Кара Деленвиль. Завершает книгу обширный справочник-указатель.

Об авторе:

Патрик Мориес - автор и издатель многих заметных публикаций о моде и дизайне.

Аделия Сабатини - редактор fashion-отдела в Thames&Hudson.


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Simon Procter
ID: 15719
Видавництво: Rizzoli

An extraordinary look at Karl Lagerfeld's most iconic runway shows for Chanel, which have transformed the way we experience fashion.

Lagerfeld showcases in an oversize format ten years of Chanel's most influential fashion shows shot by English photographer Simon Procter. Over the past decade, fashion shows have evolved into monumental productions, requiring a level of sophistication and creativity on par with the clothes they present. This has been most evident in Paris at the now legendary runways of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. To capture the energy of the events, Procter visually re-creates the epic sets -- from a luscious forest scene to a rocket launch -- combining multiple photographs to illustrate in a single image the many perspectives of the intense but fleeting spectacle. The resulting artworks are held in collections worldwide and published in this book for the first time alongside never-before-seen candid images of Lagerfeld and the models preparing backstage.

Lagerfeld offers the reader an unparalleled look into the wide-ranging creativity of one of history's most respected and iconic designers, making this an invaluable resource for all lovers of fashion and especially admirers of Chanel and Lagerfeld's incomparable legacy.

About the Author:

Simon Procter is a respected photographer producing advertising for a wide range of clients, including Chanel, Dior, and Nike. His artwork is held in prestigious collections and museums worldwide.


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Robert Fairer, Sally Singer, Natasha A Fraser, Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis
ID: 15089
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A glamorous tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s highly influential creations for Chanel captured behind the scenes by US Vogue photographer Robert Fairer in beautiful, never-before-seen images

Casting a new light on one of the best-loved chapters in fashion history, Karl Lagerfeld Unseen: The Chanel Years illuminates key Chanel collections and creations from behind the scenes.

From discreet client fittings in rue Cambon’s immaculate black-and-beige salons to previously unseen backstage moments that show models, hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists and Karl Lagerfeld himself at work, Robert Fairer’s stunning and high-energy photographs capture the elegance, glamour and spirit that defined Karl Lagerfeld’s shows for Chanel.

Texts by Karl Lagerfeld’s collaborators and friends provide a fresh perspective on his creative process and reveal the stories behind the now iconic designs. A treasure trove of inspiration, this publication will be a must-have reference for fashion and photography lovers alike, and for dedicated Chanel fans the world over.

About the Authors:

Robert Fairer started photographing the major international womenswear collections in the mid-1990s. First commissioned by Elle and Harper’s Bazaar USA, he then became US Vogue’s exclusive backstage photographer for over a decade. His first book, Alexander McQueen: Unseen, was published by Thames & Hudson, followed by John Galliano: UnseenMarc Jacobs: Unseen and John Galliano for Dior.
Sally Singer is head of fashion direction at Amazon. Her previous roles have included creative director of American Vogue and editor-in-chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine.
Natasha A Fraser is an author, journalist and expert on Paris, luxury and lifestyle. Her books include Chanel FashionMonsieur Dior and After Andy: Adventures in Warhol Land. She has also taught at the American University in Paris and is the co-producer of Inside Dior, the two-part television series.
Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis is a freelance writer, columnist and editor for international publications. Formerly style editor-at-large at American Vogue, she has designed and collaborated with both fashion brands and art institutions.

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Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton
ID: 13195
Видавництво: Thames & Hudson

A carefully curated collection of Helmut Newton’s chic, provocative and erotically charged photographs

Helmut Newton (1920-2004) lived and worked all over the world and was one of the most internationally famous and controversial photographers of the 20th century. His shots at haute couture and the beau monde are instantly recognizable, having appeared in virtually every major magazine in Europe and the United States. From his early work for Vogue to his portraits of the rich and famous, Newton conveys a unique vision of a wealthy and glamorous world that often shocks but never ceases to fascinate.

The Photofile series brings together the best work of the world’s greatest photographers, in an affordable pocket format. Handsome and collectable, the books are produced to the highest standards. Each volume contains some sixty full-page reproductions printed in superb duotone, together with a critical introduction and a full bibliography. The series has been awarded the first annual prize for distinguished photographic books by the International Center of Photography, New York.

Contents List:

Introduction by Karl Lagerfeld • Sixty reproductions • Helmut Newton by Helmut Newton • Bibliography

About the Author:

Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer based in Paris.

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Written by Stephen Sills, Foreword by Karl Lagerfeld, Photographed by François Halard
ID: 10458
Видавництво: Rizzoli

The first book to focus on the solo residential work of the visionary interior decorator Stephen Sills. 

Simultaneously classical and modern, Stephen Sills’s design work is a dialogue between past and present. Filled with luxurious fabrics, furnishings from across centuries, and unusual finishes, his work is polished, seemingly effortless, and quietly rich, with a muted colour palette that serves as a brilliant foil for modern art. 

In this striking, meditative volume, the follow-up to his best-selling book Dwellings, Sills presents sixteen breathtaking homes, gorgeously photographed by the legendary François Halard, in locations as varied as a penthouse on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, a modern Aspen retreat, an estate on the North Shore of Long Island, and his own country house in Bedford, New York (dubbed the "chicest house in America" by Karl Lagerfeld). 

Common to them all is a sense of atmosphere, point of view, and soul — the sense of a master craftsman at work.

