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Geoff Rayner, Richard Chamberlain, Annamarie Stapleton
ID: 8364
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
The development of textiles as an art form between 1940 and 1976, and the extent of collaboration between artists and textile manufacturers at this time, is unrivalled in modern art history. Raoul Dufy was the first twentieth-century artist to become...
Vincent Meylan
ID: 7336
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
Tells the fabulous story of the founder of this famous and respected Parisian jeweller as well as the tales of passion, crime and intrigue of his famous and infamous client. The House of Boucheron represents one of the great Parisian jewellers of ...
John Andrews
ID: 1948
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
For the past thirty years, this book has, in its various editions, outsold all others on British antique furniture simply because it is unique in explaining what to look for when assessing the value of individual pieces. In this, the fifth edition, t...
John Andrews
ID: 7335
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
The best-selling guide to British antique furniture for over forty years, now in its sixth edition. For the past forty years this book has, in its various editions, outsold all others on British antique furniture simply because it is unique in exp...
Alex Hanbuckers
ID: 3181
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
* Alex Hanbuckers of the famous 'Auberge Herborist' , the 'El Bulli' of the Low Countries, is back with an absolute masterpiece * A case containing two books: a multilingual coffee table book and a handy guide filled to the brim with dishes that c...
Marco Folin
ID: 7402
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
Italian Renaissance art is closely intertwined with the development of courts and court culture in much of the Italian territory. The patronage of the ruling families of the small Italian city-states greatly favoured the flourishing of the figurative...
Nathalie Taverne, Anna Lambert
ID: 8433
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
This series will bring together unique, inspiring interiors by renowned photographers worldwide and is made in cooperation with photo agency Taverne Agency. A unique book that showcases the homes and interiors of artists from all over the world. Be...
William Secord
ID: 8170
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
A visual feast of outstanding paintings by British, European and American artists Traces the development of pure-bred dogs and the social milieu in which they became fashionable Filled with anecdotes about animal-loving patrons such as Queen Victor...
Alberto Shayo
ID: 2565
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943) was the most prolific sculptor of the Art Deco period in Germany; he combined ivory, bronze, onyx and marble to create the most dazzling sculptures of his day. Preiss entered into an apprenticeship with his uncle, a ma...
Timothy Newbery
ID: 8163
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
This study of picture frames by Newbery, a framer and frame conservator, is illustrated entirely from the Ashmolean's diverse collection of original frames, dating from early 14th century Italy to 20th century England. Frames fulfil a variety of f...
Jonathan Meyer
ID: 1479
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
ILLUSTRATIONS: 94 col., 718 b&w The Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851 was the first of a series of international exhibitions that have continued, in one form or another, to the present day. The content of these exhibitions gav...
Charlotte Fiell
ID: 8053
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
Showcases over 1000 hairstyles and explores trends through the ages from ancient Greece to modern day Hairstyles: Ancient to Present is not only the most comprehensive survey of hairstyles ever published, it is also a visual celebration of this re...
Yvonne Jones
ID: 8414
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
A long-overdue history of this fascinating decorative art, illustrated with stunning colour throughout Includes a directory of japan artists and decorators, and offers details of japanners in the English Midlands, London, Oxford and other European...
Priscilla E. Muller
ID: 8365
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
A definitive work of reference Features images, techniques, materials and producers of the jewels made in Spain and in the New World, in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries Includes images of many jewels that have never before been published In ef...
Francesca Galloway, Sue Kerry
ID: 9602
Видавництво: Antique Collectors' Club
A stunning selection of textiles, chosen not just for their elegance and beauty, but also for their relevance to the history of textile design; each one is representative of the design movements of its time; features specially commissioned new pho...
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