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Jessica Lange
ID: 7919
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
“I find photography a most mysterious process - capturing that moment in time and space, elusive and fleeting, and crystallizing it. You have made a photograph. It is its own thing now. To me, that is thrilling.” —Jessica Lange Actress Jessica La...
Robert Dannin
ID: 7920
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Arms Against Fury examines the dramatic struggle of the Afghan people through the lens of Magnum photographers, dating back to co-founder George Rodger’s documentation of the country’s role in World War II. Ever since, Magnum’s intr...
Mike Blabac
ID: 7921
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Blabac Photo: The Art of Skateboarding Photography is a stunning chronicle of a youth movement as seen through the lens of Mike Blabac, a man who is as dedicated to his craft as he is to the skateboarding lifestyle that inspired it. For millions of p...
Alex Corporan, Andre Razo, Ivory Serra
ID: 7922
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Skateboarding in New York City is a singular experience. It is impossible not to feel the magnitude of the landscape, and with the city in constant motion, skateboarding is both exhilarating and extremely dangerous. There is no right or wrong way to ...
Harry Benson
ID: 7923
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Immortalizing the people and moments that have defined the past 60 years, world-renowned photojournalist Harry Benson has become as much a part of history as the photographs themselves. The scope of his accomplishments as a photojournalist is nothing...
Susan Anderson
ID: 7924
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
High Glitz is a close-up and intimate look at America’s child beauty pageants, and in turn our society’s obsession with youth, beauty, fame, and fortune. Susan Anderson’s vibrant portraits of pageant contestants twist notions of sexuality and identit...
Kevin Landers
ID: 7925
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
In a remarkable debut from a rapidly rising photographer, Kevin Landers intimately connects us with the quotidian objects and moments that make up the topography of New York City. Jackpot is a 17-year retrospective of his candid and unvarnished encou...
Matt Albiani
ID: 7926
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Matt Albiani built his reputation shooting celebrity portraits and fashion spreads for the likes of Elle and Vanity Fair. For his first book, however, he trained his lens on a different class of beautiful people, one more rugged, less glamorous, and ...
Ron Galella
ID: 7927
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was a superstar of unprecedented and epic proportions, and is still the bestselling recording artist of all time. An icon raised in the spotlight, but ever reclusive and terribly shy, Jackson was the ideal subject...
Steve Schapiro, David Friend
ID: 7928
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Schapiro’s Heroes brings together an extraordinary collection of stories in the photo-journalistic tradition of people who have shaped our lives, our politics, and our tastes by the celebrated documentarian Steve Schapiro. In behind-the-scenes ...
J. Henry Fair
ID: 7929
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
The Day After Tomorrow takes readers on a journey to bear witness to the environmental destruction that is currently plaguing our planet; from a forest in West Virginia devastated by mountaintop removal mining, to a region in Florida left in ruins by...
The Staff of Vice Magazine
ID: 7930
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
VICE’s irreverence and determination not to kowtow to advertisers has led to an aesthetic that began simply as unique but has grown into a culture that has defined an entire epoch of underground photography. Whether it’s ex-cons showing h...
Henri Suzeau
ID: 7931
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
“Extremely sexy, extremely wild and extremely talented.” — Uma Thurman “Steve McQueen gave a new meaning to coolness.” — Kimi Raikkonen “He loved speed. He was strong-headed. We could have gotten along well, I think.” — Maria Sharapova Ca...
Joseph Rivera
ID: 7918
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
Vandal Squad: Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984-2004 has caused consternation throughout the global graffiti community with charges that author Joseph Rivera is profiting off the very criminals he spent his career incarcerating...
Ron Galella
ID: 7932
Видавництво: PowerHouse Books
For years, Ron Galella, “the godfather of U.S. paparazzi culture,” has provided the world a glimpse into the off-limits world of celebrity. With Viva l’Italia!, a deeper and more probing Galella emerges. He sets out to find his own ...
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