About the Authors:

Stephen Sills is one of the most lauded interior designers working today. Originally a partner in the formidable team Sills Huniford Associates, his clients have included Vera Wang, the Newhouse family, Tina Turner, Anna Wintour, and the Rockefeller family. His designs have been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House & Garden, Vogue, Maison & Jardin, W, New York Magazine, and the New York Times, as well as in numerous books. He is a member of the AD100 and was included in AD’s "30 Deans of American Design." He was recently included in Elle Décor’s list of the top 25 designers and received the Creative Spirit Award from the Pratt Institute in 2012. François Halard is one of the most acclaimed photographers of interiors in the world. His work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and House & Garden for over thirty years, and has been featured in countless books.


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Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld
ID: 8720
Видавництво: Steidl Verlag

This is the updated edition of Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld's reinterpretation of Chanel's iconic little black jacket, expanded by twenty-one new photographs.

This award-winning book contains Lagerfeld's photographs of celebrities wearing the modern adaptable jacket with individual flair sometimes classic, sometimes irreverent, but always CHANEL with each of the protagonists styled by Carine Roitfeld.

A range of accomplished actors, musicians, designers, models, writers and directors receives the little black jacket treatment, including Claudia Schiffer, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, Tilda Swinton, Baptiste Giabiconi, Yoko Ono and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The project which has been accompanied by a worldwide travelling exhibition underlines the astounding versatility of Chanel's vision in Lagerfeld's hands and ensures this jackets future as a timeless classic.

This book is Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld’s reinterpretation of Chanel’s iconic little black jacket.

Lagerfeld has redesigned the jacket, transforming it into a modern, adaptable garment to be worn by both sexes of all ages. The Little Black Jacket contains Lagerfeld’s photographs of celebrities wearing the jacket with individual flair – sometimes classic, sometimes irreverent, but always Chanel – and each styled by Carine Roitfeld. A range of accomplished actors, musicians, designers, models, writers and directors gets the little black jacket treatment, including Claudia Schiffer, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, Tilda Swinton, Baptiste Giabiconi, Yoko Ono and Sarah Jessica Parker.

This book shows the astounding versatility of Chanel’s vision in Lagerfeld’s hands and ensures the little black jacket’s future as a timeless classic.

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer, book dealer and publisher, began working as a photographer in 1987. Lagerfeld has received the Lucky Strike Design Award from the Raymond Lewy Foundation, the cultural prize from the German Photographic Society, and the ICP Trustees Award at the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Awards in 2007.

His recent exhibitions include “Konkret Abstrakt Gesehen” at the Langen Foundation, Neuss, and “Metamorphoses of an American – A Cycle of Youth, 2003–8” at Pace/MacGill, New York.

Steidl has published most of Lagerfeld’s books, including Casa Malaparte (1998), A Portrait of Dorian Gray (2004), Room Service (2006) and The Beauty of Violence (2010).

Carine Roitfeld is a fashion writer and stylist and was editor-in-chief of French Vogue from 2001 to 2011. Roitfeld began her career as a model before moving to French Elle as a journalist and stylist. Meeting Mario Testino then marked the beginning of an ongoing collaboration that saw the pair create groundbreaking advertising campaigns and editorial shoots. Roitfeld worked as a consultant with Tom Ford during his time at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and her book Irreverent was published in 2010.

Julie Zerbo пишет:

To coincide with the release of his book, Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited, Karl Lagerfeld is putting the pages of the book on display. In late March, the exhibit opened in Tokyo. Then for eight days, the exhibit was housed at New York’s Swiss Institute. Its next destination is Taipei, China, and after that, even more, cities, which have not yet been announced. The book features 113 images of industry tastemakers from Coco Chanel herself, Anna Wintour, Yoko Ono, Daphne Guinness, designer Olivier Theyskens, wild child model Alice Dellal, models Aymeline Valade and Mariacarla Boscono, and more. All of the subjects wore similar iconic black Chanel jackets but were styled by ex-editor in chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, to reflect their own personalities. For instance: Alice Dellal, wore her jacket under a studded leather vest; designer, Alexander Wang, wore his in addition to his usual all-black ensemble; Daphne Guinness wore hers while dripping in diamonds; Jane Birkin wore hers while holding, what else? An Hermes Birkin bag. 

The exhibit itself consisted of more than 100 black and white photos lining four walls. In addition, there were several larger images that were colour tinted. These included photos of actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears the jacket as a headpiece), and Georgia May Jagger, who wore her jacket open over a black bra, among others. However, the most striking images were the two enormous side by side photos: one of classic Coco and the other of Anna Wintour's torso from behind, who's perfect bob haircut was a dead giveaway. 
The one person missing from the photos: Karl, himself. Of his absence, he said: “I’m able to say to those who ask why they weren’t asked to be in it, ‘I am not in it, either.’”
Karl Lagerfeld, Douglas Kirkland
ID: 5104
Видавництво: Steidl Verlag

Mademoiselle presents photographs of Coco Chanel taken by Douglas Kirkland in 1962 on assignment in Paris for the American magazine Look. These photos reveal both the working fashion icon and the sympathetic character beneath, showing Mademoiselle leaving her suite at the Ritz Hotel, in her apartment and studio at 31 rue Cambon, and watching a défilé from the famous mirrored staircase. Karl Lagerfeld has conceived and designed Mademoiselle, as well as written an introduction and captions to Kirkland’s photos. “Images left behind are in the end stronger than truth and facts. Through Kirkland’s images we can imagine what the famous Coco had been all about before she became the formidable Chanel.” (Karl Lagerfeld)

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