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ID: 865
Видавництво: Daab
Maintaining transparency while being able to medialise large areas in an economically viable way are parameters which guarantee the success of the transparent media facade. Be it as stainless wire mesh or panels - compared to the standard LED screen ...
Caroline Klein
ID: 6758
Видавництво: Daab
ARCHITECTURE IS POLITICAL The buildings of the foremost Chinese architect of our time Chinese concept artist Ai Weiwei broke through to fame with a wider audience in Germany with his spectacular presence at documenta in 2007. More recently his hu...
ID: 1278
Видавництво: Daab
The dream of flying has preoccupied man since time immemorial. The fascination of discoverig distant destinations and overcoming distances quickly resulted in the demand to optimize traveling times from the aspect of comfort. Meanwhile, airline compa...
ID: 109
Видавництво: Daab
Airports are highly appealing places. Gateways to the big wide world, they represent international movement and inspire travel. This book shows you not only real terminals but also airport-specific design and architecture - from VIP lounges to passen...
Christiane Niemann (Editor)
ID: 1706
Видавництво: Daab
This book shows the progression of Interior Design of the Arabian countries. In contrast to many countries modeled according to the Western traditions, the Arabian culture is closely tied to religious and social values. The current discussion regardi...
Winka Dubbeldam
ID: 6759
Видавництво: Daab
With her progressive architectural office Archi-Tectonics, Winka Dubbeldam has advanced to the very top of the New York architecture scene. Her innovative projects are grounded within the context of urban planning, society and technology and attest t...
ID: 133
Видавництво: Daab
Contemporary residential architecture is a clear reflection of social and economic change. Leaving aside the familiar terraced homes found on so many housing estates, this architectural field is producing novel, innovative designs showing technical a...
ID: 925
Видавництво: Daab
A surprising trend can be discerned in museum building since the end of the 1990s, one that still seems to be going strong today: an unprecedented number of grand-scale projects have been undertaken in recent years, ont only by private sponsors, but ...
ID: 1094
Видавництво: Daab
"Architecture & Design Australia" is a new survey of Australian Architecture that takes an expansive look at over 50 builings, from private dwellings to public monuments, and includes many award-winning projects that have helped shape the energetic s...
Enrique Badulescu
ID: 2369
Видавництво: Daab
Enrique Badulescu was born in Mexico City and studied photography in Munich. Today he lives in New York where he has been working as a fashion photographer for diverse magazines such as French Vogue, UK Vogue, Italian Vogue, German Vogue, L'Uomo Vogu...
ID: 1095
Видавництво: Daab
In recent years society has created innumerable fashionable bars - the result of cutting edge interior design. This volume has a selection of the best bars in the world, from New York to London, Shanghai and Bucharest. The book includes the recent wo...
ID: 2350
Видавництво: Daab
Barcelona is the cultural center of Spain. A tourist's hot spot and one of the most frequented cities in summer. There is a lot more to Barcelona's architecture than just Gaudí. Since the Olympic Games in 1992 international architects began to shape ...
ID: 110
Видавництво: Daab
The beauty market is developing and booming world wide. Wellness programs allow one to rediscover one's own body and inspire us to look toward inner tranquility. This trend demands architecturally-holistic approaches which recongnizes the unity of th...
ID: 2351
Видавництво: Daab
Apart from being one of Asia’s largest metropolises, Beijing is an ultimate visual challenge: Gigantic constructions in bold avant-garde designs keep a par with the explosive economic developments of the booming Asian market. This book presents the m...
Fabio Borquez
ID: 2320
Видавництво: Daab
Born 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabio Borquez currently lives in Germany. In Buenos Aires he studied art, photography and architecture. He won various scholarships for India, Columbia and Germany and has taken part in many exhibitions. His work...
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