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Rosemary Kilmer, W. Otie Kilmer
ID: 10831
Видавництво: Wiley
DISCOVER FOUNDATIONAL CONCEPTS AND THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors, distinguished interior design professors Rosemary Kilmer and...
Ціна: 3000 грн
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Robert Muir Graves, Geoffrey S. Cornish
ID: 10254
Видавництво: Wiley
When it comes to golf course design, Robert Muir Graves and Geoffrey S. Cornish are true masters. Over the past few decades, they have produced every type of course imaginable: long and short, entry level and upscale, courses built on ocean bluffs an...
Ціна: 5500 грн
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Rendow Yee
ID: 3822
Видавництво: Wiley
An extensively updated new edition of a classic architectural text Today's most comprehensive compendium of architectural drawing types and methods, both hand drawn and computer generated, Architectural Drawing: A Visual Compendium of Types and Me...
Miranda Harrison, Steve Gorton
ID: 10238
Видавництво: Wiley
Private houses, museums, restaurants, pubs, a former cinema, and numerous little-known treasures jostle for attention in this beautifully photographed collection of weird and wonderful interiors in England. Often featuring deliberate references to...
Eleanor Curtis
ID: 551
Видавництво: Wiley
When it comes to architecture and design, one area in which there has been a huge amount of popular interest is that of interiors. Yet, surprisingly little has been published in the area of fashion, despite the fact that today many top fashion houses...
Nick Christians
ID: 10256
Видавництво: Wiley
The new edition of Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management introduces the principles of turfgrass management, covering everything from basic turfgrass science to fertilization, mowing, turfgrass diseases, irrigation topdressing, pest management, as well...
Caroline Tilston, Steve Gorton (Photographer)
ID: 3178
Видавництво: Wiley
For anyone entertaining the in-laws, or planning a barbecue, or thinking of reselling a house, turning a neglected backyard into a showcase-almost overnight-might sound impossible. Ideal for the gardener strapped for time, Garden Makeovers shows how,...
Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan
ID: 10248
Видавництво: Wiley
Golf Course Architecture, Second Edition is fully updated with more than fifty percent new material, including more than twenty-five recent innovations in the golf industry. Revealing both the art and science of golf course architecture, it takes rea...
James Barrett, Brian Vinchesi, Robert Dobson, Paul Roche, David Zoldoske
ID: 10253
Видавництво: Wiley
Complete guidelines to developing and maintaining the most effective, environment-friendly irrigation systems for golf courses Golf Course Irrigation offers valuable insight on the design, installation, management, and maintenance of irrigation sy...
Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan
ID: 10257
Видавництво: Wiley
Golf Greens offers a hands-on resource to the design, construction, and history of all types of golf greens. Provides highly illustratative coverage, with a sixteen-page, full-color section featuring shots of old and new greens, greens under c...
Caroline Tilston, Steve Gorton (Photographer)
ID: 3179
Видавництво: Wiley
For those garden lovers who thought keeping a garden of their own meant hours of work they simply couldn't spare, this fun and practical guide makes even a beautiful garden possible-in only an hour a week. With plans and photographs of ten model gard...
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi
ID: 3177
Видавництво: Wiley
Rem Koolhaas has defined architecture as a chaotic adventure. Nothing could be more true than that of the last two decades. Never has architecture been so unbridled and so extraordinary: the architectural cast has never been so wide and their works s...
Ken Sidey (Editor), Better Homes & Gardens with Dan Weeks
ID: 6315
Видавництво: Wiley
  This book helps homeowners evaluate their outdoor kitchen needs and wishes, explore the available options, and identify choices that will work for them.   Charts, graphs, and cutaway diagrams pinpoint essential information, whether the homeowners ...
Better Homes & Gardens
ID: 6318
Видавництво: Wiley
Insights and ideas for the cook, as well as smart tips for the builder. Imaginative and detailed plans for outdoor kitchens in a variety of locations. Addresses both form and function to help homeowners assess their needs for cooking and storage sp...
Forrest L. Richardson
ID: 10259
Видавництво: Wiley
Filled with advice, tips, strategies, and problem-solving techniques from some of the leading figures in golf architecture, Routing the Golf Course provides unique insight into the most essential phase of designing a golf course. Coverage includes ma...
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