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Stefan Soell
ID: 8589
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
The term alpenglow refers to the purple light that can often be seen on the tops of mountains, a spectacularly beautiful natural phenomenon. But in this magnificent volume of photographs, it’s not only the Alps that are glowing in warm trans...
Martin Sigrist (Editor)
ID: 7171
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
The title of this lavish volume says it all. In other words, that beautiful breasts can become a real mania, a minor but fully deserved addiction. When he was playing a female character, what was it the actor and comic Robin Williams said? “If I actu...
Didier Carre
ID: 6763
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Didier Carré lives in Paris, a stone’s throw away from the Quartier Pigalle, a neighbourhood near the Moulin Rouge. After studying classics and photography, he became an assistant to the official photographer of the French National Opera in Paris. Af...
J. Stephen Hicks
ID: 6764
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
J. Stephen Hicks has several websites featuring his photography but www.digitaldesire.com is the flagship destination for his nude/glamour photography. “When we first started DDG, I had no idea what a big project it would become. I now consider publi...
Manfred Baumann
ID: 5720
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Manfred Baumann has created a marvelous fantasy world for us in Erotic Visions. Unlike his previous publication, Just Naked, where his work captured the beauty of nude models in a more artistic setting (black & white photos using art models) this...
Fabio Borquez
ID: 7172
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
“Borquez nudes always look honest, authentic, and direct … There’s a spark when these women take off their clothes and show their sex appeal for him. There’s a fire when they recline on the sofa and look at us, aware of this voyeuristic moment full o...
Jean Paul Four
ID: 6765
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Jean-Paul Four is celebrated for his magnificent nudes in black-and-white. He loves women and his photos show a clear fetishist tendency. Jean-Paul says he prefers working with non-professional models, as he feels they show greater emotional commitme...
ID: 8590
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
I was born in 1973 in Slovakia. I started as a graphic designer at 18, a job that combines my two great passions, graphic art and photography. I've been taking pictures since 1995, when my first work was for model agencies. Today I work as a freelanc...
Jean-Paul Four
ID: 6766
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Jean-Paul Four is celebrated for his magnificent nudes in black-and-white. He loves women and his photos show a clear fetishist tendency. Jean-Paul says he prefers working with nonprofessional models, as he feels they show greater emotional commit...
Michael S. Troop
ID: 5721
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Michael S. Troop, aged 40, is originally from the United States. He received formal training in Fine Art, Art History, Commercial Design and Photography while attending the Atlanta College of Art, Reinhardt College, La Grange College and Art Institut...
Martin Sigrist
ID: 6767
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
HOT CHEEKS as seen by 30 photographers Some 30 famous and well-known masters of erotic photography have contributed their uniquely personal interpretations of the subject in fascinating colour and black and white photos. The volume features stylis...
Martin Sigrist (Editor)
ID: 7178
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
The positive response of many photographers and readers to the first volume “Hot Cheeks” encouraged us to continue this erotic subject with “Hot Cheeks Two”. A largely different generation of photographers to those included in the first volume jumped...
Norbert Guthier
ID: 6771
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Imploring gestures, encircling hands; a moment’s anticipation of powerful physical pleasure; sometimes letting go, sometimes taking the initiative by touching and stroking the other’s body. Perhaps already in gentle love-union or coming to a wildly e...
Luis Durante
ID: 7179
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
Luis Durante, aged 52, is originally from Soria/Spain and spent his childhood in Madrid, where he started to paint and draw. When he was 17 he took off for the rest of Europe, becoming a street actor. He settled in Paris for four years where he studi...
Stefan Gesell
ID: 7180
Видавництво: Edition Skylight
“The impression of the image upon the viewer is the most important element for me, whether sensuous or erotic, it doesn’t matter, the image is intended to capture the viewer. Therefore it’s not much of a difference to me. I blend a variety of techniq...
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