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Edward Denison
ID: 7497
Видавництво: RotoVision
With informative text and specially commissioned full-color photos, Print and Production Finishes for Packaging shows, at a glance, the different effects that can be created, and the key print and production techniques used to achieve them. Work acro...
Ціна: 1420 1200 грн
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Stefan Bucher
ID: 3730
Видавництво: RotoVision
350 images All Access takes a “before they were stars” look at twenty-five giants in the graphic design industry by juxtaposing an edited selection of the stars’ greatest hits with their “pre-fame” work. Author Stefan Bucher showcases their visual h...
ID: 324
Видавництво: RotoVision
 800 photos/illustrations Architectural Interiors: Hotels gathers together some of the most outstanding hotels from across the globe. Each with its own distinctive character and impeccable attention to detail, the hotels call out to even the most j...
ID: 2774
Видавництво: RotoVision
800 photos/illustrations Architectural Interiors: More Bars & Restaurants gathers together some of the most outstanding restaurants from across the globe, including every conceivable cuisine and niche. Filled with page after page of hip and stylish...
ID: 2775
Видавництво: RotoVision
800 photos/illustrations Architectural Interiors: Spas The spas of today are fuelled by a holistic awareness that is fast becoming a given in today’s fast-paced society. As more people are getting in touch with their inner wellbeing, spas are the t...
Edward Denison
ID: 7493
Видавництво: RotoVision
The Big Book of Packaging Prototypes is both a source of inspiration and an invaluable reference tool. It provides a visual catalyst for the creation of exciting packaging designs. The diverse range of carton templates, which are also included on the...
Charlotte Rivers
ID: 5564
Видавництво: RotoVision
Following the success of CD-Art, DVD-Art, Mag-Art, and Poster-Art, Book-Art showcases an international collection of exemplary and innovative book design. From mass-market publications to glossy coffee table and exclusive artist’s books, Book-Art exp...
ID: 1228
Видавництво: RotoVision
"Character Design for Mobile Devices" is a unique look at the creative challenges of designing sprites and icons for mobile phones, portable games platforms, and computers, and at how the limits of designing for the smallest screens are the...
Keith Stephenson, Mark Hampshire
ID: 2778
Видавництво: RotoVision
400 photos/illustrations  Inspirational work combined with practical advice. In the world of print, paper choice influences every design project, and designers often complain about the lack of genuinely good reference material for projects requirin...
Keith Stephen
ID: 6864
Видавництво: RotoVision
Now available in paperback, Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design remains the comprehensive resource for every designer working with paper. Showcasing the very best in paper-focused designs, it gathers all the information needed for plann...
John T. Drew, Sarah A. Meyer
ID: 5565
Видавництво: RotoVision
Featuring hundreds of designs, Choosing Color for Logos and Packaging is not only a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration, but also a handy manual that shows designers how to best communicate with color. Color is a powerful and extremely impor...
John Drew, Sarah Meyer
ID: 3731
Видавництво: RotoVision
1000 photos/illustrations Dealing with every major colour system for both print and Web, "Color Management for Logos" provides readers with a solid understanding of all aspects of logo design. Featuring over 1000 examples of professional logo design...
John Drew, Sarah Meyer
ID: 3732
Видавництво: RotoVision
Color Management for Packaging covers both theoretical and practical packaging design considerations. Every aspect of colour for packaging is explored, including issues of standout, impact, legibility, appetite ratings, emotional responses to colour,...
Ian Noble
ID: 3733
Видавництво: RotoVision
Graphic designers are constantly creating images by almost any technique available, whether technological or craft based, for illustrative purposes. In today's rich and fast-changing environment, the discipline of the illustrator is under pressure fr...
Luke Herriot
ID: 7494
Видавництво: RotoVision
Now available in paperback, The Designer's Packaging Bible is an essential reference for packaging designers facing the challenge of producing a fresh and exciting response to a client's brief, within the constraints of a pressing deadline an...
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