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ID: 12222
Видавництво: Gingko Press
For many of us, eating out is one of the supreme pleasures in life. For the eateries profiled here, every decision is deliberate and a part of the whole brief - from interior graphics and signage, to menu, packaging and utensil design. Whet My Appeti...
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Frida Kahlo, Benjamin Lacombe,‎ Sebastian Perez
ID: 11553
Видавництво: Gingko Press
A sumptuous feast of a book, Frida allows the reader to enter this revered artist's world, both literally and metaphorically. Through a series of consecutive die-cut pages, one is drawn in - passing through aspects of her life, art and creativ...
ID: 12225
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Packed full of gorgeous, well-photographed images, Contemporary Living Space highlights the best international living spaces from luxury homes to the less-often featured but very important variety of well-designed apartment spaces. Sleek and ultra-mo...
Yvette Amann,‎ Dieter Buchhart
ID: 11554
Видавництво: Gingko Press
As the graffiti movement reached Europe from the USA in the mid 1980’s, Sigi DARE von Koeding, who was born in Basel (Switzerland), was one of the protagonists playing a major role. As one of the first writers,the network of friends he creat...
ID: 4917
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Food may be the single most important ingredient in the dining out experience, but graphics and design have become increasingly influential in attracting clientele to today’s most successful cafes and restaurants. In a frenetically paced, time poor w...
Alex Pardee
ID: 11557
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Zerofriends co-founder Alex Pardee returns with a collection of some of the most horrifying and iconic characters of film, video games and comics with Doppelgangers. The monograph displays a parade of serial killers, demons, aliens and psychopaths...
ID: 5731
Видавництво: Gingko Press
In the 21st Century when choice is taken for granted, consumers demand creative and unique shopping venues. For savvy fashion boutique owners, it’s ‘experience design’ or concept design that makes the difference between success and failure. The ex...
ID: 12231
Видавництво: Gingko Press
The sans-serif typeface Franklin Gothic was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1902 and continues to be widely used in newspapers, books, billboards and advertisements. Named in honour of iconic American printer Benjamin Franklin, the impactful, ...
ID: 12230
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Gill Sans, a sans-serif typeface widely used today, was designed by Eric Gill in 1926; the first public usage of the typeface was that same year, when Gill used it on signage for a new bookshop opening in his hometown of Bristol. I LOVE TYPE 05 - GIL...
Joe Sorren
ID: 11558
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Joe Sorren’s oil paintings redefine naturalist scenery such as caves, reefs, and seashores, inserting a surreal mood through soft, eerie imagery, thick Impressionist-inspired brushstrokes, and animalistic figures caught mid-motion. Although ...
ID: 11555
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Sexuality is one of the most enigmatic facets of the human psyche. Writers and artists have spent untold ink in an effort to unravel the mysteries of our libidinous tendencies. ‘Erotica’, the new book from Juxtapoz, features titillatin...
Martin Berdahl Aamundsen,‎ TSM Crew
ID: 11560
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Nora is the new girl in school and just wants to make friends. Then one day she spots something unusual out of the corner of her eye - a little blue bunny that only she can see. At last she has someone play with and talk to. When she discovers that a...
ID: 11714
Видавництво: Gingko Press
Rooftop Garden is the first comprehensive look at green rooftops around the world and is indispensable for designers, landscape architects, and anybody interested in gardens and leisure spaces. As cities continue to grow, making large expanses of str...
Catherine Harvey
ID: 11559
Видавництво: Gingko Press
The past decade has seen an explosion in the number of boutique hotels the world over. Through clever branding and unique interiors, they capture our dreams and yearnings, providing refuge for vacationers and weary business travelers alike. No lon...
ID: 11556
Видавництво: Gingko Press
A collector’s book featuring extremely rare and historically important skateboards from all corners of the globe, Surf to Skate captures the art and craftsmanship of the early movement. Authors Stanton Hartsfield and Jason Cohn, known collectiv...
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