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Cornelie Holzach (Editor)
ID: 4748
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
The end of the First World War left much of Europe faced with an entirely new political and social situation: absolute monarchy was consigned to the dustbin of history and essays in democracy were the order of the day. The changed conditions and the ...
Christianne Weber
ID: 4749
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
A geometric language of forms, influenced by Cubism and the aesthetic of the machine, coloured plastic and chromium are synonymous with the Art Déco costume jewellery which was so popular in 1920s and 1930s Europe. Formerly classified by sp...
Fritz Falk
ID: 4750
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Around 1900 the Pforzheim jewellery-making industry, which had been established since 1767, underwent an upturn to flourish as never before. The participation of Pforzheim businesses in the 1900 Paris World Exhibition and the thorough assimilation of...
B.Grotkamp-Schepers, R. Sanger, B. Grotkamp-Schepers
ID: 1957
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
The basic tenet of Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) was to "suffuse all areas of life with art". This also applied to objects in everyday use. The German Blade Museum boasts the world's biggest cutlery collection. Vol. I of the Museum...
Cecilie Malm Brundtland, Eva Furseth, Eivind Tjonneland, Stein Jorgensen
ID: 1958
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
1,400 drawings in colour plus 100 illustrations in colour and black and white. The Norwegian painter Bjørn Ransve (b. 1944) is one of the best-known contemporary Scandinavian artists. Very few painters indeed express themselves so brilliantly in two...
Helen Drutt
ID: 8411
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Whenever one watches the Us Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on TV, one cannot but notice her extravagant jewellery. Few people realise, however, that the restrained beauty of this jewellery is often invested with an unmistakable message: After ...
Adelheid Rasche
ID: 1956
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Christian Dior pulled off a coup that would revolutionise the international fashion scene when he showed his first collection on 12 February 1947. Thus was the ‘New Look’ born, which made his Paris fashion house world-famous overnight. To...
Helmut Ricke (Editor)
ID: 1959
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
The high artistic quality of Czech glass became known in the West only in the 1970s. The artists drew attention to themselves mainly because they explored the sculptural potential of glass and claimed to create art works in their own right. As a resu...
Meredith Chilton
ID: 4751
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Du Paquier, an independently operating Viennese porcelain factory, was established in 1718, only eight years after Meissen. Although its heyday was brief, lasting only twenty-five years, Du Paquier produced porcelain of great beauty, notable for an e...
Afra Schick
ID: 1969
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
263 illustrations. Anton Pössenbacher (1842–1920), cabinet-maker to the Bavarian court in Munich, was head of one of the largest late 19th-century German makers of luxury furnishings. His furniture, especially those for King Ludwig II of Bavaria (18...
Helga Aurisch, Gotz Czymmek
ID: 6448
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth und Max Slevogt, three early 20th-century artists who did not view themselves primarily as landscape painters. On the contrary, they saw themselves as figurative painters who only engaged sporadically in landscape painti...
Yvonne Joris, Ida van Zijl
ID: 1961
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
Gijs Bakker (b. 1942), Dutch jewellery and product designer, has figured prominently in the front rank of international auteur jewellery for forty years. He has been setting trends in both form and design since the 1960s. Unsurprisingly, what is know...
Carolus Hartmann
ID: 1962
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
After more than ten years of intensive research, the first encyclopedia of GLASS MARKS from the 16th to the 20th century is now available; there has been no comparable publication until now! The starting point is the mark you are looking for. The enc...
Vivienne Becker
ID: 5995
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
The jewellery firm Süddeutsche Gold- und Haar-Bijouterie, founded in 1907 by Heinrich Henkel and Florentin Grosse, experienced its first successes with costume jewellery made of bronze, aluminium, wood, bakelite and galalite. Renamed Henkel&thin...
Jochen Amme
ID: 1963
Видавництво: Arnoldsche
450 colour plates and more than 1000 illustrations of marks. The more than 3500 items in this unique private collection of cutlery, illustrated with 450 large colour plates, present the expert and the amateur with an outstanding survey of changing s...
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